Clarence Stasavich Papers

University Archives #90-07

  • Descriptive Summary
    Title: Clarence Stasavich Papers
    Repository: East Carolina University Archives
    Language: English
    Abstract: This collection contains photographs, books, and memorabilia related to Clarence Stasavich.
    Extent: 11.5 Linear feet,
  • Description

    Material includes letters, publications, books, photographs, and memorabilia related to Coach Clarence Stasavich's early life, military service, and time as football coach and athletic director (1961-1975) of East Carolina College.

  • Biographical / Historical Note

    Born in Illinois, Clarence Stasavich attended Lenoir-Rhyne College where he majored in physical education while playing on the school's football team. During World War II, Stasavich served in the US Navy aboard a LST in the Pacific and European Theaters. After the war, he returned to Lenoir-Rhyne as football coach. Lured to East Carolina as head football coach, athletic director, and physical education instructor, Coach Stas steered the Pirates to three consecutive 9-1 seasons ending with bowl game appearances. Upon his retirement from active coaching, Stas continued to serve as Athletic Director until his death in 1975.

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    The collection is open to the public without restrictions.

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    Property rights and copyright reside with East Carolina University. For permission to reproduce or to publish, please contact the University Archivist.

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    [Item Description and date]. Clarence Stasavich Papers. UA 90-07. University Archives, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC.

Container List

  • Memorabilia
    Football Trophy-Carolinas Conference Champions, 1965
    Football Trophy-Southern Conference Co-Champions, 1966
    Kodak Coach of the Year Medallion, 1963
    Kodak Coach of the Year Medallion, 1964
    Kodak Coach of the Year Medallion, 1965
    Basketball Trophy-Southern Conference Runner Up, 1969
    "When In Doubt Punt" Sign, November 11, 1967
    Bumper Sticker-Memorial to Coach Stas, ECU 38, UNC 17, 1975
    Tangerine Bowl Bumper Sticker
    Southern Conference Pass Medallion
    Pirate Statue (Ceramic): 1963 Eastern Bowl Champions, 1963
    Clarence Stasavich deskplate
    College Football Centennial medallion, 1969
    Tangerine Bowl Champions Team Autographed football, 1965
    East Carolina Pirates sticker
    1972 Southern Conference Champs Sticker, 1972
    1964 Tangerine Bowl Champions Sticker, 1964
    "ECU Sez Kick the Heels" sticker
    1964 Kodak Coach of the Year plaque, 1964
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill MA.ED diploma for Clarence Stasavich, 1946
    1970 North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame plaque, 1970
    National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics Award, 1977
    1964 Tangerine Bowl Champions commerative plaque, 1964
  • Photographs
    • Photographs 1-25
      Coach Stasavich being pied
      Clarence Stasavich, Leo Jenkins, and an unidentified man showing Ficklen Stadium
      Coach Stasavich with three of his players
      Kevin Moran accepting Outstanding Freshman Award
      Coach Stasavich with award recipient and unidentified man
      Coach Stasavich with man and award recipient
      Unidentified player, #56, posing with football
      Two players after Tangerine Bowl
      1964 Tangerine Bowl Champions broadside
      1964 Tangerine Bowl Champions broadside
      Man smoking with playbook in hand
      Jenkins, Stasavich, and unidentified man with photo of Ficklen Stadium
      Unidentified coach with player, #34
      Unidentified man at Ficklen Stadium
      Unidentified coach, Ara Parseghien, Frank Boyle, and Clarence Stasavich accepting Kodak Coach of the Year
      Team photo
      Coach Stasavich with unidentified man
      Team photo
      Coach Stasavich with award recipient and unidentified man
      Coach Stasavich, Ted Day, and unidentified man
      East Carolina player running with football
      East Carolina ballcarrier being tackled
      Coach Stasavich with several award recipients
      Coach Stasavich, Jerry Talley, and unidentified man with "Team Before Self" trophy
      Contact print featuring unidentified football player, #14
    • Photographs 26-50
      Coach Stas with three players
      Stas kneeling with two unidentified players
      Coach Stas, FB Dave Alexander, and unidentified man present 1964 Outstanding Player Award
      Coach Stas and unidentified man present Bill Cline with "Most Valuable Player" award
      Contact Print #315
      Contact Print #316
      UL ball carrier being tackled by three East Carolina defenders
      NC State Coach Earle Edwards and Clarence Stasavich receiving Kodak Coach of the Year Nominee Medallions from Kodak vice-president Gerald B. Zornow
      Coach Stas with fellow coaches accepting Kodak Coach of the Year Award
      Coach Stas and unidentified man present trophy to East Carolina player
      East Carolina #43 eludes would be tackler
      East Carolina's #20 makes the tackle
      Don Tyson
      East Carolina's #24 runs around the left side
      Coach Stasavich with unidentified man receving East Carolina's first complimentary car
      Coach Stas with two unidentified players: #10 & #17
      Coach Stas with two unidentified men
      Coach Stas and unidentified man presenting award trophy to unidentifed player
      Fight for the football
      East Carolina's Bill Cline gets his facemask grabbed
      Team photo on practice field
      Coach Stas with East Carolina cheerleader Sherry Robertson
      East Carolina advances the ball on the ground
      Waiting for an official measurement
      East Carolina defenders stop an opponent
    • Photographs 51-75
      Unidentified East Carolina players takes a break
      Gang tackle
      East Carolina player fights for extra yards
      Coach Stas and two unidentified players
      East Carolina's #44 received the punt
      East Carolina defense makes a stop
      East Carolina's #80 makes the tackle
      East Carolina in the huddle
      East Carolina's #43 carried the ball around the right side
      East Carolina palyer tackles an opponent
      East Carolina's #44 gets upended
      East Carolina's #43 with the football
      East Carolina players narrowly misses blocking a punt
      #24 carried the football
      #44 throws a pass
      East Carolina defenders tackle #32
      East Carolina offense gains some yardage
      East Carolina ground game
      #34 breaks away from the pack
      East Carolina players in locker room
      East Carolina's #23 attempts to eldude a tackler
      #67 attempts a field goal try
      East Carolina QB throws to the right
      Coach Stas with unidentified man
      Team photo with coaches present
    • Photographs 76-100
      #32 stretches before a game
      East Carolina runner meets resistence
      East Carolina ballcarrier moving forward
      Confusion at the line of scrimmage
      On the field action
      East Carolina makes a tackle
      East Carolina players read of JFK's assasination
      East Carolina player secures a catch
      1967 East Carolina seniors collage
      East Carolina's #34 drags two defenders
      East Carolina players wait to board a bus
      Four East Carolina players watch the action
      #34 with the football
      #44 carries the football to the left
      #20 secures the football
      East Carolina ballcarrier struggles forward
      #41 eludes a diving tackle
      Scrimmage pile
      East Carolina player walks off field with assistance from Coach Stas and trainers
      #44 with the ball surrounded by opposing players
      Three unidentified football players
      East Carolina pep squad watches the game
      Pileup near the end zone
      East Carolina offense pulling right
      East Carolina #77 with unidentified coach
    • Photographs 101-125
      Coach Stas with two unidentified award recipients
      Unknown player posing with "Most Outstanding Freshman" award winner
      Unidentified East Carolina player with helmet removed
      Players struggle to control a loose football
      East Carolina vs. Louisville line of scrimmage
      Player tacked with Coca-Cola truck in background
      East Carolina vs. Davidson game action
      View of Minges Coliseum from empty Ficklen bleachers
      Minges Coliseum from Ficklen bleachers
      Empty Ficklen Stadium with crane in background
      Ficklen stadium seating construction
      Ficklen Stadium construction
      Installing Ficklen Stadium bleachers
      Minges Coliseum
      Workers install section of Ficklen Stadium bleachers
      Coach Stas, #61, unidentified man
      #18 carries the football
      #87 catches a pass
      Coach Stas with award recipients
      #69 brings down the opposing ball carrier
      Coach Stas with award recipients
      Larry Rudisell, #20, makes the catch against Richmond
      Bill Cline runs around right end for a 5 yard gain against Richmond
      Coach Stas on field with award winners
      #24 finds open grass around the right side
    • Photographs 126-150
      Clarence Stasavich in naval unifrom with wife, Helen
      Stasavich family at Christmas
      Stasavich Family: Helen, Clarence, Buddy, Mary Helen, Grandfather
      Becky and Mary Helen as children
      Young Clarence Stasavich
      Helen Stasavich
      Children swimming in pond
      unknown couple
      Clarence and Helen at a dining table
      Clarence returns home after WWII
      Stasavich children
      Stasavich Family
      Stasavich children
      Clarence holding child
      Unknown man
      Young Clarence posing
      Young Clarence posing with basketball
      Clarence aboard LST during WWII
      Clarence with young child
      Clarence holding young child
      Stasavich family
      Snowy scene
      Becky and Mary Helen Stasavich
      Unidentified woman
      Unidentified Stasavich daughter
    • Photographs 151-175
      Walter Stasavich in US Navy
      Clarence Stasavich in coat and tie
      Clarence posing in naval uniform
      Clarence Stasavich portrait
      Clarence portrait, smiling
      Clarence portrait
      Clarence portrait (proof stamp)
      Stasavich family at home
      Stas in office reading Football Program
      Clarence Stasavich portrait
      Stas portrait
      Stas holding pipe
      Stas portrait
      Stas posing with # 51 and #71
      Stasavich family posing
      Stasavich family at Christmas
      Stas driving a car in winter
      Mary Helen and Becky on hood of car
      Stasavich family with friends at Christmas
      Becky and Mary Helen on swinset with parents in the background
      Unknown grave
      Unknown grave #2
      Flower covered casket
      Funeral Scene
    • Photographs 176-200
      Stasavich Family Photo
      Mother with child
      Children playing on dock
      Family dog: Corina
      Clarence Stasavich
      Unknown man sitting near air transit information sign
      Mary Helen and Becky Stasavich as children
      unidentified man in portrait
      Couple cutting wedding cake
      Mrs. Stasavich with Mary Helen and Becky
      Couple cutting wedding cake
      Coaches of the Year
      Clarence Stasavich in uniform with wife
      unknown man
      unknown married couple
      Clarence Stasavich being presented with car outside of James Ficklen Stadium
      Clarence Stasavich with family
      unknown man
      Stasavich Family portrait
      Football in the rain
      Cheerleaders performing inside of gym
      Neil Huges #43
      East Carolina player follows his block around the left end
      1965 Tangerine Bowl Champions mini-poster
    • Photographs 201-225
      Negative of Stasavich women
      Negative of Clarence Stasavich with wife
      Negative of unidentified woman
      Negative of Stasavich family
      Certificate of admission to The National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame for East Carolina University
      Negative contact sheet of football game action
      Negative contact sheet of football game action
      Couple dancing
      Negative contact sheet of football game action
      Negative contact sheet of football game action
      Ray Minges being presented award as Clarence Stasavich looks on
      East Carolina vs. Richmond
      Stasavich Family portrait
      Stasavich opening presents
      Stasavich family
      Stasavich opening presents as man looks on
      Stasavich opening presents with his parents
      Clarence Stasavich on couch
      Stasavich with wife at Tweetsie Railroad
      Stasavich children
      Mary Helen in Miss Hickory High Contest
      Stas on sidelines, players in background
      Postcard of Shinto Shrine, Naha, Okinawa, Japan
      Helen Stasavich in snow scene
      Stasavich family posing on dock
    • Photographs 226-250
      Grave marker of Oleta Stasavich
      Stasavich boarding a train
      Stasavich before facing Northern Michigan
      Clarence Stasavich
      Stasavich portrait
      Clarence Stasavich portrait
      Team portrait
      Stasavich with unidentified men in locker room
      Stasavich watching players practice
      Stasavich slide
      Marching band performing during halftime
      Clarence Stasavich while in college
      Becky and Mary Helen standing in field
      Stasavich in uniform posing with wife and mother
      Woman kicking football
      Stasavich reviewing Tangerine Bowl program
      Team posing on steps of Christenbury
      Stasavich Christmas portrait
      Family at Christmas
      Stasavich with naval crew
      Tangerine Bowl Champion team portrait on steps of Christenbury
      Stasavich in naval uniform with wife
      Stasavich with Becky Ann and Mary Helen after return from Europe
      Stasavich watches Duke vs. UNC from stands
      Stasavich children with friends
    • Photographs 251-275
      Stasavich family Christmas
      Stasavich with wife
      Group standing around television
      Stasavich showing a football to his wife during a practice session
      Highland Elementary School, Hickory, N.C.
      Stasavich reunited with Clarence after World War II
      Stasavich side-view portrait
      Becky and Mary Helen
      Helen Warlick Stasavich photo with Hickory High School program
      Helen Stasavich
      Becky Stasavich
      Helen Warlick Stasavich
      Negative print of Stasavich with unidentified children
      Stasavich with Helen by ocean
      Stasavich office
      Stasavich's desk in his office at East Carolina
      Stasavich's office wall
      Stasavich office
      Overview of Stasavich's office
      Naval personnel observing distant action
      Stasavich portrait
      Stasavich charting a play
      Nelson Gravatt
      Clarence Stasavich
      Clarence Stasavich
    • Photographs 276-300
      Clarence Stasavich
      Clarence Stasavich
      Stasavich eating an apple
      Stasavich in naval uniform
      Clarence Stasavich, East Carolina Athletic Director
      Stasavich portrait outdoors
      Unidentified men standing on football field
      Coach Clarence Stasavich
      Helen standing in field of flowers
      Stasavich in East Carolina polo shirt
      Helen Stasavich
      Unidentified group of women
      Fishing at Gaskins Landing
      Helen Stasavich
      Clarence Stasavich and Jack Collins at Gaskins Boat Landing, Grifton, NC
      Stasavich children
      Stasavich Fishing
      Stasavich children
      Stasavich children playing on steps
      Stasavich portrait
      Clipping of death of Stasavich
      Stasavich, Leo Jenkins, and Bob Scott with two other unidentified men
      Stasavich holding a baby
      Shad Festival
  • Books
    • Box 4
      This Game of Football by Lynn O. Waldorf
      Pre-Game Football Preperation by George Katchmer
      The Passing Game in Football by Jack C. Curtice
      Football Techniques Illustrated by Jim Moore
      Defense: XXXXXX The Winning Difference by Edward Knecht
      Developing a Superior Football Control Attack by Vince Dooley
      Techniques of Football Coaching by Harry E. Larche
      Modern Defensive Football by Gomer Jones
      Notre Dame Football: The T Formation by Frank Leahy
      Football Line Play by Bernard F. Oakes
      Michigan State Multiple Offense by Clarence Biggie
      The T Formation from A to Z by F.W. England
      The Modern Notre Dame Formation by Charles W. Bach
      Modern Football by H.O. Fritz Crisler
      Fly T Football by Hamp Pool
      The Life Story of Glen S. (Pop) Warner by Francis J. Powers
      We Play to Win by Raymond K. Budd
      God Goes to Football Games by L.H. Hollingsworth
      Winning Football Plays by Dave Camerer
      Norm van Brocklin's Football Book by Norm van Brocklin
    • Box 5
      Football Fundamentals by John F. Bateman
      I'll Tell You About Football by Paul "Bear" Bryant
      Championship Football by D.X. Bible
      Hot Line to Victory by Woody Hayes
      Football: An Esquire Book by Clark Shaghness
      Functional Football by John DaGrosa
      Football Line Play by Bernard Oakes
      How to Play Football by Lynn Waldorf
      Ray Graves' Guide to Modern Football by Ray Graves
      Football Principles and Play by David M. Nelson
      Simplified Single Wing Footvall by Ken Keuffel
      Football Coaches Guide to Secondary Defenses by Billy R. Hughes
      The Complete Book of Backfield Plays by Robert E. Walker
      Winning Isn't Everything by Benny Marshall
      The Complete Kicking Game: Mechanics and Strategy by Don Fuoss
      Simplified Multiple Defenses by George A. Katchmer
      Football's Finest Hour by Maxwell Stiles
      Darrell Royal Talks Football by Darrell Royal
      Bobby Dodd on Football by Robert L. Dodd
    • Box 6
      Special Supplement to Summer Manual by Robert C. Lafferty
      Physiological Hygiene by Cleveland Pendleton
      Essentials of Healthier LIving by Justus J. Schifferes
      Healthier Living Highlights by Justus J. Schifferes
      Health by Benjamin A. Kogan
      Hygiene by Florece L. Meredith
      Health for the College Student by Jesse F. Williams
      Law and Contemporary Problems by Duke University
      Basic Skills in Sports by David A. Armbruster
      How to Play and Teach Volleyball by J. Edmund Welch
      A Physical Education Ready by J. Edmund Welch
      Public Relations for the Coach by Don Scannell
      Proceedings of the 1st Special Convention by NCAA
      The View From Up Here by Warren Koon
      The Sources of Your Energy and Endurance by Bob Hoffman
      Active Games and Contests by Richard J. Donnelly
    • Box 7
      Defensive Football by Frank Leahy
      Championship Drills for Teaching Offensive and Defensive Fundamentals by Donald E. Fuoss
      1st and Ten by Duffy Daugherty
      Scoring Power with the Winged T Offense
      1964 Summer Manual by American Football Coaches Association
      1959 Meetings Proceedings by American Football Coaches Association
      Umbrella Defense by Bernard A. Taylor
      Coaching Football and the Split T Formation by James M. Tatum
      1963 Summer Manual by the American Football Coaches Association
      1959 Proceedings of the American Football Coaches Association
      1967 Summer Manual of the American Football Coaches Association
      Historical Digest, Data, Constitution, Membership of the American Football Coaches Association
      1959 Proceedings of the American Football Coaches Association
      1967 Summer Manual of the American Football Coaches Association
      Historical Digest, Data, Constitution, Membership of the American Football Coaches Association
      1966 Summer Manual of the American Football Coaches Association
      1967 Proceedings of the American Football Coaches Association
      1965 Boys Home Bowl Football Game Prograom
      1968 Proceedings of the American Football Coaches Association
      1968 Summer Manual of the American Football Coaches Association
      Historical Digest, Data, Constitution, Membership of the American Football Coaches Association
      1969 Proceedings of the American Football Coaches Association
      1966 Summer Manual of the American Football Coaches Association
      1965 Summer Manual of the American Football Coaches Association
      1964 Summer Manual of the American Football Coaches Association
      1969 Summer Manual of the American Football Coaches Association
      1970 Proceedings of the American Football Coaches Association
      Historical Digest, Data, Constitution, Membership of the American Football Coaches Association
      1970 Summer Manual of the American Football Coaches Association
      Football at Ohio State by Woody Hayes
      1965 Proceedings of of the American Football Coaches Association
      Manual for Functional Football by John DaGrosa
      Conditioning for Football by Robert R. Spackman
      Wing-T and the Chinese Bandits by Paul F. Dietzel
      Vince Lombardi Says by Murray Olderman
      The Impact of Athletic Participation on Academic and Career Aspirations and Achievement by Emil Bend
      Missouri Power Football by Don Devine
    • Box 8
      The Heart of a Champion by Bob Richards
      Athletes in Education by the American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
      An Introduction of Physical Education by Nixon and Cozens
      Principles of Physical Education by Jesse F. Williams
      Manual for Athletes by Voltmer and Voltmer
      Administrative of Athleics in Colleges and Universities by Edward Steitz
      Administrative Policies for Intercollegiate Athletics by Edward J. Shea
      Building a Championship Football Team by Paul W. "Bear" Bryant
      Readings in Health Science by Benjamin A. Kogan
      Healthier Living Highlights by Justus J. Schifferes
  • World War II letters, 1942-1945
    September 1942-April 1943, 1942-1943
    May-July 1943, 1943
    August-December 1943, 1943
    January-March 1944, 1944
    April-June 1944, 1944
    July-September 1944, 1944
    October-December 1944, 1944
    January-March 1945, 1945
    April 1945, 1945
    May-November 1945, 1945
    Date Unknown
  • Miscellany
    Cookbook and Notepads, 1937-1970
    Coach of the Year, 1954-1971
    Schedules, Banquets, and Tournament Passes, 1963-1975
    Alumni information
    Memorial Service, 1975

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