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C. W. "Chip" Sullivan Oral History Interview (Oral History Collection #OH0236)

Oral history interview (9/30/2003) by Lu Ann Jones, in Greenville, NC, pertaining to C. W. Sullivan, professor of English at East Carolina University (1978-2003), a resident of the Lakewood Pines Neighborhood. Part of the Lakewood Pines Neighborhood Oral History Project, which was initiated to help the Association oppose the construction of a 500 unit apartment complex. 5 items. 20 p. 1 audio cassette (1 p.); 1 interview guidelines (1 p...

Velma Beam Moore Oral History Interview (Oral History Collection #OH0226)

Interview (1903-1998) with home economics teacher from Macon County, NC, who attended North Carolina College for Women (now University of North Carolina, Greensboro), 1920-1924, pertaining to her family background, education, her teaching career in Huntersville, Mecklenburg County, NC, and her career as a home demonstration agent in Greensboro, NC, 1941-1958, working with North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service and the Tennessee Va...

Lucy T. DeLaine Oral History Interview (Oral History Collection #OH0221)

Interview (1936-1966) with African-American home economics teacher and Home Demonstration Agent who worked with farm women and girls in Johnston County, NC, 1936-1966, concerning her career, family background. 2 cassettes and 1 computer diskette (3.5"). 3.0 hrs. Interviewer: Lu Ann Jones. Interview dates: 2/18/1999 and 3/4/1999. Typed interview log and transcript by interviewer available. 19 p. Rec'd 10/28/2003.

Elizabeth Poyner Sanderlin Oral History Interview (Oral History Collection #OH0229)

Interview (1904-1997) with home economics teacher and home demonstration agent, from Moycock, Currituck County, NC, who attended Louisburg College, 1924-1926, who taught at Salemburg, marriage and divorce, move to Baltimore, MD, 1928-1933, re-marriage to Sam Sanderlin, 1938-, work for Farmers Home Administration, with Black and White families in Currituck County, pellagra, fighting flies, 1933-; other jobs, Huddlers group, work for Home...