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C. H. Brantley Papers ( #CD01-80)

Papers of physician C.H. Brantley (1860 – 1942). The papers consist mainly of a medical school photograph with cadaver and prescription slips.

Nicholas W. Schenck Journal (Manuscript Collection #342)

Journal (1905-1906) consisting of reminiscences, historical, genealogical notations, insurance, autobiographical sketch, textbooks, journal entries of salaries, etc.

Magic Lantern Slides ( #LL02-58)

Two series of slides, according to labels on the slides: series A and series C. Series A contains slides having to do with the history of healing and includes illustrations from ancient Greek, medieval, and Native American sources up through the 19th century. Series C contains slides having to do with nursing history, focusing on 19th to early 20th century.

Americae sive Indiae Occidentalis Tabula Generalis Map (Map Collection #MC0023)

Color map (1630?) of America, entitled Americae sive Indiae Occidentalis Tabula Generalis, by Hessel Gerritsz for Johannes de Laet's Beshcrijvinghe van West-Indien; published at Leiden by Elzevier. 26cm x 34cm.

Bark Catalpa Collection (Manuscript Collection #1123)

Windley Family Papers (Manuscript Collection #328)

Papers (1788-1869, 1965) Hoyle J. Windley, of Bath, NC, a teacher, postmaster, and lieutenant in the NC militia, and his children, consisting of correspondence, store accounts, receipts, promissory notes, wills, summonses, bill of sale, special events-major fire, tournaments, coronation Ball, etc.

New Map of Carolina (Map Collection #MC0024)

Map (1688 / ca. 1693) of North and South Carolina, by Robert Morden, extending from Caratuck and Albemarle County, North Carolina to May River, South Carolina (31- 36. North Latitude; 287- 303 West Longitude) probably excised from The Present State Of His Majesties Isles . . . In America, by Richard Blome, (London, 1687), p. 589. 4-7/8 x 5 x .125 inches. Figure 8 watermark on verso at right center. Hand colored, ca. 19th century.

Henry B. Marriott Papers ( #CD01-37)

Matriculation and lecture tickets for H.B. Marriott at the University of Maryland between 1881 and 1883. Also includes a letter stating Marriott had passed final test to earn doctorate in medicine.

Benjamin Thompson Papers (Manuscript Collection #1019)

Private journals/ships' logs (October 1860 - July 1878) of Benjamin Thompson, master of the brigs Progressive Age and T. A. Darrell, and the ships Sportsman, and Harrisburg (v. 1, 1860-1865), commander of the ship Columbia (v. 2, 1865-1870), master of the ship Peruvian (v. 3, 1870-1872), and captain of the clipper ship ...

Murfreesboro Historical Association Collection: Murfreesboro, North Carolina, Historic Photographs (Manuscript Collection #691-006)

This collection consists of original photographs, photographic prints (copies), negatives and proof sheets (ca. 1890-1900, 1950s -1970s) documenting history in and around the area of Murfreesboro, North Carolina. These consist primarily of images of businesses, buildings, boats and ferries, mills, cemeteries and gravestones, architectural features of interest, churches, schools, people and historical houses.

John Calvin Blue, M.D. Collection (Manuscript Collection #1113)

Collection of two bound manuscript account books (1872-1892) of a physician practicing in Cameron and Carthage, Moore County, North Carolina, during the late 19th century and for part of that time in partnership with Calvin Graves, a pharmacist, including bills and receipts for office visits, medicines, and vague descriptions of treatments. One volume contains an alphabetical index of patient names for locating specific patient accounts...

Novi Orbis Pars Borealis Map (Map Collection #MC0026)

Map (1600) of North America, entitled Novi Orbis Pars Borealis, America Scilicet, Complectens Foridam, Baccalaon, Candam, Terram corte, by Matthias Quadt, engraved by Johannes Bussemacher, extending from the Caribbean to the Northwest Passage and from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans (25- 90. North Latitude; 240- 345 West Longitude) excised from the original engraving published in Quadt's Geographisch Handbuch. 9 x 11.5 x 0.125 inches...

Robert Ann Rhodes Speight Memoir (Manuscript Collection #515)

Memoir (1825-1970) including correspondence, certificates, letters, family records, picture, and a family tree with notes.

Sarah Bunn Collection (Manuscript Collection #1277)

This collection consists of the family records, photographs, and genealogy records collected by Sarah Westray Bunn of Elizabeth City, North Carolina. She was an East Carolina Teachers’ College 1936 graduate and served in the Army Nurse Corps from 1941 to 1966. Included are genealogy notes concerning the Lewis, Suggs, Speight, Powell, Harrison, and Exum families of Eastern N.C.; late 19th century and 20th Century photographs; corresponde...

Florida et Apalche Map (Map Collection #MC0027)

Map (1597) of Florida and the Southeast by Cornelius Wytfliet, extending from Cuba to North Carolina (21- 41. North Latitude; 287- 308 West Longitude) excised from Descriptionis Ptolemaeici augmentum, the first atlas of America. 9 x 11.25 x .125 inches. Crown watermark on verso. Hand colored, ca. 19th century.