Records of the Air Force ROTC Program

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    Title: Records of the Air Force ROTC Program
    Creator: East Carolina University. Air Force ROTC Program.
    Repository: East Carolina University Archives
    Language: English
    Abstract: The ROTC programs began on campus in 1948 when the Department of Defense authorized the creation of East Carolina Detachment 600. The program trained cadets in fields that prepared them for careers in the United States Air Force. This collection includes correspondence, commissions, press releases, and publications related to the Air Force ROTC program.
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  • Description

    Collection contains press releases, correspondence, recruitment literature, and some photographs detailing the history of the United States Air Force ROTC program at East Carolina.

  • Biographical / Historical Note

    Detachment 600 of the Air Force ROTC program was established at then East Carolina College in 1948. Lt. Col. William Brown served as the first commander. During the 1948-49 school year, a Cadet Club and Rifle Team were organized along with the inaugural Military Ball at East Carolina. The first commissioning ceremony in 1950 involved 30 cadets. The program was initially housed in the Old Austin building before moving into the Whichard Building in 1968. It is currently housed on the 3rd floor of the Wright Building. Classroom instruction is provided by active duty personnel and awards scholarships to many of the cadets.

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    The collection is open to the public without restrictions.

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    Property rights and copyright reside with East Carolina University. For permission to reproduce or to publish, please contact the University Archivist.

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    [Item Description and date]. Records of Air Force ROTC. UA25-15. University Archives, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC.

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  • Administrative
    Unit Code of Operations, 1976
    Self Study, 1971-1975
    Annual Reports, 1963-1980
    Annual Reports, 1980-1983
    Annual reports, 1985-1992
    Correspondence, 2003-2006
    ROTC Program Memos, 1955, unknown
    Senior Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corps Detachment, 1991
    Flight Instruction Program, 1969
    Detachment History, 1980
    Detachment History, 1997
    Alumni Biographies
    Cameron, Hugh biography, 2000
    Duncan, Charles (Steve) Biography
    North, Gary Biography, 2001
    Public Affairs, 1993-1994
    Public Affairs, 1994-1995
    Public Affairs, 1995-1996
    Public Affairs, 1996-1997
    Public Affairs, 1997-1998
    Public Affairs, 1998-1999
    Public Affairs, 1999-2000
    Commissioning Ceremony Programs, 1977-1984
    Commissions, 1965-1983
  • Publications
    Cadet Handbook, 1992
    Cadet Handbook
    Commandant's Handbook, 1996-1998
    Newsletters, 1955, 1961-1966
    Newsletters, 2008-2009
    Brochures, Programs, Flyers
  • Photographs and Certificates
    • Photographs
      Col. Jeanne Holme (left), director of Women in the Air Force, Col. John Duffus (Center), director of Aerospace Studies at ECU, and Cadet Van Hoy (right), have informal talks during Col. Holme's visit to ECU.
      Marti takes time form her many duties to enjoy spring flowers around the University with boyfriend, Bob Lohmeyer
      Marti on campus
      Cadets dressed in Blues
      Officer's sitting in a conference room
      Officer's sitting in a conference room
      Pirates visiting Shaw AFB for rides with former DET 600 cadets. Capt LaPoint escorted
      Nathan Scott
      "Egg" Garryl Smith (Shaw AFB SC)
      Rodney Stevens
      Fighter Jet
      Indivuduals on a relay course
      Cadets in formation
      Cadets in formation
      Cadets Wendy Condrey, Speight Caroon, Nancy Kuck
      Unidentified cadet dressed in blues
      Cadets in front of fighter jet
      Cadets training with a K9
      Cadets standing in group
      Cadets playing ultimate frisbee
      AFROTC Distinguished Educators' Visit Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida
      Drill Team
      Detachment 600 Honoary Drill Team
      Cadets in formation ready for leadership lab
      Cadets running a 5K together
    • Photographs
      Left to right: Cadet Debham, Cadet Stead, Cadet Wales
      End of the year ceremony
      Cadets at a morale event
      Cadets playing flag football
      Cadets presenting the colors at the ECU Football game Left to right: Cadet Brown, Cadet Mulvihill, Cadet Dew
      Cadets at a morale event
      Cadets in formation at leadership lab
      Cadets peforming a drill at leadership lab Right to left: Cadet Wales, Cadet Unknown, Cadet Schnelle, Cadet Canter, Cadet Unknown
      Cadets at a recruiting event on campus
      Cadets at leadership lab
      Cadets at leadership lab
      Classroom inside Detachment 600
      Cadets at a Christmas morale event Left to right: Cadet Buss and Cadet Qureshi
      Cadets presenting grooming standards to other cadets
      Cadets at 0600am PT
      Cadets in formation at leadership lab
      Cadets at 0600am PT
      Cadets at 0600am PT
      Cadets dressed in their blues Left to right: Cadet Jenkins, Cadet Adams, Cadet Role
      Cadets in front of the ECU fountain for a morale event
      Cadets at a morale event
      Cadets dressed up for a haunted house event
      Cadets marching at leadership lab
      Cadets marching at leadership lab
      Captain Lewis running to homebase
    • Photographs
      Cadets playing kickball
      POC helping cadets drill
      Cadets at a cookout event at North Campus Rec
      Two cadets paddle boarding at North Campus Rec
      Cadets at leadership lab practicing drill
      Cadets at a cookout at North Campus Rec
      Cadets checking attendance
      Cadets at PT
      Cadet Qureshi and his dog at a Christmas party
      Cadet Jenkins with a special guest
      Cadet Campbell with special guest
      Cadets at leadership lab in formation
      Cadets dressed up for Halloween
      Cadets dabbing in the Warrior Lounge
      Cadets Dew getting sworn in during leadership lab
      Cadet Stead and Cadet Buss setting up for graduation
      Cadet Debnahm with a special guest
      Cadets cleaning up the streets
      Cadets at PT
      Left to right: Captain Boler, Officer Unidentified, Captain Lewis
      Left to right: Cadet Talbot, Cadet unidentified
      Unidentified indivdual receiving an award
      Captain Bowler and Lewis observing cadets
      Cadets setting up for the parade at leadership lab
      Cadet Xiong and Cadet Schnelle
    • Photographs
      Cadets working out during leadership lab
      Cadets at leadership lab
      Cadets folding the American flag
      Leadership Lab
      Detachment 600 Cadets
      Leadership lab parade
      Cadets receiving awards at leadership lab
      Cadets at the patriot games
      Cadets at the patriot games
      Cadets at a Graduation Ceremony
      Leadership Lab
  • Scrapbooks
    Scrapbook, 1992-1997
    Scrapbook, 1990s
    Scrapbook, 1990s
    Scrapbook, Spring 2002
    Scrapbook, Fall 2002
    Scrapbook, Fall 2003
    Scrapbook, Fall 2004
    Scrapbook, Spring 2005
    Scrapbook, Fall 2005
    Scrapbook, Spring 2006
    Scrapbook, Fall 2006
    Scrapbook, 2015-2016
    Scrapbook, 1980s-1990s
    Scrapbook, 1970s
    Scrapbook, 2000s
    Scrapbook, 1950s
    Scrapbook, 1990s
    Scrapbook, 1990s
    Scrapbook, 2002
    Scrapbook, 1971
    Scrapbook, 1955-1958
    Scrapbook, 1956-1974
    Scrapbook, 1959-1965

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