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George M. Chapman Papers ( #CD01-112)

Includes a complete set of the monthly periodical, The Medical World, for the year 1908.

Advertising Collection ( #CD01-50)

Advertising material mainly for drugs. It includes advertisements, package inserts, warning labels, pamphlets, 1 wrapper, and 1 fan.

Advertising Collection ( #LL02-12)

Advertisements for medicine, likely from between 1870 and 1910. The advertisements include patent medicine trade cards, blotter paper advertisements, broadside advertising sheets, booklets, and calendars. “Patent medicines” were often promoted as “cure-alls” for many parts of the body and their ingredient list (if any) was often inaccurate.

Sam B. Underwood, Jr., Papers (Manuscript Collection #305)

Papers (1925-1951) consisting of correspondence, legal document, opinions, publications, financial records, tabulation form, speeches, advertising, property listing forms, etc.

Artwork and Prints ( #CD01-79)

Artwork and prints, primarily oversized, found in Country Doctor Museum items. Includes prints from "A History of Pharmacy in Pictures," "A History of Medicine in Pictures," "Gay Philosopher" by Henry Major, "Pioneers of American Medicine" by Dean Cornwell, and other prints.

ECU School of Medicine Collection ( #LL02-11)

The collection consists primarily of photographic, blueprint, journals, class photos, and other advertising materials used and/or created by the Medical News & Information department of East Carolina University.

Coastal Plains Fair Association Records (Manuscript Collection #508)

Records (1913-1931) including correspondence, financial records, clippings and photographs.

John W. Warner Papers (Manuscript Collection #519)

Papers (1947-1986) including correspondence, legal papers, post cards, a 45 rpm record, script, newspaper clipping, financial records, and photographs.

Wilson Tobacco Board of Trade Records (Manuscript Collection #1087)

Stuart Wright Collection: Gore Vidal Papers (Manuscript Collection #1169-055)

Papers of Gore Vidal (1984) documenting the life and literary career of the noted West Point, New York-born American novelist, playwright, and essayist consisting of bound uncorrected proofs for Lincoln: A Novel (1984), by Gore Vidal; also a publisher’s newsletter advertising the publication.

James B. Hunt, Jr., Papers (Manuscript Collection #325)

Papers (1960-1984) of Democratic political leader and governor of North Carolina, including his 1976 campaign financial records and his 1980 gubernatorial general campaign files.

Quentin Gregory Papers (Manuscript Collection #200)

Papers (1905-1913, undated) consisting of correspondence, a letter copy book, photographs, picture post cards, brands of tobacco, etc.

Mary Earle Stallings Collection (Manuscript Collection #935)

Collection of genealogical information, a photographic print and postcard from the Peter Richard Rives, Frederick Lawrence Wiggins, and John Lawrence Wiggins family Bibles pertaining to the Rives, Wiggins, and related families of Edgecombe County, Halifax County, Martin County, Pitt County, North Carolina.

Edmund Simpson Boice Papers ( #CD01-09)

Contained in the collection are notebooks, pamphlets, photographs and negatives from Boice’s time at the University of Pennsylvania and his career afterwards.

Zebulon M. and William F. Caveness Papers ( #CD01-12)

Papers of father and son physicians Zebulon M. Caveness and William F. Caveness. The papers consist mainly of books of medical school notes; medical correspondence, certificates, and documents; a patient ledger from Zebulon M. Caveness; and a Curriculum Vitae from William F. Caveness.