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1.Joseph J. W. Powell Papers (Manuscript Collection #453) 2 hits
Papers (1836-1842; 1872-1889) of Halifax County, NC physician, including correspondence, plantation, relationship to patients, medication, charge, estate payments and general account ledger personal ledger (1849-1855), letter press books (1883-1912), writing ledger (1830, 1873-1876), receipt book, farm ledgers (1877-1945), and miscellaneous materials. Rec'd. 11/3/1982, 4/2/1993
2.Tar River Oil Company Records (Manuscript Collection #603) 2 hits
Records (1892-1903, undated) including correspondence, accounts, expense lists, repairing the engines, and miscellaneous.
3.F. S. Royster Mercantile Company, Inc., Records (Manuscript Collection #507) 2 hits
Records (1888-1968) including correspondence, legal records, reports, photographs.

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