Leo W. Jenkins Papers

University Archives #90-06

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    Title: Leo W. Jenkins Papers
    Repository: East Carolina University Archives
    Language: English
    Extent: 8.0 Linear feet,
  • Description

    Collection contains personal effects of Leo Jenkins including awards, plaques, military honors, photographs, and political cartoons.

  • Biographical / Historical Note

    Leo Jenkins served as the fifth President and first Chancellor of East Carolina University. A schoolteacher and Marine before becoming an administration under John Messick, he is credited with presiding over the most expansive period of growth for East Carolina. His tenure saw the addition of a medical school, acceptance into Division I athletics, and major increases in enrollment.

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    The collection is open to the public without restrictions.

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    Property rights and copyright reside with East Carolina University. For permission to reproduce or to publish, please contact the University Archivist.

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    [Item Description and date]. Leo Jenkins Collection. UA90-06. University Archives, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC.

Container List

Leo Jenkins wearing sailor uniform
Leo Jenkins with camping tent
Leo Jenkins with horse-drawn cart
Children in yard
Leo Jenkins with group
Leo Jenkins in suit
Leo Jenkins with boys in front of house
Leo Jenkins in suit
Leo Jenkins in military uniform
Leo Jenkins at lake
Leo Jenkins in front of store
Leo Jenkins in chair
Leo Jenkins with car
Leo '84
President's Home. East Carolina College, Greenville, North Carolina.
Leo Jenkins in graduation gown
Leo Jenkins in uniform
Leo Jenkins with Robert Humber in front of WNCT
Leo Jenkins
Leo Jenkins at WITN
Leo Jenkins in military uniforn
Leo Jenkins
Leo Jenkins with group
Leo Jenkins in classroom
Leo Jenkins at award presentation
Jenkins license plate
Leo Jenkins in uniform
Leo's Doctor College Follies
Leo Jenkins honorable discharge certificate
Menu for caravan on Atlantic Coast Line Railroad
"A Sunday afternoon dabbler" Dr. Leo W. Jenkins; an exhibit of paintings. Oct. 12-19, 1975
Leo Jenkins at the beach
Leo Jenkins holding chairs
Leo Jenkins on the telephone
Leo Jenkins speaking at banquet
Choir concert
Leo Jenkins playing horseshoes
Leo Jenkins in NYU graduation robes
Leo Jenkins in sailor uniform
Leo Jenkins in dress uniform
Kennedy rally
Leo Jenkins in sailor uniform
Men in uniform
Leo Jenkins in uniform
Leo Jenkins with family members
Leo Jenkins in suit
Leo Jenkins on sidewalk
Leo Jenkins at the beach
Harrington Field dedication
Leo Jenkins at Coney Island
Leo Jenkins in mountains
Leo Jenkins in graduation robe
Leo Jenkins in t-shirt
Leo Jenkins in trench coat
Leo Jenkins on college quad
Leo Jenkins standing on street
Leo Jenkins in yard
Leo Jenkins standing by car
Leo Jenkins in uniform
Group on boardwalk
Leo Jenkins in woods
Leo Jenkins in chair
Leo Jenkins in park
Leo Jenkins on deck
Man diving into pool
Woman holding giant lobster
Leo Jenkins in uniform
Leo Jenkins with cars
Leo Jenkins in military uniform
Leo Jenkins saluting
Leo Jenkins in military uniform
Leo Jenkins in sailor uniform
Leo Jenkins in graduation gown
Leo Jenkins working on car
Leo Jenkins in uniform
Commencement reception
Leo Jenkins at Brody Building groundbreaking
Suzanne Jenkins Lodge, Yanna Person, and Cecilia Jenkins
Leo Jenkins holding a football
Leo Jenkins at Guadalcanal
Leo Jenkins teaching school
Leo Jenkins at the beach
Leo Jenkins holding child
Leo and Lillian Jenkins
Leo Jenkins holding Yanna Jenkins Person
Leo Jenkins [?] as a small child
Leo Jenkins at Guadalcanal
Bertha Fachet, Leo Jenkins, and Cecilia Jenkins
  • Political Cartoon Scrapbook, 1960-1975
    They Couldn't Take Dr. Carter's Little Pill, undated
    I Think It's Something You Swallowed, undated
    I Think Jenkins, Friday, and West Are Acting Like Kids, undated
    My Favorite Fool, undated
    Moment of Truth, undated
    Jenkins' ECU Med School Effort, undated
    Premature!, undated
    Off With His Head!, undated
    Quit Picking on Me or I'll Take my Ball and Go Home!, 1975 July 1
    Steam Rollers, 1967 April 1
    The Fountainhead Staff was Cordially Invited to Dr. Jenkins House on October 26, 1971, 1971 November 2
    The Gospel According to Privette, undated
    ECU Med School vs. NCSU Vet School, undated
    The Chapel Hill Weekly Opening Gavel, undated
    I could help Mama with the work if..., 1974
    All Good Things Must End, undated
    Yes, There's Nothing Like the Rough and Tumble of Competition, 1971
    Tonite, Leo Jenkins, 1971 September 28
    The Good Ship Higher Education, undated
    Leo Jenkins, 1970 April 25
    Julius Leo, 1968 Spring
    Jenkins and the News and Observer Editor, undated
    "Full Steam Ahead...", undated
    Leo Jenkins, 1975 July 3
    A new-Found Sense of Unity, 1970 May 11
    Three-Letter Man, 1967 April 4
    Logic of the "Emerging East", undated
    Free Alice Cooper, undated
    And I Don't Get Copy, I'll Go To Court, 1967 Ferbruary 26
    Yes Sir, Leo, Things Are Finally Coming Your Way, undated
    Doc Leo's Magic Med School Potion, undated
    Eastern NC Democrats, undated
    Leo Jenkins Knight, 1973
    ECU and Legislature, undated
  • Oversized
    Leo Jenkins Sketch, undated
    National Defense Executive Reserve, undated
    Appointment to the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves certificate, 1957
    Autographed Cartoon, undated

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