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Dr. Henry Ferrell taught American history at East Carolina. As University Historian, he authored two histories of East Carolina: No Time for Ivey and Promises Kept.

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Collection contains correspondence, committee reports, publications, and other papers related to Dr. Henry Ferrell's service as a Professor of History and University Historian for East Carolina University.

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Container list
Box 1 Code Revision, undated
Box 1 Religious Studies Minor, undated
Box 1 Faculty Affairs Committee, 1989-1990
Box 1 Executive Committee, 1989-1990
Box 1 Master Plan Steering Committee, 1991
Box 1 Departmental Minutes, undated
Box 1 Institutional Purpose, 1991
Box 1 Institutional Purpose Committee, undated
Box 1 Ethnic Studies, undated
Box 1 Department Executive Committee, 1991-1992
Box 2 Graduation Marshall, undated
Box 2 Faculty Grievance Sub-Committee, undated
Box 2 Faculty Affairs, 1991-1992
Box 2 Parking and Transportation Committee, undated
Box 2 SACS, undated
Box 2 Faculty Affairs, 1990-1991
Box 2 Honors Committee, undated
Box 2 Department Activity, 1989-1991
Box 2 Steering Committee, 1991
Box 2 Parking and Traffic, undated
Box 2 Communications, 1990-1991
Box 2 Jarvis Lectures, undated
Box 2 Omicron Delta Kappa, 1994-1996
UA90.26.03.01 Annual Reports, 1992-1994
UA90.26.03.02 African American Speakers, undated
UA90.26.03.03 American National Biography, undated
UA90.26.03.04 Annual Reports, 1994
UA90.26.03.05 Guthrie, Katherine, undated
UA90.26.03.06 Faculty Affairs, 1994
UA90.26.03.07 Graduate Committee, 1994-1995
UA90.26.03.08 Faculty Affairs, undated
UA90.26.03.09 Departmental Code, undated
UA90.26.03.10 Calendar Committee, 1990-1991
UA90.26.03.11 Humanities Committee, undated
UA90.26.03.12 Faculty Governance Committee, undated
UA90.26.03.13 Correspondence, 1989
UA90.26.03.14 Calendar Committee, 1989-1990
UA90.26.04.01 AAUP Council, undated
UA90.26.04.02 Parking and Traffic Committee, 1988-1989
UA90.26.04.03 Parking and Traffic, 1987-1988
UA90.26.04.04 Parking Committee, undated
UA90.26.04.05 Parking and Traffic, 1986-1987
UA90.26.04.06 Research Statement, undated
UA90.26.04.07 R/CA Committee, 1987-1988
UA90.26.04.08 Research and Creativity Week, 1986-1987
UA90.26.04.09 WVU Board of Regents, 1983
UA90.26.04.10 Educational Policies and Planning, 1987-1988
UA90.26.04.11 Campus Activities, undated
UA90.26.05.01 Faculty Senate, 1977
UA90.26.05.02 Faculty Assembly, 1975-1976
UA90.26.05.03 Faculty Senate Assembly Correspondence, undated
UA90.26.05.04 Faculty Senate Assembly Correspondence, undated
UA90.26.05.05 Art and Sciences, undated
UA90.26.05.06 Directors' Meeting, undated
UA90.26.06.01 Directors' Meeting, undated
UA90.26.06.02 Registration Committee, 1984-1987
UA90.26.06.03 Old Dominion University Consultations, undated
UA90.26.06.04 Seminars on Planning, undated
UA90.26.06.05 Faculty Fringe Benefits, undated
UA90.26.06.06 Methodist Home for Children, undated
UA90.26.06.07 Faculty Assembly , 1975-1976
UA90.26.06.08 US Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, undated
UA90.26.06.09 Morgan Speech , 1969
UA90.26.06.10 William Carter, 1966
UA90.26.06.11 Faculty Senate, 1972
UA90.26.07.01 Preyer Campaign, 1963
UA90.26.07.02 Committee Minutes, 1964-1965
UA90.26.07.03 Committee Minutes, 1965-1966
UA90.26.07.04 Committee Minutes, 1967-1969
UA90.26.07.05 Committee Minutes, 1968-1969
UA90.26.07.06 Regional Commission, undated
UA90.26.07.07 Methodist Student Center, undated
UA90.26.08.01 American Association of University Professors, 1965
UA90.26.08.02 Prohibition, Reform, and Politics in Virginia, 1895-1916
UA90.26.08.03 Faculty Senate, 1977-1978
UA90.26.08.04 Faculty Senate, 1975-1976
UA90.26.08.05 History Department Staff Meetings, 1971-1974
UA90.26.08.06 History Department Staff Meetings, 1966
UA90.26.09.01 Graduate Council Minutes, 1969-1970
UA90.26.09.02 History Department Staff Minutes, 1970
UA90.26.09.03 History Department Meeting Minutes, 1971
UA90.26.09.04 Camp Information, 1976-1979
UA90.26.10.01 NC Museum Association, undated
UA90.26.10.02 Assembly of State Conferences, undated
UA90.26.10.03 Sandhills Library Paper, 1975
UA90.26.10.04 Faculty Senate Committee, 1975
UA90.26.10.05 Committee Minutes, 1975-1977
UA90.26.10.06 Faculty Senate, 1976
UA90.26.10.07 Faculty Senate, 1976
UA90.26.11.01 Faculty Senate, undated
UA90.26.11.02 History Evaluation, 1978
UA90.26.11.03 Faculty Assembly , 1973-1974
UA90.26.11.04 NC American Association of University Professors, undated
UA90.26.11.05 Wesley Foundation, undated
UA90.26.11.06 Committee on Committees, 1966
UA90.26.11.07 Committee on Employment, undated
UA90.26.11.08 Honors Program, undated
UA90.26.11.09 Essays in History, undated
UA90.26.11.10 History Institute, undated
UA90.26.11.11 Committee Correspondence, 1968
UA90.26.11.12 Graduate School Correspondence, 1958
UA90.26.11.13 Graduate Faculty, 1968-1969
UA90.26.12.01 Department Self Study, 1966
UA90.26.12.02 Hampden-Sydney College Position, 1968
UA90.26.12.03 General Correspondence, 1960
UA90.26.12.04 Wesley Foundation, undated
UA90.26.12.05 Committee on Committees, 1971-1972
UA90.26.12.06 Faculty Senate, 1969-1970
UA90.26.12.07 American Association of University Professors, 1970
UA90.26.12.08 Correspondence, 1971
UA90.26.12.09 Louisburg Meeting, 1971
UA90.26.12.10 University Professors for Academic Order, 1970
UA90.26.1.11 Faculty Assembly , 1972-1979
UA90.26.13.01 Faculty Senate, 1973-1974
UA90.26.13.02 Faculty Senate, 1970-1971
UA90.26.13.03 The Status of United Methodist Higher Education in NC, 1972
UA90.26.13.04 Faculty Welfare, 1974
UA90.26.13.05 Correspondence, 1969
UA90.26.13.06 Departmental Minutes, 1977
UA90.26.13.07 American Association on University Professors, 1972
UA90.26.14.01 Committee Structures, undated
UA90.26.14.02 Committee Structures, undated
UA90.26.14.03 George Shackleford, undated
UA90.26.14.04 Faculty Assembly, 1972-1973
UA90.26.14.05 Faculty Governance , 1975-1976
UA90.26.14.06 Correspondence, 1976
UA90.26.15.01 Assorted, 1970-1972
UA90.26.15.02 Correspondence, 1974-1975
UA90.26.15.03 Correspondence, 1977-1978
UA90.26.15.04 Faculty Affairs, 1975-1977
UA90.26.15.05 Departmental Minutes, 1977-1978
UA90.26.16.01 Correspondence, 1976
UA90.26.16.02 Correspondence, 1976
UA90.26.16.03 Faculty Senate, 1974-1975
UA90.26.16.04 ECU Code, 1973-1974
UA90.26.16.05 Faculty Roster, 1974-1975
UA90.26.17.01 Computing Center Newsletter, undated
UA90.26.17.02 Committee on Outside Employment, undated
UA90.26.17.03 Committee on Committees, undated
UA90.26.17.04 Committee on Committees, 1974-1975
UA90.26.17.05 Committee on Committees, 1974-1975
UA90.26.17.06 General College Committee, 1976-1977
UA90.26.17.07 Correspondence, 1972-1974
UA90.26.17.08 Correspondence, 1972-1974
UA90.26.18.01 Nominating Committee, undated
UA90.26.18.02 Agenda Committee, 1970-1971
UA90.26.18.03 Committee on Committees, 1974-1975
UA90.26.1.04 Committee on Committees, 1975-1976
UA90.26.18.05 Foundation on Computer Committee, 1975-1976
UA90.26.18.06 Annual Reports, 1975-1976
UA90.26.18.07 Faculty Senate Committee, 1975-1976
UA90.26.18.08 Faculty Senate Committee, 1975-1976
UA90.26.18.09 Campus Planning, 1975-1976
UA90.26.18.10 Committee on Committees, 1975-1976
UA90.26.19.01 Committee Minutes, 1975-1976
UA90.26.19.02 Faculty Senate, 1985
UA90.26.19.03 Commencement Committee, 1979-1982
UA90.26.19.04 Committee Correspondence, 1982-1983
UA90.26.19.05 Correspondence, 1980
UA90.26.19.06 Correspondence, 1979-1982
UA90.26.20.01 Department Memos, 1980-1982
UA90.26.20.02 Department Memos, 1981-1983
UA90.26.20.03 Claude A. Swanson, undated
UA90.26.20.04 Correspondence, 1982-1983
UA90.26.20.05 Department Memos, 1983-1985