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1.Dunn Family Papers (Manuscript Collection #7) 2 hits
Papers (1859-1898) of Johnston County family, including correspondence relating to the election of 1860, conditions in Petersburg and Richmond, Va., in December 1862, the Battle of Fredricksburg and the Union raid on Mount Olive, N.C., agricultural conditions in North Carolina and Indiana; a crop lien, etc.
2.Icon to indicate that there are digitized materials availableCarpenter Family Papers (Manuscript Collection #11) 2 hits
Papers (1859-1928) including correspondence, receipts, oath of allegiance, etc. relating primarily to the Civil War and local conditions.
3.Francis W. Knowles Papers (Manuscript Collection #164) 2 hits
Papers (1862-1885) consisting of diary, with description of camp, confederate and activities of knights of Golden Circle.

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