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21.Marguerite Booth Oral History Interview (Oral History #OH0209)
Mrs. Booth (1916-2004), the owner of the Booth Guest House in Manteo, N.C., discusses her childhood memories, family life and history on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and in Norfolk, Virginia. She also talks about her father, Alpheus W. Drinkwater, the telegrapher who relayed the news of the successful first airplane flights of the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk, N.C., in 1903.
22.Bennet Puryear, Jr., Oral History Interview (Oral History #OH0026)
23.Joseph Thomas Mayner Oral History Interview (Oral History #OH0248)
Two oral history interviews with Joseph Thomas Mayner. Oral history interview #1 (12/7/2003) in fulfillment of Dr. LuAnn Jones' History 5135 (Spring 2003) class requirments. Oral history agreement signed by Joseph Thomas Mayner, 12/7/2003, and Joseph Kenneth Mayner, 12/8/2003. See also related LuAnn Jones Collection #798.4.e. Oral history interview #2 (4/26/2004), as a follow-up of previous interview, was conducted for History 5960. See also related LuAnn Jones Collection #798.3.d.
24.Icon to indicate that there are digitized materials availableLewis S. Bullock Oral History Interview (Oral History #OH0134)
25.Icon to indicate that there are digitized materials availableDonald D. Snyder, Jr., Oral History Interview (Oral History #OH0117)
26.John Albert Pritchett Oral History Interview (Oral History #OH0075)
27.Icon to indicate that there are digitized materials availableHenry C. Lauerman Oral History Interview (Oral History #OH0007)
28.Robert Bostick Oral History Interview (Oral History #OH0063)
29.U. S. Navy B-1 Band Group Oral History Interview (Oral History #OH0213)
Interviews with members of the U. S. Navy B-1 Band, the first African-American Navy Band during World War II.
30.David Evans Oral History Interview (Oral History #OH0257)
Oral history interviews (2) (April 2004) by his Thomas Holland, his brother-in-law, in Faison, NC, pertaining to David Evans (ca. 1947-2004), a Robeson County, NC educator, from his birth in Elizabeth Town, Bladen County, NC, degree in history from East Carolina University (1966-1972), M.A. in history from Appalachian State University (1973), administrative degree from Pembroke State University, teaching in public school, (ca. 1974-1991), school administration (ca. 1992-1998), history of education in Robeso

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