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11.Records of Thomas Bowman Brewer (University Archives #UA02-07)
Collection contains material covering the term of Thomas B. Brewer as the second Chancellor of East Carolina University.
12.Records of the East Carolina College of Education (University Archives #24-01)
The Records of the Department of East Carolina College of Education are comprised of annual reports, administrative records, publications and brochures, a/v material.
13.Records of Leon Renfroe Meadows' Tenure and Administration (University Archives #UA02-02)
Papers and publications produced or related to the administration of Leon Renfroe Meadows. Materials include memos, letters, human resources documents, and 2 published volumes of verse.
14.F.M. Simmons Patterson, M.D. Papers (University Archives #90-18)
Dr. F.M. Simmons Patterson’s scrapbook collection composed of photos, correspondence, writings, publications, and career history.
15.Records of the School of Art and Design (University Archives #UA28-02)
Collection contains material related to the operation of the School of Art and Design at East Carolina University.
16.Ralph H. Steele Papers (University Archives #90-01)
The collection includes correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, brochures, and flyers related to the creation of the Parks, Recreation, and Conservation Program at East Carolina University in the late 1960s and the work of Ralph H. Steele while he was faculty member at ECU.
17.Records of the School of Human Environmental Sciences (University Archives #UA30-01)
This collection contains annual reports, meeting minutes, doctoral program proposals, faculty resumes, and publications produced by the School of Human Environmental Sciences (formerly Home Economics). Other miscellaneous correspondence related to the Department of Human Environmental Sciences is also included.
18.Records of the Department of Mathematics (University Archives #UA25-08)
The Records of the Department of Math are comprised of annual reports, research and publications, faculty workloads,operational plan vision statement, operational planning worksheet, grants and contracts proposals, bank course lists, faculty minutes, student grievance committee minutes, chair correspondences, instructor correspondences, search committee corresspondences, correspondences, Board of Higher Education self-study,SACS self-study, self-study evaluation, unit code of operations reports, Pi MU Epsil
19.East Carolina University Student Handbooks (University Archives #UA50-04)
The student handbooks include university hours, campus calendars, and social regulations.
20.Records of Dennis Hargrove Cooke's Tenure as President of East Carolina Teachers College (University Archives #UA02-04)
The collection includes newspaper clippings, correspondence and supporting documentation about Dennis H. Cookes short tenure as president of East Carolina Teachers College.

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