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Robert Holt served as a member of the East Carolina faculty from 1950-1954 and 1958-1984. During his employment, he served as the Director of Religious Activities, Registrar, Vice-Chancellor of Administration and Planning, and a member of the Philosophy Department.

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Collection contains correspondence, reports, clippings, and publications related to duties of Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement Robert Holt.

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Container list
UA90.36.01.01 American Association of Collegiate Business Schools, 1970
UA90.36.01.02 American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, undated
UA90.36.01.03 American Association of University Professors, 1970
UA90.36.01.04 Academic Council, 1970
UA90.36.01.05 Academic Committees, 1970
Box 1 Academic Council Minutes, 1966-1968
Box 2 Academic Council Minutes, 1952-1966
UA90.36.01.08 Administrative Council, 1970
UA90.36.01.09 Admissions, 1970
UA90.36.01.10 Advisory Budget Commission, undated
UA90.36.01.11 Advisory Committee for Instructional Media Program, 1976
UA90.36.01.12 Allied Health, 1970
UA90.36.01.13 Allied Health, 1970
UA90.36.01.14 Alumni Affairs, 1970
UA90.36.01.15 American Association of University Women, 1970
UA90.36.01.16 American Council on Education (ACE), 1970
Box 2 Art School, 1970
Box 3 Association of Eastern North Carolina Colleges, 1970
UA90.36.01.19 Association of State Colleges and Universities, undated
UA90.36.01.20 Athletics, 1970
UA90.36.01.21 Biology, 1970
UA90.36.01.22 Black Students, 1970
UA90.36.01.23 Board of Higher Education Approved Proposals, undated
UA90.36.01.24 Board of Higher Education Funding of Proposals, undated
UA90.36.01.25 Board of Higher Education Proposals Submitted, undated
UA90.36.01.26 Board of Higher Education Visit, 1969
UA90.36.01.27 Board of Higher Education Joint Committee for Administration, 1970
UA90.36.01.28 Board of Higher Education Self Study, 1966
UA90.36.01.29 Blue Ribbon Committee Report, 1970
UA90.36.01.30 Board of Higher Education Faculty Studies Committee, undated
Box 3 Board of Higher Education, undated
Box 4 Board of Higher Education Departmental Self Studies Volume I, 1966-1967
Box 4 Board of Higher Education Departmental Self Studies Volume II, 1966-1967
Box 5 Board of Higher Education Departmental Self Studies Volume III, 1966-1967
UA90.36.01.35 Board of Tustees, undated
UA90.36.01.36 Budget Material, 1969-1971
UA90.36.01.37 Budget Material, 1969-1971
UA90.36.01.38 Business Office, 1970
Box 5 Business, School of, 1970
Box 6 Calendar Committee, 1970
UA90.36.01.41 Century Club, undated
UA90.36.01.42 Chemistry Department, 1970
UA90.36.01.43 Closed Circuit Television, 1970
UA90.36.01.44 College of Arts and Sciences, 1970
UA90.36.01.45 Committee on Records (Ad-Hoc), undated
UA90.36.01.46 Committe on Purposes, undated
UA90.36.01.47 Committee to Evaluate Sophomore Level Classroom Attendance Factors, undated
UA90.36.01.48 Community and Junior Colleges, 1970
UA90.36.01.49 Community and Junior Colleges, 1970
UA90.36.01.50 Community Arts Management, undated
UA90.36.01.51 Computer Center, 1970
UA90.36.01.52 Conant Report, 1970
UA90.36.01.53 Continuing Education, 1970
UA90.36.01.54 Council on Higher Education for Adults, 1970
UA90.36.01.55 Council of Presidents, 1970
Box 6 Credit Union, 1970
Box 7 Dare County Project, 1970
UA90.36.01.58 Dare County Project, 1970
UA90.36.01.59 Dare County Aeronautical Programs, undated
UA90.36.01.60 Dare County Aviation Program, undated
UA90.36.01.61 Dare County Marine Science Programs, 1970
UA90.36.01.62 Dare County Remedial, 1970
UA90.36.01.63 Developmental Evaluation Clinic, 1970
Box 7 Director of Development, 1970
Box 8 Doctoral Committee, 1970
UA90.36.01.66 Justification for Ph.D., undated
UA90.36.01.67 Doctoral Proposal Art Education, undated
UA90.36.01.68 Doctoral Proposal Biology, undated
UA90.36.01.69 Doctoral Proposal Business Administration, undated
UA90.36.01.70 Doctoral Proposal Chemistry, undated
UA90.36.01.71 Doctoral Proposal Education Administration and Supervision, undated
UA90.36.01.72 Doctoral Proposal Elementary Education, undated
UA90.36.01.73 Doctoral Proposal History, undated
Box 8 Doctoral Proposal Mathematics, undated
Box 9 Doctoral Proposal Musical Arts, undated
UA90.36.01.76 Doctoral Proposal Political Science, undated
UA90.36.01.77 Doctoral Proposal Political Science, undated
UA90.36.01.78 ECU Foundation, 1970
UA90.36.01.79 Education, School of, 1970
UA90.36.01.80 ECU Campus Master Plan, undated
UA90.36.01.81 English Department, 1970
UA90.36.01.82 Enrollment Projections, 1970
UA90.36.01.83 Faculty Club, undated
UA90.36.01.84 Faculty Retirement, Resignations, and Seperations, undated
UA90.36.01.85 Faculty Personnel Policy and Procedures, undated
UA90.36.01.86 Faculty Tenure Salary, 1969-1970
Box 9 Faculty Prior to 1968 Tenure and Salary, 1968
Box 10 Faculty Senate, 1970
UA90.36.01.89 Faculty Senate, undated
UA90.36.01.90 Faculty Senate, 1965-1968
UA90.36.01.91 Federation of Regional Accrediting Commisions, 1968
Box 10 Foreign Language, 1970
Box 11 General College, 1970
UA90.36.01.94 Governor's Study, 1968
UA90.36.01.95 Graduate School, 1970
UA90.36.01.96 Geology Department, 1970
UA90.36.01.97 Home Economics, School of, 1970
UA90.36.01.98 Guidance and Counseling, 1970
UA90.36.01.99 Health Education and Welfare Department, 1970
UA90.36.01.100 Health and Physical Education, 1970
UA90.36.01.101 Honor Sororities and Awards, 1970
UA90.36.01.102 Honors Program, 1970
UA90.36.01.103 Hospitality Management Curriculum Committee, undated
UA90.36.01.104 Industrial and Technical Education, 1970
UA90.36.01.105 Institutional Development, 1970
UA90.36.01.106 Institutional Research, 1970
UA90.36.01.107 History Department, 1970
UA90.36.01.108 Legislative Materials, 1969
UA90.36.01.109 Intercollegiate Athletic Committee-Finance Committee, 1969-1970
UA90.36.01.110 Intercollegiate Athletic Committee-Finance Committee, 1969-1970
UA90.36.01.111 Lai, Robert, 1970
UA90.36.01.112 Laboratory School, 1970
Box 11 Library Science Department, 1970
Box 12 Library Services, 1970
UA90.36.01.115 Life Sciences and Community Health, 1970
UA90.36.01.116 Long Range Planning, undated
UA90.36.01.117 Long Range Planning, 1967-1968
UA90.36.01.118 Marjorie Webster Junior College, 1970
UA90.36.01.119 Marine Science, 1970
UA90.36.01.120 Mathematics, 1970
UA90.36.01.121 Medical School, 1970
UA90.36.01.122 Music, 1970
UA90.36.01.123 National Commission on Accrediting, 1970
UA90.36.01.124 NCAA, undated
Box 12 NCATE Self Study, 1963
Box 13 NCATE Study and Visit, 1963
UA90.36.01.127 NCATE Team Report, 1963-1974
UA90.36.01.128 NCATE, 1970
UA90.36.01.129 National Teacher Examination, 1970
UA90.36.01.130 News Bureau, 1970
UA90.36.01.131 NC Association of Academic Deans, 1970
UA90.36.01.132 NC Association of Colleges and Universities, 1970
UA90.36.01.133 NC Association of Colleges and Universities Summer School Directors, 1970
UA90.36.01.134 NC College Conference, 1970
UA90.36.01.135 NC Council on Extension Services of Colleges and Universities, 1970
UA90.36.01.136 NC Educational Television, 1970
UA90.36.01.137 NEA, 1970
UA90.36.01.138 NCEA, 1970
UA90.36.01.139 New York University, 1970
UA90.36.01.140 Nursing Accreditation, undated
Box 13 National League of Nursing Report, 1964
Box 14 Nursing, School of, 1970
UA90.36.01.143 Occupational Guidance and Placement of Military Seperates Conference, undated
UA90.36.01.144 Organization, 1970
UA90.36.01.145 Phi Beta Kappa, 1970
UA90.36.01.146 Philosophy Department, 1970
UA90.36.01.147 Pitt County Community Council, 1970
UA90.36.01.148 Pitt Technical Institute, 1970
UA90.36.01.149 Placement Service, 1970
UA90.36.01.150 Political Science, 1970
UA90.36.01.151 President, ECU, undated
UA90.36.01.152 American Association of State Colleges and Universities Press Proposal, 1970
UA90.36.01.153 Provost and Dean of Academic Affairs, 1970
UA90.36.01.154 Psychology Department, 1970
UA90.36.01.155 Publications Board (SGA), 1970
UA90.36.01.156 Purchasing Office, 1970
UA90.36.01.157 Miscelaneous, 1970
UA90.36.01.158 Radio-Campus, undated
UA90.36.01.159 Radio and Television-Off Campus, undated
UA90.36.01.160 The Rebel, 1970
UA90.36.01.161 Red Tape Committee, undated
UA90.36.01.162 Regional Development Institute, 1970
UA90.36.01.163 Registrar, 1970
UA90.36.01.164 Regional Education Labratory, 1970
UA90.36.01.165 Religious Activities, 1970
UA90.36.01.166 Research Council, undated
UA90.36.01.167 Research Student Teaching Committee, undated
Box 14 Richardson Foundation, 1970
Box 15 Sabbatical Leave, 1970
UA90.36.01.170 Scholarship, Fellowship, and Financial Aid Committee, 1970
UA90.36.01.171 Scholarship Weekend Committee, 1970
UA90.36.01.172 Sixth Year Program, 1970
UA90.36.01.173 Sixth Year Program, 1970
UA90.36.01.174 Social Welfare and Correctional Services, Dept of, 1970
UA90.36.01.175 Southern Assoication - Commission on Colleges, 1970
UA90.36.01.176 Southern Association Follow Up Report Resident Centers, 1970
UA90.36.01.177 Southern Association Team Report Resident Centers, 1970
UA90.36.01.178 Southern Association - Self Study, 1969
Box 15 Southern Association - Self Study, 1969
Box 16 Southern Association Team Report, 1963
UA90.36.01.181 Southern Association 1st Follow-Up, 1964
UA90.36.01.182 Southern Association Library Follow-Up Report, 1964
UA90.36.01.183 Southern Association 2nd Follow-Up Report, 1965
Box 16 Southern Association 5th Year Report, 1968
Box 17 Southern Associaton, 1963
UA90.36.01.186 Southern Conference, 1970
UA90.36.01.187 Speech Pathology and Audiology, 1970
UA90.36.01.188 Sponsored Programs, 1970
UA90.36.01.189 State Advisory Council on Teacher Education and Professional Standards, 1952-1962
UA90.36.01.190 Committee on Standards - State Advising Committee, 1970
UA90.36.01.191 State Advisory Council on Teacher Education, 1962-1970
UA90.36.01.192 State Commission on Higher Education Facilities, 1970
UA90.36.01.193 State-Wide Conference on Teacher Education, 1970
UA90.36.01.194 State Department of Public Instruction, 1970
Box 17 Approved Program - Teacher Education, 1970
Box 18 The State Evaluation Committee on Teacher Education, 1968
UA90.36.01.197 Addenda, undated
UA90.36.01.198 State Department of Public Instruction, undated
UA90.36.01.199 Fifth Year Report, 1968
Box 18 Visitation Committee to ECC, 1963
Box 19 Mental Health, State Dept of, 1970
UA90.36.01.202 Statistics, 1970
UA90.36.01.203 Student Affairs, 1970
UA90.36.01.204 Student Chaplains, 1970
UA90.36.01.205 Student Correspondence, 1970
UA90.36.01.206 Student Guidance Committee, undated
UA90.36.01.207 Student Guidance Committee, undated
UA90.36.01.208 Student Health Services, Director, 1970
UA90.36.01.209 Student Teaching, 1970
UA90.36.01.210 Student Unrest, 1970
UA90.36.01.211 Student Unrest, 1970
UA90.36.01.212 "The Campus Crisis" Documents, 1969
Box 19 Summer Probation Program, 1970
Box 20 Teacher Eduucation and Career Committee, undated
UA90.36.01.215 Testing Program, 1970
UA90.36.01.216 Traffic Committee, 1970
UA90.36.01.217 THING, 1970
UA90.36.01.218 United Funds, 1970
UA90.36.01.219 USIA, undated
UA90.36.01.220 Swim Association, 1970
UA90.36.01.221 Vacation, Holiday, Retirement, Etc., 1970
UA90.36.01.222 Vocational Education Committee, 1970
UA90.36.01.223 University Status: Newspaper Clippings, undated
Box 20 University Status: Newspaper Clippings, undated
Box 21 University Status: Speeches, undated
UA90.36.01.226 University Status: Statistics, undated
UA90.36.01.227 University Status: New Releases, undated
UA90.36.01.228 Virginia Teaching Certificates Correspondence, 1970
UA90.36.01.229 Wahl-Coates School, 1970
UA90.36.01.230 Whichard Scholarship, 1970
UA90.36.01.231 Work-Study Program - Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, undated
UA90.36.01.232 School of Technology, 1970
Box 21 University Status: ECU Study, undated