East Carolina University Department of Athletics

University Archives #40-00

  • Descriptive Summary
    Title: East Carolina University Department of Athletics
    Repository: East Carolina University Archives
    Language: English
    Abstract: The Records of the Department of Athletics are comprised of correpsondence, administrative records, emory lawsuit, computer media, a/v media, digitized media.
    Extent: 99.0 Linear feet,
  • Description

    Collection contains correspondence, publications, press releases, and administrative records related to the administration and competition of intermural sports teams at East Carolina University.

  • Biographical / Historical Note

    The Department of Athletics is a department within the college of Athletics. In 1909, A student committee established old gold, and royal purple as the official school colors. In 1910, Baseball is established as the first sports team at East Carolina Teachers Training School, as the institution is then named. The first teams for women are established on an intramural level in the sports of basketball, tennis, and volleyball. In 1934, the nickname "Pirates" is adopted.

  • Administrative Information
    Access Restrictions

    The collection is open to the public without restrictions.

    Copyright Notice

    Property rights and copyright reside with East Carolina University. For permission to reproduce or to publish, please contact the University Archivist.

    Preferred Citation

    [Item Description and date]. Records of the Department of Athletics. UA40.00. University Archives, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC.

Container List

  • Correspondence
    Public Correspondence and Clippings, 1983-1986
    Athletic Correspondence, 1972
    Athletic Correspondence, 1973-1974
    Athletic Correspondence, 1975
    Athletic Correspondence
    Athletic Correspondence, 1976-1978
    Athletic Correspondence, 1978-1979
    Athletic Correspondence, 1979-1980
    Athletic Correspondence, 1980-1981
    Athletic Correspondence, 1981-1982
    Athletic Correspondence, 1983-1984
    Athletic Correspondence, 1988-1989
    Athletic Correspondence, 1988-1989
    Athletic Correspondence, 1989-1990
    Athletic Correspondence, 1989-1990
    Athletic Correspondence, 1991
    Athletic Correspondence, 1991
    Athletic Correspondence, 1991
    Athletic Correspondence, 1992
    Athletic Correspondence, 1993
    NCAA Correspondence
    NCAA Correspondence, 1980-1981
    NCAA Correspondence, 1981-1982
    NCAA Correspondence, 1983-1984
    NCAA Correspondence, 1988-1989
    NCAA Correspondence, 1988-1989
    NCAA Correspondence, 1990-1991
    NCAA Correspondence, 1990-1991
    NCAA Correspondence, 1992
    NCAA Correspondence, 1991-1992
    NCAA Correspondence, 1993-1994
    NCAA Correspondence, 1992-1993
    Gillman, Larry Correspondence, 1978
    Schwartz, Ernest Correspondence, 1980
    Sports Promotion Department Memos, 1980
  • Administrative Records
    Athletic Council, 1979
    Athletic Council, 1980-1982
    Athletic Council, 1988-1989
    Athletic Council, 1989-1991
    Athletics Budget, 1988-1992
    Athletics Policy Manual, 1973
    Annual Reports, 1968-1980
    Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women, 1979-1981
    Hall of Fame Inductees, 1978-1981
    Hall of Fame Committee, 1982-1991
    Hall of Fame Committee, 1992-1993
    North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame, 1978
    Pirate Club, 1972-1973
    Pirate Club, 1984-1999
    Intercollegiate Athletics Committee, 1980
    Pirate Pro-Am- Addresses, 1987-1995
    Pirate Pro-Am- Pairings/ Format, 1987-1995
    Pirate Pro-Am- Miscellaneous, 1989-1993
    Pirate Pro-Am- Suggestions/ Improvements, 1990-1991
    Pirate Pro-Am- Pr-Am- Committee, 1990-1993
    Pirate Pro-Am Letters, 1990-1994
    Pirate Pro-Am- Expenses, 1990-1996
    Pirate Pro-Am- Medua & Publicity, 1993
    Pirate Pro-Am- Sponsors/ Contracts, 1996
    Stadium Fund Drive, 1973-1976
    Stadium Fund Drive, 1977-1979
    Capital Campaign, 1990
    Dowdy Ficklen Stadium Expansion Facts Summary, 1996
    Resolution of the Board of trustees of ECC- Certificate, 1963
    Title IX, 1978-1979
    Salary Increases, 1992
    WITN Broadcast Contract, 1998-2000
    The Circle of Excellence Campaign, 2005
    Pirate Rep Handbook, 2006
    NCAA Inquiry, 1979
    NCAA Academic Report, 1989-1991
    NCAA Pilot Certification Program, 1991-1992
    College Football Association, 1998-1989
    College Football Association, 1990-1991
    College Football Association, 1991
    Colonial Athletic Association, 1990-1993
    New Conference Correspondence, 1980-1981
    Southern Conference, 1973-1975
    Southern Conference, 1976
    Southern Conference, 1977
    Southern Conference, 1978-1979
    Mid- South Conference, 1976
    Collegiate Licensing, 2010-2012
    Embroidery Samples
    Fan Photos
    Brochures & Clippings, 1979-1995
    Brochures & Clippings, 1995-1998
    Football, 1972
    Football, 1974
    Football, 1978-1979
    Football-Indepence Bowl, 1978-1979
    Football, 1979-1980
    Football: Crisis of 1979, 1979-1980
    Football, 1980-1981
    Football, 1981-1982
    Football, 1983-1984
    Football, 1987-1989
    Football: Bill Lewis, 1990-1991
    Football: Peach Bowl, 1991-1992
    Peach Bowl, 1992
    Peach Bowl- Institutional Guide, 1992
    Pigskin Pig-out Party Concert, 1992
    Pigskin Pig-out Party-Texasgulf Inc., 1992
    Pigskin Pig-out Party- Toyota, 1992
    Pigskin Pig-out Party- Miscellaneous, 1992
    Pigskin Pig-out Party- Concert, 1993
    Pigskin Pig-out Party-Texasgulf Inc., 1993
    Pigskin Pig-out Party-Media, 1993
    Outdoor Posters, 1995
    Pigskin Pig-out Party-Miscellaneous, 1993
    Liberty Bowl- Team Handbook, 1994
    Pigskin Pig-out Party-Concert, 1994
    Pigskin Pig-out Party-Media, 1994
    Pigskin Pig-out Party-Billboards, 1994
    Pigskin Pig-out Party-Miscellaneous, 1994
    Pigskin Pig-out Party- Entertainment, 1995
    Pigskin Pig-out Party-Media, 1995
    Pigskin Pig-out Party- Billboards, 1995
    Pigskin Pig-out Party- Miscellaneous, 1995
    Football Game Day Operation Guide, 1995-2011
    Liberty Bowl Correspondence, 1995-1996
    Mobile Alabama Bowl- Information Guide
    Victory Bell, 2005
    Grid Iron Greats, 2006
    Papa Johns Bowl- Itinerary, 2006
    Sheraton Hawaii Bowl- Bowl Manual, 2007
    Liberty Bowl (50th anniv) Promotion Materials & Apparel, 2009
    Liberty Bowl (50th anniv) Team Handbook, 2009
    Liberty Bowl (50th anniv) Miscellaneous Documents, 2009
    Military Bowl- Team Manual, 2010
    Baseball, 1980-1984
    Colonial Athletic Association Baseball Championship, 1991
    Colonial Athletic Association Baseball Championship, 1992
    Corporate Sponsorships, 1992-1998
    Conference USA Baseball Tournament- Program, 2002
    NCAA Baseball Championship (Super Regional)- Correspondence, 2004
    NCAA Baseball Championship (Super Regional)-Tournament Infoormation Manual, 2004
    NCAA Baseball Championship (Super Regional)- Team Manual, 2005
    NCAA Baseball Championship (Super Regional)- Tournament Information Manual, 2004
    Keith LeClair Classic- Visiting Team Information Guide, 2006
    Conference USA Baseball Championship Handbook, 2007
    Conference USA Baseball Championship- Management Guidelines, 2007
    Conference USA Baseball Championship- Stadium Operations, 2007-2013
    Conference USA Baseball Championship- Promotions and Advertising, 2007-2013
    Conference USA Baseball Championship- Budgets, 2007
    Conference USA Baseball Championship- Tickets and Sales, 2007-2013
    Conference USA Baseball Championship- Hotels, 2007
    Conference USA Baseball Championship- Umpires, 2007
    NCAA Regional Baseball Championship- General Information Packet, 2008
    Conference USA Baseball Championship- Hosting and Bid Documents, 2012
    Basketball, 1978-1982
    Basketball, 1988-1991
    NCAA Basketball Tournament- Participant Handbook (Winston-Salem, NC), 1993
    NCAA Basketball Tournament- Hotel (Winston-Salem, NC), 1993
    NCAA Basketball Tournament- Bus (Winston-Salem, NC), 1993
    NCAA Basketball Tournament- Miscellaneous (Winston-Salem, NC), 1993
    NCAA Basketball Tournament- Information Booklet (East Rutherford, NJ), 1993
    Basketball (Womens), 1981-1982
    Cheerleading, 1981-1982
    Gymnastics, 1981
    Intramurals, 1978-1982
    Softball, 1981
    Sports Medicine, 1978-1982
    Swimming, 1979-1982
    Tennis, 1980
    Wheelchair Sports, 1980
    Wrestling, 1980-1981
  • Emory Lawsuit (Restricted)
    Ed Emory Lawsuit
    Ed Emory Lawsuit
    Ed Emory Lawsuit
    Ed Emory Lawsuit: Evidence of Violations
    Ed Emory Lawsuit: Proceedings
    Ed Emory Lawsuit: Proceedings
  • Computer Media
    Pig Out, 1997-1998
    Licensing, 1996-1997
    Bowl, 2000
    Pig-Out: the Great Spring Tailgate, 2001
    Football Halftime & Special Announcements
    Basketball, 1997
    New Basketball
    Lee: Football Stadium, 1999
    Basketball Back-up, 1996
    Bowl: IBM, 1995
    Bowl Back-Up, 1996
    Gameday Marketing, 1997
    Peelable b/w-1 Peelable b/w-2 Secondary b/w-1
    Secondary b/w-2 Wordmark b/w-1
    Baseball Tournaments; Regional & Super-Regional, 2001
    Baseball Tournament
    Baseball Tournaments, 2002
    Football PA & Video Scripts, 2001
    Football Game, 1997
    Football Game video Script & PA, 2000
    Football Game: Video Script, PA, Pre-Half Time, 1999
    Bowl, 1999-2000
    Pigskin Pigout- Fall Event
    Cooker Signs Last 1/2 Schedule
    Pig-Out IBM, 1996
    Cooker Signs 1/2 Judges Letter (1st) Pig cookin time schedule scoresheet
    Pig-Out (All)
    Pig-Out (All)
    New ECU Logos
    Cheerleaders- IBM, 1995
    Tickets, 1997
    Keith LeClair Invitational Pictures, 2004
    Pig-Out Pagemaker- Judges Letter, and Judges Sheet-2, 1997-1998
    Football Game- IBM, 1995
  • A/V Media
    East Carolina University VHS
    ECU Marching Pirates: Purple & Gold- Tailgate Party CD
    Hall of Fame Weekend, October 2006
    Hall of Fame Weekend:Butch Davis, Brian Irvin, Hal Morrison, 2008
    Hall of Fame Weekend: Bill Carson, Reggie Pinkney, October 2008
    Hall of Fame Weekend: Thomas Carroll, Vince Colbert, Isonette Polonius, September 2009
    Hall of Fame Weekend: Sonny Randle, Danita Roseboro-Crumpler
    ECU Liberty Bowl, 2010
    Hall of Fame Ceremony, 2011
    Hall of Fame Weekend: Sonny Randle, September 2009
    Hall of Fame Weekend: Vince Colbert, September 2009
    Hall of Fame: Cribari, 2012
    Hall of Fame Ceremony Video, 2012
    Hall of Fame Weekend Pictures, 2012
    Hall of Fame Weekend, 2013
    Hall of Fame Class of 2013, 2013
    Football Promo Video, 2002
    ECU/C-USA Logos, 2008
    The National Guard In Support of Operation Iraqi Freedom
    2nd Century, 2008
    82nd in Afghanistan "Why We're Here"
    ECU University Marketing Centennial Video, 2007
    Game Time Music
    Pig Skin Pig-Out, 1994
    Pig Skin Events, 2002
    Pig Skin Activities, 2004
    Pig Skin Activities, 2005
    Photos by Dale Wooten: 28th annual Great Pirate Purple/ Gold Pig Skin Pig-Out Party, 2011
    Football Entrance Music
    Football Photos
    East Carolina University vs. UNC, 2007
    East Carolina University vs. UNC, 2007
    ECU vs. UCF, 2007
    ECU vs. Virginia Tech, 2008
    ECU Football, 2008
    Football Photos, 2008
    Highlights ECU Football, 2009
    East Carolina Football Highlights, 2009
    Lettermen Locker Room, 2009
    ECU Football, 2010
    ECU Football, 2010
    ECU Liberty Bowl
    ECU Football Player Images: Banners ECU, 2012
    LW Tailgate, 2009
    Pirate Club golf Tourney ECU vs. Duke, 2005
    East Carolina Pre-Game CD, 2003
    Pee-Dee Photos, 2008-2009
    Pee Dee Phaki, 2009
    ECU Mascot "Peedee"
    ECU Pee Dee
    Pee Dee Shapes Up
    D-F Stadium Club Level Endzone Suite
    Circle of Excellence, 2005
    National Football Foundation Banquet: Rob goldberg Jr. Photos, 2012
    Clark- LeClair Stadium Walk through Video
    Clark-LeClair Stadium Video, 2005
    ECU Baseball vs. NC State, 2005
    Clark Le-Clair Stadium, 2005
    Clark LeClair Photos
    ECU Graphics & Licensing Standard
    ECU Fight Song, 1999
    Hall of Fame Pictures, 2013
    Hall of Fame Video, 2013
  • Digitized Media
    Pirate Attack "We're Going After the Best", 1985
    Ben Davidson/Boog Powell Season Ticket Commercial, 1985
    Tailgate Music Spot
    Pigskin Pig-Out Party, 1984-1986
    Pirate Attack Thunder Voice, 1985
    Pirate Attack Season Ticket Commercial, 1985
    ECU vs. SW Texas Commercial, 1985
    ECU vs. Temple Commercial, 1985
    ECU vs. Miami (Homecoming), 1985
    ECU vs. South Carolina, 1985
    ECU vs. Tulsa Shrine Day, 1985
    ECU Basketball Season Ticket Commercial
    ECU vs. West Virginia, 1986
    ECU vs. USL Tailgate Contest, 1986
    Phil Dixon Homecoming, 1986
    ECU vs. USM, 1986
    ECU vs. Cincinnati, 1986
    ECU Basketball Commercial, 1986-1987
    ECU Basketball "We Are the Champions", 1987
    Driving Toward Our Goal - Chancellor Eakin, 1987
    Pigskin Pig-Out Party, 1984-1985
    Pigskin Pig-Out Party, 1984-1987
    Rallying To The Challenge, 1986
    Larry Csonka Preseason Football, 1987
    Mike Steele Preseason Commercial, 1987
    Preseason Football Commercial, 1987
    ECU vs. FSU - Fan Cans, 1987
    ECU vs. Georgia Southern - Tailgate Contest, 1987
    ECU vs. Cincinnati - Homecoming, 1987
    ECU vs. Miami - Halloween, 1987
    ECU vs. Temple, 1987
    Preseason Basketball Commercial, 1987-1988
    Basketball Individual Game Commercial, 1987-1988
    Crime Stopppers Pirates of Penzance, 1987
    Stepping Up the Pace, 1988
    Pirate Club Commercial, 1988
    Pigskin Pig-Out Party Commercial, 1988
    Pigskin Party Evening with the Stars, 1988
    All-Star Reunion Football Ticket Spot, 1988
    Preseason Football Ticket Commercial - Jeff Charles, 1988
    Preseason Football Commercial, 1988
    ECU vs. Tennessee Tech Commercial, 1988
    Tailgate Contest, 1988
    ECU vs. USL Commercial, 1988
    ECU vs. WVU Commercial - Homecoming, 1988
    ECU vs. Syracuse Commercial - Watch Day, 1988
    ECU vs. Miami Commercial - Pirates Against Drugs, 1988
    Building Excitement, 1988-1989
    Little Boy Individual Basketball Game Commercial, 1988-1989
    Pirates Against Drugs - Jarrod Moody/Billy Mitchel
    Pirates Against Drugs - Mike Steele
    Pirates Against Drugs - Gus Hill/Reed Lose
    Pirates Against Drugs - Kenny Murphy, Jeff Kelly, Theodore "Blue" Edwards
    Pirates Against Drugs - Shannon Boling/Reggie McKinney
    WNCT-TV9 Pirates Against Drugs
    Spirit of the East Spring Video, 1989
    Crimestoppers "Shake Your Tailfeather", 1988
    Crimestoppers "Youngblood", 1989
    Tracy Kee Scholarship Award, 1990
    Scholar Athlete Video, 1989-1990
    Spirit of the East, 1990
    Bill Lewis Locker Room Spot, 1989
    Spirit of the East, 1989
    Preseason Football, 1989
    Homecoming Spot, 1989
    East Carolina University vs. Louisiana Tech, 1989
    ECU Basketball Game Spot, 1989-1990
    ECU Basketball Game Spot, 1989-1990
    ECU Basketball Game Spot, 1989-1990
    Pigskin Pig-Out Video (7th), 1990
    All-Academic Scholar-Athletes, 1991
    1991 Football Economic Segment, 1991
    Pigskin Pig-Out, 1990-1991
    Football Banquet Senior Salute, 1991
    Pirate Club Video, 1992
    Texas Gulf All-Academic Scholar-Athletes, 1992
    Season Ticket Spot - Lee Corso and Steve Logan, 1992
    Season Ticket Spot - Lee Corso, 1992
    Pigskin Pig-Out Party Spot (10th), 1993
    ECU Athletics - Conference Affiliation, 1994
    Pigskin Pig-Out Video (11th), 1994
  • Memorabilia
    Football Helmet (Purple)
    Purple ECU Hat, Napa Auto
    Purple ECU hat, size 7
    Purple ECU hat, size 7.25
    Pee Dee with cupola wall art
    Watch, Fossil, Papajohns.com Bowl, 2006
    Watch, Fossil, Liberty Bowl, 2009-2010
    Autographable miniature football
    GMAC Lapel pins
    Coaches Circle of Excellence charms
    Baseball, Keith LeClair Classic
    GalaryFurniture.com Bowl Jersey, December 27, 2000
    Purple Football Jersey #24
    White Football Jersey #43
    Gold Football Jersey
    Purple Football Jersey #84
    White Football Jersey #24
    Gold Football Jersey #24
    Gold Baseball Jersey #10
    Black Baseball Jersey #12
    Gold Baseball Jersey #19
    White Baseball Jersey #5
    Purple Softball Jersey #12

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