Emma Hooper Papers

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Hooper, Emma
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This collection contains Emma Hooper's research notes for a book about the history of East Carolina University entitled "East Carolina's Spade" that she started, but did not finish, for the school's fiftieth anniversary.

Biographical/historical information

Emma L. Hooper, born in 1889, taught Writing and Composition for a total of 35 years at East Carolina Teacher's College. She served on several faculty committees during her tenure as a teacher and witnessed the school's growth from a small institution to a university with thousands of students enrolling each year. She was involved with the university administration and a personal friend of several of the university Presidents, including Wright, Meadows, Messick, and Jenkins. She attempted to write a book commemorating the history of East Carolina University for its fiftieth anniversary, but she never finished the lengthy compilation. She did publish several articles about the history of the school. She died in 1988 at 99 years old.

Scope and arrangement

This collection contains Emma Hooper's research notes for a book about the history of East Carolina University entitled "East Carolina's Spade" that she started, but did not finish, for the school's fiftieth anniversary. Manuscript materials include information about Greenville, NC and Pitt County, NC, East Carolina Teachers' College (E.C.T.C.), East Carolina College (E.C.C.), East Carolina University (E.C.U.), information about the Administration and Faculty of the school, as well as information about the curriculum, departments, and student life. Also included are drafts and copies of Hooper's final manuscript of "East Carolina's Spade."

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Some newspaper clippings have been removed due to their condition.

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This collection is a part of Faculty Records.

Container list
UA90.05.01.01 Greenville and Pitt County, 1907-1980
UA90.05.01.02 Greenville and Pitt County (2), 1907-1980
UA90.05.01.03 Securing ECTS for Eastern North Carolina, 1907-1980
UA90.05.01.04 Greenville's Effort to get ECTS, 1907-1980
UA90.05.01.05 Greenville- Book Section Notes, 1907-1980
UA90.05.02.01 Copies of Bills to Establish a Training School in Eastern N.C., 1907
UA90.05.02.02 The Founding of E.C.T.C., 1907-1930
UA90.05.02.03 Model School, 1907-1930
UA90.05.02.04 Model School (2), 1907-1930
UA90.05.02.05 Building the School, 1907-1930
UA90.05.02.06 Building the School (2), 1907-1930
UA90.05.03.01 Budget and Finances, 1907-1980
UA90.05.03.02 Budget and Finances (2), 1907-1980
UA90.05.03.03 Budget- 19th Biennial Report, 1944-1946
UA90.05.03.04 Budget- Appropriations, 1907-1980
UA90.05.03.05 Administration of the School , 1907-1980
UA90.05.03.06 Administration Manual (1953-1954), 1953-1954
UA90.05.03.07 Administration Manual (1958-1959), 1958-1959
UA90.05.04.01 Physical Improvements, 1934-1944, 1934-1944
UA90.05.04.02 Campus Buildings, 1930s-1940s, 1930-1940
UA90.05.04.03 New Buildings, 1960s, 1960-1970
UA90.05.04.04 Library, 1907-1980
UA90.05.04.05 Gymnasium, 1907-1980
UA90.05.04.06 Growth of Campus, 1907-1980
UA90.05.04.07 University Status, 1907-1980
UA90.05.05.01 Founders and Legislation, 1907-1930
UA90.05.05.02 Faculty, 1907-1919, 1907-1919
UA90.05.05.03 Faculty, 1920s, 1920-1930
UA90.05.05.04 Faculty, 1920s (2), 1920-1930
UA90.05.05.05 Robert Wright, 1920-1935
UA90.05.05.06 Robert Wright (2), 1920-1935
UA90.05.05.07 Robert Wright Commencement Address, 1923, 1923
UA90.05.06.01 Inaugural Address of Dr. Leon Meadows, 1935, 1935
UA90.05.06.02 Dr. Meadows' Administration, 1935-1945
UA90.05.06.03 Dr. Meadows' Administration (2), 1935-1945
UA90.05.06.04 Changes Under Dr. Meadows, 1935-1945
UA90.05.06.05 Problems and Policies under Dr. Meadows, 1935-1945
UA90.05.06.06 Faculty, 1930s, 1930-1940
UA90.05.07.01 Dennis Cooke's Administration, 1946-1947, 1946-1947
UA90.05.07.02 Dennis Cooke's Administration (2), 1946-1947
UA90.05.07.03 Faculty, 1940s, 1940-1950
UA90.05.08.01 Inauguration of John D. Messick, 1948, 1948-1950
UA90.05.08.02 Faculty- Dr. Messick, 1948-1960
UA90.05.08.03 Dr. Messick, 1950s, 1950-1960
UA90.05.08.04 Dr. Messick, 1950s (2), 1950-1960
UA90.05.08.05 Dr. Messick, 1950s (3), 1950-1960
UA90.05.08.06 Dr. Messick, 1950s (4), 1950-1960
UA90.05.08.07 Dr. Messick Section of Manuscript, 1950-1980
UA90.05.08.08 Faculty- Dr. Leo Jenkins, 1960s, 1960-1970
UA90.05.08.09 Faculty, 1950s and 1960s, 1950-1970
UA90.05.09.01 Faculty Officers, 1925-1926, Notecards, 1925-1926
UA90.05.09.02 Faculty Officers, 1925-1926, Notecards (2), 1925-1926
UA90.05.09.03 Board of Trustees, 1959-1968, 1959-1968
UA90.05.09.04 Board of Trustees Notecards, 1907-1930
UA90.05.09.05 Board of Trustees Notecards (2), 1907-1980
UA90.05.09.06 Committee Meetings, 1960s, 1960-1970
UA90.05.09.07 University Curriculum Committee Minutes, 1907-1980
UA90.05.10.01 Enrollment, 1907-1980
UA90.05.10.02 Notes on Enrollment, 1907-1980
UA90.05.10.03 Student Health, 1907-1980
UA90.05.10.04 Scholarships, 1907-1980
UA90.05.10.05 Athletic Scholarships, 1907-1980
UA90.05.10.06 Grants and Other Honors, 1907-1980