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This collection contains administrative records, correspondence, printed materials, and audiovisual materials created by Kappa Delta Pi, Eta Chi Chapter.

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Kappa Delta Pi is an International Honor Society in Education.

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This collection contains administrative records, correspondence, printed materials, and audiovisual materials created by Kappa Delta Pi, Eta Chi Chapter.

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This collection is a part of Records of the College of the Business.

Container list
Box 1 Kappa Delta Phi Correspondence, 1947
UA26.08.01.02 Petition For a Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, 1953
UA26.08.01.03 Guest Book, 1957
UA26.08.01.04 Treasurer-KATT, 1959
UA26.08.01.05 ETA Chi Chapter, 1965
UA26.08.01.06 Kappa Delta Phi- ETA Chi Chapter Paperwork, 1966-1980
UA26.08.01.07 Kappa Delta Pi Lectures Volume 6, 1969
UA26.08.01.08 ETA Chi Chapter Paperwork, 1970s-1980s
UA26.08.01.09 Kappa Delta Pi Calender, 1971-1972
UA26.08.01.10 ETA Chi Chapter Newletters, 1972-1985
UA26.08.01.11 Kappa Delta Pi Miscellaneous, 1973-1984
UA26.08.01.12 ETA Chi Chapter Correspondence and Articles, 1947-1987
UA26.08.01.13 Kappa Delta Pi Initiation- Spring, 1977-1987
UA26.08.01.14 Kappa Delta Pi: Counselor Handbook, 1978
UA26.08.01.15 Motivation and Adolescents by Wlodkowski, 1978
UA26.08.01.16 Kappa Delta Pi Counselor Handbook, 1978
UA26.08.01.17 Kappa Delta Pi Foundation Board: The Future , 1980
UA26.08.01.18 Kappa Delta Pi Pamphlets, 1980s
Box 1 Chapter , 1981
Box 2 Expenses Book, 1981-1991
UA26.08.01.21 Correspondence Circa, 1982
UA26.08.01.22 Kappa Delta Pi Mail Correspondence, 1983-1984
UA26.08.01.23 Miscellaneous Materials, 1984-1986
UA26.08.01.24 KDP Counselor Information, 1985
UA26.08.01.25 Kappa Delta Pi Initiation - Fall, 1985-1987
UA26.08.01.26 Kappa Delta Pi Check Stubs, 1985-1989
UA26.08.01.27 Early Intervention for Children with developmental disorders, 1986
UA26.08.01.28 Budget, 1986-1987
UA26.08.01.29 KDP Bank Statements, June 1986- May 1987
UA26.08.01.30 Kappa Delta Pi Leadership Manual, 1987
UA26.08.01.31 Kappa Delta Pi Pamphlets/ Brochures, 1987
UA26.08.01.32 KDP Bank Statements and Invoices, 1987-1988
UA26.08.01.33 Kappa Delta Pi Miscellaneous, 1988
UA26.08.01.34 ETA Chi Dues Paid, March 1988
UA26.08.01.35 Kappa Delta Pi Finances, June 1988- May 1989
UA26.08.01.36 Kappa Delta Pi Leadership Manual , Jan 1989
UA26.08.01.37 Kappa Delta Pi Annual Chapter Report, 1989-1990
Box 2 Kappa Delta Pi Regional Liaisons, 1990
Box 3 Kappa Delta Pi Chapter Report and Paperwork, 1990-1991
UA26.08.01.40 Kappa Delta Pi Biennial Report, 1990-1992
UA26.08.01.41 Kappa Delta Pi- Miscellaneous, 1991-1996
UA26.08.01.42 Kappa Delta Pi, 1991-2001
UA26.08.01.43 Kappa Delta Pi Receipts, June 1991- May 1992
UA26.08.01.44 Kappa Delta Pi Society Handbook, 1992
UA26.08.01.45 Kappa Delta Pi- Spring Inititation, 1992
UA26.08.01.46 Kappa Delta Pi Biennial Report, April 2, 1992
UA26.08.01.47 KDP Annual Chapter Report and Bank Statements, June 1992- May 1993
UA26.08.01.48 KATT Regional Conference, 1992-1994
UA26.08.01.49 Innitation Certification Record, 1993
UA26.08.01.50 KDP Annual Chapter Report and Bank Statements, Jund 1993- May 1994
UA26.08.01.51 Kappa Delta Pi and Counselor Directory, 1993-1994
UA26.08.01.52 Kappa Delta Pi Area Representative Resource Guide, 1994-1995
UA26.08.01.53 Kappa Delta Pi Paperwork, 1994-1995
Box 3 Kappa Delta Pi Information, 1994-1995
Box 4 Kappa Delta Pi Biennial Report, 1994-1996
UA26.08.01.56 Kappa Delta Pi Biennial Report to the Memebership, March 1994
UA26.08.01.57 Kappa Delta Pi Society Handbook, 1994
UA26.08.01.58 Kappa Delta Pi Board of Directors Meeting - Pending Business, August 19-20, 1994
UA26.08.01.59 Proposed Charges to the Kappa Delta Pi Bylaws, November 1994
UA26.08.01.60 KDP Annual Chapter Report and Deposit Book, June 1994- May 1995
UA26.08.01.61 Kappa Delta Pi Correspondence, 1994-1995
UA26.08.01.62 Kappa Delta Pi Annual Board Meetings, 1995
UA26.08.01.63 Kappa Delta Pi Revised Bylaws, Jan 11, 1995
UA26.08.01.64 KDP Financial Report, May 31, 1995
UA26.08.01.65 Kappa Delta Pi - Chapter Charter Installation
UA26.08.01.66 KDP Finacial Report and Bank Statements, June 1995- June 1996
UA26.08.01.67 KDP Recruitment Kit, 1995-1996
UA26.08.01.68 Kappa Delta Pi Society - Mail Dr. Martin, 1996
UA26.08.01.69 Kappa Delta Pi - Dr. Martin Correspondence, March 1996
UA26.08.01.70 KDP Bank Statements and Chapter Financial Report, July 1996- June 1997
UA26.08.01.71 Kappa Delta Pi Financial Report, June 30, 1997
UA26.08.01.72 Kappa Delta Pi Constitution and Bylaws Committe Recommended Change, August 1997
UA26.08.01.73 KDP Bank Statements and Annual Chapter Report, July 1997- June 1999
UA26.08.01.74 KDP Bank Statments and Annual Chapter Report, July 1998- June 1999
UA26.08.01.75 Kappa Delta Pi Awards
Box 4 Kappa Delta Ceremonies and Rituals
Box 5 Kappa Delta Pi Ceremonies and Rituals
UA26.08.01.78 Kappa Delta Pi - Dr. Bill Martin
UA26.08.01.79 KDP ETA Chi Chapter Correspondence
UA26.08.01.80 KDP Initiation Rituals
UA26.08.01.81 Kappa Delta Phi Miscellaneous
UA26.08.01.82 Initiation of Members inot an active Chapter
Box 5 Phi Delta Kappa International: Guide for Chapter Program Chair persons
Box 6 Carter, Winslow Lee
UA26.08.02.02 Dr. Betty Levels
UA26.08.02.03 Dr. Bill Martin
UA26.08.02.04 Drs. Brown, Pressley, McLendon, 1988
UA26.08.02.05 Dr. Cindi Allen Wixon
UA26.08.02.06 Dr. ParmaLee Hawk, 1988
UA26.08.02.07 Harold C. Griffin and John Richards
UA26.08.02.08 Harrison, Beveny
UA26.08.02.09 Judy Ycung and Caroyln Miller recognition, 1984
UA26.08.02.10 Learning Styles: Inservice/ Preservice Program Dr. Swanson
UA26.08.02.11 Mathematics
UA26.08.02.12 Music
UA26.08.02.13 Personal Correspondence, 1987
UA26.08.02.14 School Facilities
UA26.08.02.15 School Staff and Admin
UA26.08.02.16 Science
UA26.08.02.17 Special Education
UA26.08.02.18 Student Activities
Box 6 Trade, Technical and Industrial Education
Box 4 Box 7 7-12 Learning Guide, September 1986
UA26.08.03.02 Aviano High School Course Catalog, 1986-1987
UA26.08.03.03 Aviano High School Parent - Student Handbook, 1986-1987
UA26.08.03.04 Aviano High School Faculty Handbook, 1986-1987
UA26.08.03.05 Aviano Italy High School, December 19, 1986
UA26.08.03.06 A look at DoDDS, 1985
UA26.08.03.07 Before/ After School Care, 1988
UA26.08.03.08 Collaborate Science Education Research Program, 1993
UA26.08.03.09 Comp. Program Fund for the Improvement of Post secondary Education, 1989-1991
UA26.08.03.10 Counselor's Handbook- Foreward
UA26.08.03.11 Cover Sheets for Proposals to the National Science Foundation, 1992
UA26.08.03.12 Curriculum for DoDDS
UA26.08.03.13 DoDDs Poster
UA26.08.03.14 Educ 5020/5021 Course Proposal, 1980
UA26.08.03.15 Itinerant Preschool Education for Handicapped, 1986
Box 7 Maintenance and OPs for DoDDs, 1987
Box 8 New Business, August 19-20, 1994
UA26.08.03.18 Participant's Guidelines
UA26.08.03.19 Miscellaneous, 1997-1998
UA26.08.03.20 Pitt County Therapeutic Services Team, 1986
UA26.08.03.21 Presenter's Guidelines, 1989-1990
UA26.08.03.22 Project for Internationalizing Teacher Education, 1988
UA26.08.03.23 Project PACT, 1967
UA26.08.03.24 School Evaluation Simulation - Direction's Manual
UA26.08.03.25 Self- Study report of Hoke County High School pt 1, 1986-1987
UA26.08.03.26 Self- Study report of Hoke County High School pt 2, 1986-1987
UA26.08.03.27 Seven - year Curriculum Development Plan, August 1984
UA26.08.03.28 Strenthening Teacher Performance in Weldon City Schools, 1993
UA26.08.03.29 Teacher Performacne - DoDDs
Box 8 Updated Grade Project, 1983-1984
Box 9 Slides
Box 10 12 Kappa Delta Pi Patches
UA26.08.05.02 3 Cassettes
UA26.08.05.03 2 VHS Tapes
UA26.08.05.04 2 Lapel Pins
Box 10 One Kappa Delta Pi sticky name tag