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[Item description and date]. Student Ephemera. UA45-03. University Archives, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC.
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This collection contains a items related to student life and academics at East Carolina including certificates, event programs, brochures, and memorabilia.

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This collection contains items related to student life and academics at East Carolina including certificates, event programs, brochures, and memorabilia.

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Container list
UA45.03.01.01 Student Class Schedule
UA45.03.01.02 The Whole Town's Talking Program, undated
UA45.03.01.03 Men's Residence Council Activity Card
UA45.03.01.04 Smilin' Through Program
UA45.03.01.05 Copy of the East Carolina Alma Mater by H.A. McDougle, undated
UA45.03.01.06 Junior-Senior Dance Invitation
UA45.03.01.07 Junior-Senior Dance Invitation
UA45.03.01.08 Spring Revue Program
UA45.03.01.09 Double Door Program
UA45.03.02.01 Robert H. Wright inauguration invitation, 1909 November 12
Box 1 Lottie Brooks Teaching Certificate, 1911 July 15
UA45.03.04.02 Annual Concert, 1911-05-22
UA45.03.04.03 Programme- concert, 1911-07-08
UA45.03.05.01 Memories of the 1912 Class of East Carolina Teachers' Training School, 1991 April 3
UA45.03.05.03 Junior Reception for Senior Class Souvenir , 1912-05-06
UA45.03.06.01 Senior Tree Planting Program, 1913 April 30
UA45.03.06.02 The Taming of the Shrew Program, 1913 March 31
UA45.03.06.03 End of the Year Program of Events
UA45.03.07.01 Index to Class Records, 1914
UA45.03.07.02 Senior Class 1914, 1914
Box 3 Class roster ledger
Box 1 The School for Scandal Program, 1915 April 30
Box 1 Junior-Senior Reception Booklet and Portraits
Oversize Folder 1 May S. Windley Diploma, 1915
UA45.03.09.01 Senior Play "Midsummer Night's Dream", 1916 April 10
UA45.03.10.01 East Carolina Teachers Training School Commencement Program, 1917 , 1977
Box 1 Class of 1918 roster
UA45.03.11.02 Leah Louise Croom diploma
UA45.03.12.01 Remembrances of the class of 1919, 1964
Box 1 Monsieur Beauraire Program, 1921 April 22
Box OS1 Bettie Bruce Exum diploma, ECTTS
Box OS1 Geneva Exum diploma, ECTC
UA45.03.15.01 The Maker of Dreams and Trial by Jury Program, 1924 April 4
UA45.03.16.01 Lady Windermere's Fan, 1925-02-20
UA45.03.17.01 Prunella or Love in a Dutch garden, 1925-04-24
UA45.03.18.01 The Truth Program, 1925 December 10
UA45.03.18.03 May Day Festival program, 1928-05-01
UA45.03.18.04 She Stoops to Conquer, 1926-12-10
UA45.03.19.01 Come Out of The Kitchen Program, 1926 May 11
UA45.03.20.01 Treasurer's Receipt Card
UA45.03.21.01 The Knave of Hearts, Enter the Hero, & Jazz and Minuet Program, 1927-05-20
UA45.03.22.01 The Blue Bird Program, 1928
UA45.03.22.02 May Day Festival program, 1928-05-01
UA45.03.22.03 Model School presents The Cruise of the Trundle Bed, 1928-03-20
Box 1 Smilin' Through Program, 1928 December 6-7
Box 1 Senior Play Ticket, 1929-12-06
Box 1 Fall Term Entertainments Season Ticket
Box OS1 Mary Helen Clark, ECTC diploma
Box 1 Isadora Duncan Dancers, 1929-10-15
Box 1 United States Army Band Concert, 1929-11-25
Box 1 Recital, 1929-11-12
Box 1 Alice Judith Outland, ECTC Diploma, 1929-08-23
Box 1 The Taming of the Shrew Program, 1929 December 5-6
UA45.03.24.01 Little Women Program, 1929 April 18-19
UA45.03.25.01 Last Will and Testament of The Class of 1930, 1930
UA45.03.25.02 Winter Term Entertainments Season Ticket
UA45.03.25.03 Kryl and His Band, 1930-10-13
UA45.03.25.04 Recital, 1930-03-17
UA45.03.25.05 Christmas Recital, 1930-12-15
UA45.03.25.06 Fall Term Entertainments, Season Ticket
UA45.03.25.07 Tony Sarg's Marionettes, 1930-01-14
UA45.03.26.01 Mice and Men program, 1930-05-08-1930-05-09
UA45.03.26.02 Marie Trask Math 133 class assignment, Undated
Box 1 Winter Term Entertainments Season Ticket
Box 1 Once There Was A Princess Program, 1931 January 22-23
Oversize Folder 1 Pattye Piercy Thompson diploma, 1931
Box 1 Freshman-Junior Dance Invitation, 1931
Box 1 East Carolina Teachers College Dance Invitation, 1931
Box 1 Spring Term Entertainments Season Ticket
UA45.03.28.01 Class Day Exercises, 1931-05-30
UA45.03.28.02 "Wrong Numbers," "The Rector," & "The Thrice Promised Bride" Program, 1931 April 23
UA45.03.29.01 The Whole Town's Talking Program, 1932 February 17-18
UA45.03.29.02 Student Class Schedule
UA45.03.29.03 Junior-Senior Banquet Program, 1932-04-30
UA45.03.29.04 Doris Kenyon Recital Program, 1932-11-14
UA45.03.30.01 The Wedding Present, The Neighbors, & The Witch's Garden Program, 1932 April 28-29
UA45.03.31.01 Class Day Exercises, 1933 June 3
UA45.03.31.02 The Charm School Program, 1933 December 15-16
UA45.03.31.03 The Family Upstairs Program, 1933
UA45.03.32.01 Gold In a Chinese Garden, The Minuet, & In The Spring a Young Mans Fancy Program, 1933 April 5-6
UA45.03.33.01 Pink and Patches, Winners All, & The Wedding Program, 1934 March 2
UA45.03.33.02 ECTC Postcard
UA45.03.33.03 Recital Program, 1934-02-15
UA45.03.34.01 Easy Pickin's Program, 1935 December 10 - 11
UA45.03.34.02 Signatures of some students from the class of 1935 , undated
UA45.03.34.03 The Wives of Henry VIII, 1935
UA45.03.34.04 An Hour of Music, ECTC Violin Ensemble, 1935-02-10
UA45.03.35.01 The Duchess Says Her Prayers, Job's Kinfolks, & Rosalie Program, 1935-03-21
UA45.03.36.01 Christmas Recital Program, 1936-12-07
UA45.03.37.01 Tweedles Program, 1937 March 12
UA45.03.37.02 ECTC Student Guest Ticket for State Theatre, 1937-04-05
UA45.03.38.01 Class Role of 1938, undated
UA45.03.39.01 Children of The Moon Program, 1939 February 11-13
UA45.03.39.02 Class Role of 1939, 1939
UA45.03.39.03 Geraldine Mayo, ECTC Diploma, 1939-06-05
UA45.03.39.04 ECTC Graduation Program, 1939-08-24
UA45.03.40.01 Stage Door Program, 1940 February 17 - 19
UA45.03.42.01 Vivacious Lady Program, 1942 May 21
Box 1

Bachelor of Arts degree featuring signature of Dr. Leon Meadows

Diploma: Mary Agnes Deal, 1942
UA45.03.43.01 Twin Beds Program, 1944 April 3
UA45.03.43.02 Freshman Banquet Program, 1941 April 30
UA45.03.44.01 The Imaginary Invalid Program, 1945 March 2 - 3
UA45.03.44.02 May Day Exercises, 1945-05-05
UA45.03.45.01 Personal Appearance Program, 1946 March 5-6
UA45.03.46.02 Student's Course Book, 1944-1947
UA45.03.47.01 The Man Who Came To Dinner Program, 1948 May 13-14
UA45.03.48.01 Letter discussing plans for the upcoming play Taming of the Shrew, 1949 October 2
UA45.03.48.02 Letter discussing the next play, Taming of the Shrew, 1949 October 6
UA45.03.48.03 Letter congratulating the Teachers Playhouse on the production of The Taming of the Shrew., 1949 October 9
UA45.03.49.01 May Day Festival, 1950-04-29
Box 1 Marjorie Janice Thompson's Bachelor of Science diploma from East Carolina Teachers College, May 15, 1950
UA45.03.50.01 The Knave of Hearts, May Festival, 1951-05-01
UA45.03.51.01 Magic in the Studio in Waltz Time, May Festival Program, 1952-05-01
UA45.03.52.01 Senior Banquet Program, 1953-05-02
UA45.03.52.02 Unesco Features The Orient, May Festival Program, 1953-05-01
UA45.03.53.01 Years Ago Program, 1954 November 10-11
UA45.03.53.02 Years Ago Newspaper Clippings, 1954 November 5, undated
UA45.03.54.01 The Home Life of a Buffalo and The Long Christmas Dinner Program, 1955-10-06
UA45.03.54.02 The Home Life of a Buffalo and The Long Christmas Dinner Newspaper Clippings, 1955 September 30, undated
UA45.03.54.03 The Home Life of a Buffalo and The Long Christmas Dinner Faculty Announcement, undated
UA45.03.55.01 50th Anniversary Pageant East Carolina's Spade, May 3-4
UA45.03.55.02 Two Crooks and a Lady & The Old Lady Shows Her Medals Program, 1958 October 1- 2
UA45.03.55.03 Two Crooks and a Lady & The Old Lady Shows Her Medals Newspaper Clippings, 1958, undated
UA45.03.55.04 Ruth Gordon Bio about her comedy "Over 21" that was performed by the freshman., November 10 - 11
UA45.03.56.01 Christmas Assembly Program, 1959-12-18
UA45.03.56.02 Nightclub & Why I Am A Bachelor Program, 1959 October 7-8
UA45.03.56.03 Nightclub & Why I Am A Bachelor Newspaper Clippings, 1959 October 8, undated
UA45.03.57.01 Overtones & The Monkey's Paw Program, 1956 October 10-11
UA45.03.57.02 Overtones & The Monkey's Paw Newspaper Clippings, 1956 October 11, undated
UA45.03.58.01 East Carolina College Calendar, 1963 June 23-July 6
UA45.03.59.01 Harriet G. Woodside Student ID Card, 1964
UA45.03.60.01 Student Activity Cards
UA45.03.61.01 Laundry Department Request Form and Price List
UA45.03.61.02 Roller Derby Tickets, 1968-03-09