Records of the Department of History, 1960-2000

University Archives #UA25-02

  • Descriptive Summary
    Title: Records of the Department of History
    Repository: East Carolina University Archives
    Language: English
    Abstract: The Records of the Department of History are comprised of annual reports, minutes,course proposals, reports, curriculum proposals, correspondence, lecture series, oral history, publications, Phi Alpha Theta documentation, and miscellaneous: announcements, brochures, and publications.
    Extent: 99.0 Linear feet,
  • Description

    This collection contains the administrative records for the East Carolina Department of History. Record Types include annual reports, minutes,course proposals, reports, curriculum proposals, correspondence, lecture series, oral history, publications, Phi Alpha Theta documentation, and miscellaneous: announcements, brochures, and publications from 1960-2000.

  • Biographical / Historical Note

    The History Department has professors with the strengths of United States, European, Public, Military, Atlantic World, and Maritime History. East Carolina University offers undergradate and graduate degrees to History students.

  • Administrative Information
    Access Restrictions

    The collection is open to the public without restrictions.

    Copyright Notice

    Property rights and copyright reside with East Carolina University. For permission to reproduce or to publish, please contact the University Archivist.

    Preferred Citation

    [Item Description and date]. Records of the Department of History. UA25.02. University Archives, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC.

Container List

  • Administrative
    Annual Reports, 1963-1971
    Annual Reports, 1971-1980
    Annual Reports, 1980-1988
    Annual Reports, 198-1954
    Annual Reports, 1995-1998
    Annual Reports: Social Studies Department, 1962-1963
    Ad Hoc Committee on Public History Minutes, 1984
    Ad Hoc Committee Meeting Minutes, 1975-1978
    Ad Hoc Committee Minutes, 1979-1981
    Admissions Committee Minutes, 1964-1965
    AHENC Committee Meeting, 1987-1988
    Committee Meetings Minutes, 1982-1987
    Curriculum Committee Minutes, 1985-1987
    Curriculm Committee Minutes, 1984-1985
    Curriculum Committee Minutes, 1985-1987
    Committee Minutes, 1978-1979
    Curriculum Committee Minutes, 1985-1987
    Curriculum Committee Meeting Minutes, 1984-1990
    Committees Meetings Minutes, 1987-1988
    Committees Meetings Minutes, 1988-1989
    Committees Meeting Minutes, 1989-1990
    Committees Meetings Minutes, 1990-1991
    Committees Meeting Minutes, 1992-1993
    Committee Meetings Minutes, 1994-1995
    Minutes: Curriculum Committee, 1990-1991
    Curriculum Committee Minutes, 1965-1968
    Curriculum Committee Minutes, 1990
    Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, 1975-1979
    Executive Committee Minutes, 1976-1979
    Executive Committee Minutes, 1976-1981
    Executive Committee Minutes, 1979-1981
    Executive Committee Minutes, 1981-1982
    Executive Committee Minutes, 1982-1983
    Executive Committee Minutes, 1983-1984
    Executive Committee Minutes, 1984-1985
    Executive Committee Minutes, 1986-1987
    Executive Committee Minutes, 1990-1991
    Faculty Affairs Committee, 1967
    Faculty Meeting Minutes, 1996-1997
    Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes, 1985-1990
    Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes, 1990-1991
    Fall Faculty Minutes, 1979-1986
    Tenured Faculty Meeting Minutes, 1987-1989
    Tenured Faculty Meeting Minutes, 1988-1990
    Tenured Faculty Committee Minutes, 1989-1991
    Tenured Faculty Committee Minutes, 1992-1994
    Graduate Committee Meeting Minutes, 1963-1979
    Graduate Committee Meeting Minutes, 1964-1968
    Graduate Council Meetings, 1974-1990
    Minutes: Graduate Committee, 1976-1979
    Graduate Committee Minutes, 1978-1980
    Minutes: Graduate Student Advisory Council, 1979-1982
    Graduate Committee Minutes, 1981-1982
    Graduate Committee Minutes, 1982-1983
    Graduate Committee Minutes, 1983-1984
    Graduate Committee Minutes, 1984-1985
    Graduate Committee Minutes, 1986-1987
    Library and Resources Committee Minutes, 1976-1981
    Minutes: Library and Resources Committee, 1977-1979
    Library and Resources Committee Minutes, 1979-1981
    Library and Resources Committee Minutes, 1981-1982
    Library and Resources Committee Minutes, 1982-1983
    Library and Resources Committee Minutes, 1983
    Library and Resources Committee Minutes, 1984-1985
    Library and Resources Committee Minutes, 1986-1987
    Minutes, 1963-1972
    Minutes, 1973-1976
    Minutes, 1977-1985
    Minutes, 1985-1986
    Minutes, 1986-1987
    Departmental Meeting Minutes, 1994-1997
    Minutes: Online Registration, 1984
    Personnel Committee Minutes, 1975-1981
    Personnel Committee Meeting Minutes, 1976-1979
    Personnel Committee Minutes, 1981-1983
    Personnel Committee Minutes, 1982-1983
    Personnel Committee Minutes, 1983-1984
    Personnel Committee Minutes, 1984-1985
    Personnel Committee Forms Minutes, 1986-1987
    Personnel Committee Minutes, 1986-1987
    Personnel Committee Minutes, 1990-1991
    Personnel Committee Minutes, 1992-1993
    Personnel Committee Minutes, 1994
    Personnel Committee Minutes, 1995
    Planning Committee Minutes, 1967-1977
    Policy Committee Meeting Minutes, 1964-1969
    Library Minutes: Dr. Ragan's Notes #1, 1972-1982
    Library Minutes: Dr. Ragan's Notes #2, 1975-1982
    Research and Publications Meeting Minutes, 1976-1979
    Research and Publications Committee Minutes, 1979-1981
    Research and Publications Committee Minutes, 1981-1982
    Research and Publications, 1982-1983
    Research and Publications Committee Minutes, 1983-1984
    Research and Publications Committee Minutes, 1984-1985
    Minutes: Research and Publications Committee, 1985-1986
    Research and Publications Committee Minutes, 1986-1987
    Research and Publications Committee Minutes, 1990
    Staff Meeting Minutes, 1993-1994
    Staff Meeting Minutes, 1993-1994
    Staff Meeting Minutes, 1993-1995
    Staff Meeting Minutes, 1994
    Staff Meeting Minutes, 1994-1995
    Staff Meeting Minutes, 1995-1996
    Staff Meeting Minutes, 1963-1971
    Staff Meeting Minutes, 1971-1977
    Staff Meeting Minutes, 1977-1981
    Staff Meeting Minutes, 1981-1985
    Staff Meeting Minutes, 1986-1987
    Staff Meeting Minutes, 1988-1989
    Staff Meeting Minutes, 1989-1990
    Staff Meeting Minutes, 1990-1991
    Staff Meeting Minutes, 1990-1992
    Staff Meeting Minutes, 1991-1992
    Staff Meeting Minutes, 1992-1993
    Teacher Education Meeting Minutes, 1964-1969
    Teaching Effectiveness Committee, 1986
    Board of Govenors' Teacher Education Mandates Minutes, 1988
    Teacher Education Committee Minutes, 1979-1987
    Minutes: Teacher Education, 1989
    UNC Minutes, 1983-1984
    Undergraduate Committee Minutes, 1975-1979
    Undergraduate Committee Minutes, 1976-1980
    Undergraduate Committee Minutes, 1977-1980
    Undergraduate Committee Minutes, 1981-1982
    Undergraduate Committee Minutes, 1982
    Undergraduate Committee Minutes, 1983-1984
    Undergraduate Committee Minutes, 1984-1985
    Undergraduate Committee Minutes, 1986-1987
    Arts and Sciences- Meeting of Chairs, 1988-1989
    Brewster Scholar Meeting, 1987-1988
    Colonial American History Minutes, 1985-1986
    External Professional Activities- For Pay- Consultant, 1984-1989
    Minutes: Faculty Recruitment Committee, 1975
    Panel Rations Minutes, 1988
    Minutes: Ryan's Meetings, 1986-1989
    Search Committee Minutes, 1985-1986
    Minutes: Summer School, 1983-1984
    Unit Code of Operations, 1976-1979
    Reports: Policies and Procedures
    University Facilities Policy, 1980-1982
    UNC Patent Policy (Draft Revision), 1982
    Board of Higher Education Self- Study, 1966
    Self- Study, 1966
    Self-Study Evaluation, 1970-1971, 1973-1974, 1975
    SACS: Self-Study, 1971
    SACS: Response From Dr. Ragan, 1979-1982
    SACS: Self-Study Questionnaire for Departmental Committees, 1990
    Grants- Guidelines in the Preparation of Grants/ Proposals, 1982
    Applications for Grants- Equipment
    Grants, 1979-1981
    Program Development Procedure, 1978
    Course Proposal Forms, 1988
    Course Proposal Forms, 1988
    Course Proposal Forms, 1991
    Course Proposal: American Studies Minor, 1983-1984
    Course Proposal: Social Studies, 1980-1989
    Proposal, 1964
    Proposal: Doctoral Program in History, 1970
    Proposal for Freshman- Sophmore Honors Seminars, 1981
    Proposal: Oral History, 1981
    BS Degree in Public History Proposal, 1979-1986
    Doctoral Study Assignment Program, 1981
    Miscellaneous: Course Proposals, 1992
    Courses: Added and Dropped, 1983-1984
    Request for Authorization to Establish A New Degree Program - the University of North Carolina- Wilmington, 1987
    Curriculum Committee Reports, 1992-1993
    Curriculum Committee Bylaws
    Curriculum Matters, 1978
    College of Arts and Sciences: Curriculum Committee Members, 1982-1986
    College of Arts and Sciences: Curriculum Committee Representative from History, 1984-1986
    Due Process Committee, 1985
    Committee on Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 1983
    Medieval and Renaissance Studies Committee, 1989-1990
    Search Committees- University, 1988-1989
    University Search Committees, 1989
    Search Committee for the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, 1988
    Faculty Advisory Council, 1963-1964
    Department Evaluation Committee Report, 1978-1979
    Evaluation Committee Report, 1979
    Evaluation of Department and Chair, 1982-1983
    Evaluation Report for the Department of History and Response of the Chair, 1988
    Evaluation: History Department, 1979-1982
    History Department Evaluation Reports, 1975-1978
    Evaluation Questionnaires: 4- year, 1982-1983
    Faculty Evaluations, 1980-1987
    Staff Reports: Wage and Home- Title VI, 1977
    Staff Reports: Wage and Home- Title VI, 1977
    Endowment Fund of the History Department, 1982-1985
    Endowment Fund of the History Department, 1972-1985
    Endowment Contributions, 1986-1989
    Six Year Program: Long- Range Planning, 1979-1981
    Six Year Program: Certificate of Advanced Study in History
    Six Year Program: Certificate of Advanced Study in History
    Six Year Program: Certificate of Advanced Study in History
    Honors History Information- 1550/1552, 1983-1988
    Honors History Information- 1550/1552
    Advanced Placement, 1975
    Masters Comprehensive Exam, 1986
    Governor's Award for Excellence, 1983
    Babcock- Mary Reynolds (Babcock Foundation), 1983
    Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation, 1983
    Mary Ferebee Howard Scholarship Endowment Fund in Marine Sciences, 1988
    Murray Scholarship in History, 1981-1985
    Richard C. Todd Scholarship in History, 1974-1981
    Richard C. Todd Scholarship in History, 1982-1984
    Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation
    Brewster Scholar, 1985-1986
    Brewster Lectureship Program, 1981-1982
    Brewster Lecture Series- Donald Lach, 1982-1984
    Brewster Lecture- Dr. Ragan, 1984-1985
    Brewster Lecture- Schmitt, 1983-1985
    Brewster Lecture Schmitt Essay: Publication, 1984-1985
    75th Anniversary- Brewster Lecture, 1982
    Lawrence F. Brewster, 1980-1991
    Lawrence F. Brewster Lecture, 1984-2000
    Lawrence F. Brewster Lecture, 1985-1989
    Lawrence F. Brewster Lecture, 1986-1988
    Lawrence F. Brewster Publications Letters of Appreciation, 1987-1988
    Railway Imperialism Conference (In honor of Professor Lawrence F. Brewster), 1988
    Affirmative Action/ Revised, 1978-1985
    AHA, 1980-1986
    AHENC, 1974-1986
    American Council on Education (ACE), 1979-1980
    Arts & Sciences, 1979-1981
    Assistantship Assignments for Fall '91, 1991
    Calendar of Events- Mendenhall, 1980
    Carter File, 1987-1988
    Chancellor's Installation, 1982
    Community College Courses, 1979
    Division of Archives and History: Eastern Branch of Archives, 1979-1984
    Division of Continuing Education Minor in History through Con Ed., 1980-1985
    Economics- Transfer to History Economics Offerings for Spring Semester, 1979-1983
    Evening College, 1983-1984
    Hesson, Julia (graduate students gradesheet), 1985
    Hiring Goals: Affirmative Action, 1983
    Historical Management Program, 1975-1976
    International and Agricultural Development (History Faculty with International Experience), 1980
    International Student Exchange Program and Study Abroad Opportunities, 1984
    Institutional Values Assessment Work Group, 1989
    NC Institute of Applied History: Observations and Reccomendations, 1981
    Personnel- Management Planning Program
    Personnel File, 1984
    Placement Service of Graduates, 1969-1970
    Privacy- Faculty Personnel Records, 1983
    Special Studies, 1975-1985
    Special Studies- Books, Media Center, Etc., 1978-1980
    Special Studies and Lab, 1979-1982
    Specialist Degree Program in Historical Administrative Proposal, 1973-1974
    Student Advisor Program, 1979-1980
    Subcommission on Academic Programs, 1979-1980
    Summer School Faculty, 1978-1987
    Super Course, 1979
    Survey- Publication in History, 1981
    Theses Defenses, 1989
    Undergraduate Adviser's Manual, 1975-1976
    Undergraduate/ Graduate Internships, 1983-1985
  • Correspondence
    Correspondence, 1963-1965
    Correspondence, 1985-1986
    Correspondence, 1986-1988
    Correspondence: Academic Counseling, 1986
    Correspondence: AD Frank Seminar Room, 1965-1966
    Correspondence: AD Hoc Committee on Honors Program, 1980
    Correspondence: Admissions, 1990-1991
    Correspondence: Anniversary- Open House for ECU's 75th Anniversary, 1981-1982
    Correspondence: Awards- Service, 1980-1981
    Correspondence: Awards, 1989
    Correspondence: Book Store, 1987-1990
    Correspondence- Bratton Concerning History of ECU, 1980
    Correspondence- Brewer (Also donations and publications by Brewer), 1979-1981
    Correspondence: Buck, Janice (Mayor of Greenville), 1984
    Correspondence- Chancellor, 1990-1991
    Correspondence: Chair- Richard R. Eakin, 1990-1991
    Correspondence: College of Arts and Sciences, 1986-1987
    Correspondence: Committee on Teaching, 1972-1974
    Correspondence: Comptroller, 1988-1990
    Correspondence: Congratulatory Letters to Honorary Students, 1988-1989
    Correspondence: Dean- College of Arts and Sciences, 1990-1991
    Correspondence: Department Chairs, 1987-1988
    Correspondence: Department Chairs: Larry Tise (Applied History), 1979-1985
    Correspondence: Dr. Charles Coble, 1986-1988
    Correspondence: Dr. Dunlop- History Honors, 1963-1978
    Correspondence: Dr. Keats Sparrow, 1980-1984
    Correspondence: Dr. Maier, 1979-1982
    Correspondence: Myra Cain, 1987
    Correspondence: Dr. Ryan, 1982-1989
    Correspondence: Dr. Volpe, 1979-1987
    Correspondence: Endowments, 1972-1985
    Correspondence: Fall Open House, 1990-1991
    Correspondence: General College, 1990-1991
    Correspondence: General College Committee, 1970-1982
    Correspondence: Graduate Faculty, 1988
    Correspondence: Graduate School/ Research, 1990-1991
    Correspondence: Herbert R. Paschal, Jr. Committee, 1987-1988
    Correspondence: Herbert Paschal Fund
    Correspondence: Herbert Paschal Memorial Fund
    Correspondence: Herbert R. Paschal Jr. Memorial Fund, 1982
    Correspondence: History Day, 1990-1991
    Correspondence: History Honors- Fall 1973 (40H & 50H), 1973
    Correspondence: History Symposium, 1987
    Correspondence: History 4550 and 4551 (History Honors Upperclassmen), 1980-1986
    Correspondence: Honors Committee, 1979-1985
    Correspondence: Human Research Subjects (Forms), 1979
    Correspondence: IBM, 1987
    Correspondence: ICPSR Resources, 1979
    Correspondence: Institutional Advancement/ Endowments, 1987-1988
    Correspondence: Institute for Historical Research in Tobacco, 1982-1984
    Correspondence: Invitations for History Honors (1550,1551,1552,1553), 1987-1988
    Correspondence: Job Applications, 1967-1968
    Correspondence: John S. Bell (Buisness Office), 1986-1990
    Correspondence: Judge Gerald Arnold, 1981-1983
    Correspondence: Kim Lab, 1986-1989
    Correspondence: Letters of Reccomendation (Written by Dr. Ragan), 1979-1986
    Correspondence: Mendenhall Student Center, 1982-1985
    Correspondence: Mendenhall Student Center, 1986
    Correspondence: Middle School Educator, 1981
    Correspondence: Minority Visitation Day Representation, 1992
    Correspondence: Miscellaneous, 1978-1981
    Correspondence: Miscellaneous, 1980-1984
    Correspondence: Miscellaneous, 1981
    Correspondence: Miscellaneous, 1982
    Correspondence: Miscellaneous, 1982-1983
    Correspondence: Miscellaneous, 1987-1989
    Correspondence: Miscellaneous
    Correspondence: National Coordinating Committee, 1986-1989
    Correspondence: National Humanities Center, 1981-1988
    Correspondence: NC Humanities Council, 1989
    Correspondence: NC Literary and Historical Association, 1983-1984
    Correspondence: New Position- Procedure, 1982-1985
    Correspondence: New Social Science Building, 1969-1971
    Correspondence: OAH Lectureship Program, 1983-1985
    Correspondence: Payroll Information, 1990
    Correspondence: Personnel, 1980-1987
    Correspondence: Personnel, 1988-1990
    Correspondence: Personnel, 1990-1991
    Correspondence: Planning and Institutional Research, 1988-1989
    Correspondence: Prospective Students, 1990-1991
    Correspondence: Public History- Historic Preservation, 1979-1984
    Correspondence: Recruitment (HIST Majors), 1978
    Correspondence: Registrar, 1990-1991
    Correspondence: Released Time (100%), 1974-1984
    Correspondence: Released Time, 1977-1984
    Correspondence: Released Time, 1982-1985
    Correspondence: Released Time, 1985-1987
    Correspondence: Research/Creative Activity Objectives- by Faculty (Info given by Dr. Volpe), 1981
    Correspondence: Retirement-Information (Faculty Retirement), 1982-1983
    Correspondence: Senior Breakfast, 1987-1990
    Correspondence: Soliciting on Campus, 1980
    Correspondence: Speakers/ Calendars, 1979-1985
    Correspondence: Speakers/ Calendars, 1985-1987
    Correspondence: Speakers/ Calendars, 1986-1987
    Correspondence: State Auditor, 1989
    Correspondence: State Employee Combined Campaign (United Way), 1979-1989
    Correspondence: Steam Plant, 1987-1989
    Correspondence: Survey of Student Opinion of Instruction, 1982-1987
    Correspondence: Teaching Applications, 1977-1979
    Correspondence: Undergraduate Classes, 1987
    Correspondence: Use of HIST 3120 AFROTC, 1981-1983
    Correspondence:Unit Code Screening Committee, 1987
    Correspondence: University Research Relations Policy Statement, 1986-1987
    Correspondence: Veterans- Slay Jackson, 1984
    Correspondence: Vice Chancellor- Academic Affairs, 1990-1991
    Correspondence: Vice Chancellor- Buisness Affairs, 1990-1991
    Correspondence: Visiting Faculty Appointments, 1987
    Correspondence: Volunteers in State Government, 1982
    Chancellor's Forum, 1988-1989
    Graduate Assignment Letters, 1995
    Division of Archives and History Internship Project, 1980
    Search Committee Correspondence, 1976-1979
    Correspondence/ Memos, 1985-1986
    Correspondence: Faculty Memos, 1990-1991
    Correspondence: Memos to History Faculty, 1987-1990
    History Faculty Memos, 1988-1989
    Faculty and Staff Memos, 1989-1990
    Joyner Library Memos, 1988
  • Miscellaneous
    Oral History: Frank Saunders; Interviewer: Elin Langholm, 2001
    Oral History: Pia Leahy; Interviewer: Elin Langholm, 2001
    Oral History: Joseph Steelman; Interviewer: Darlene Perry, 2001
    Oral History: Charles Price; Interviewer: Darlene Perry, 2001
    Oral History: James Mitchell; Interviewer: Danele Williams, 2001
    Oral History: Barbara Finch; Interviewer: Leanne Johnson, 2001
    Oral History: Elizabeth Baker Ward [Beth Ward]; Interviewer: Julie Gorman, 2001
    Oral History: Greg Carter; Interviewer: Danele Williams, 2001
    Oral History: Rudolph Alexander; Interviewer: Jeff Prince, 2001
    Oral History: Virgil S. Clark; Interviewer: LeAnne Johnson, 2001
    Oral History: Bill Cain; Interviewer: Jeff Prince, 2001
    Oral History: Anne Bennett Maxwell; Interviewer: Julie Gorman, 2001
    Curriculum Bank, 1981-1983
    Division of Purchase and Contract- State of N.C., 1980-1981
    Equal Opportunity Employment, 1980-1981
    N.C. Visual Aids Grants, 1972-1982
    Trust Funds: Guidelines for Establishing Trust Funds, 1980
    Miscellaneous: Expenses, 1981-1983
    Miscellaneous: Unrestricted Funds (gifts from alumni, etc.), 1980-1985
    Academic Committees Membership Roster, 1986-1988
    Directory of Student Teachers, 1964-1976
    Directory of Student Teachers, 1969-1978
    East Carolina University Committee on the Bicentennial of the Constitution, 1986-1989
    ECU Faculty Roster, 1986-1988
    Evening Degree Program (Undergraduate), 1983
    General College and Course Schedule Suggestion, 1979-1982
    General Education Requirements, 1979-1981
    HIST 1040: Syllabus and Final Examination, 1978
    Interview- Oct. 1984 Reemployment Vote, 1984
    Names- List (From Dr. Winn)
    Request For A New Position- Archaeological Assistant, 1983
    Roll Call Sheets
    Rotation Roster, 1973-1986
    Miscellaneous: Course Syllabi
    Summer History Seminars, 1967-1968
    Summer Programs, 1978
    Summer School, 1977-1988
    Summer School- Acting for the Chairmen and SS Report, 1979-1985
    Awards Day, 1985-1988
    Awards R.D.W. Connor, 1971
    Mellon Fellowships in the Humanities, 1985-1988
    Miscellaneous: Awards Day, 1990-1991
    Chairman Evaluations, 1980
    Experimental Admissions Program, 1973-1977
    Miscellaneous: Admissions, 1985-1989
    University of North Carolina General Administration, 1988-1989
    Academic Committees, 1980-1981
    Students: Advising Committees, Retreats, Etc., 1975-1978
    Miscellaneous: Long Range Plans- Degree Programs or Tracks, 1984
    General Education Requirements, 1969-1971
    Cooperative Education, 1978-1982
    History Honors Papers (Students Enrolled in History Honors), 1984
    Honoraria: College of Arts and Sciences History Symposium, 1988
    Honoraria: College of Arts and Sciences History Department, 1988-1989
    Miscellaneous: University Honors Seminar, 1980-1981
    Phi Betta Kappa, 1964
    Historic Bath Commission, 1964-1965
    Historical Organization: Eastern North Carolina Historical Society, 1974
    Miscellaneous: North Carolina Historical Organization, 1984
    Herbert R. Paschal, Jr. Memorial Fund, 1992-1993
    Paschal Memorial Fund Donations, 1982-1983
    Original Description and purpose of fund- Paschal
    List of Paschal Donors
    Miscellaneous: Herbert Paschal Fund, 1983
    Assistant to the Chancellor for Special Assignments, 1989
    BIFAD Registry of Institutional Resources, 1983
    Bilingual Education Requirements (pertains to F. Language/ B.S. Students, 1980
    Book Store, 1979-1982
    Career Day, 1979-1981
    Career and Placement Service, 1980
    Career Profiles, 1981-1982
    Civil Service Jobs for Historians, 1975-1978
    Classroom Capacity, 1980-1982
    CLEP American History I & II Western Civilization, 1982-1983
    College Board, 1980-1981
    Co-Op, 1982-1988
    Commencement, 1980-1987
    Credit By Examination, 1983
    Cultural Resources- Dept., 1984
    Dr. Hollow's Picture, 1985
    English Department- Writing Center, 1983-1984
    Enrollments, 1972-1978
    Enrollments, 1984
    Fact Book, 1982-1983
    Finished List of Letters, 1982-1983
    Geography and Planning Department, 1979-1982
    Graduate, 1990
    Grimes Portrait and Book, The Immortal Six Hundred, 1981
    Handicapped Students Funds, 1983
    Hearing- Impaired and Visually Impaired Students Funds, 1982
    HEW Visitors, 1979
    Historical Administration, 1973-1982
    History Lab, 1983-1985
    Innovative Teaching: Camp Lejune Highschool, 1988
    Japan Center: North Carolina, 1985
    Legislative Survey of State Publications, 1988
    Letters for Prospective History Majors, 1987-1990
    Letters for Prospective History Majors (Accepted), 1987-1989
    Letters for Prospective Public History Majors, 1988-1990
    Letters for Prospective Teachers, 1988
    Library- Journal Delivery Service
    Libraries and Representatives, 1980-1990
    Minimum Course Enrollment Policy: Two Year Catalog, 1979
    Miscellaneous: Administration Records, 1990-1991
    Miscellaneous: Announcements, Brochures, and Publications, 1965-1999
    Miscellaneous: Announcements, Brochures, and Publications, 1966-1983
    Miscellaneous: Announcements, Brochures, and Publications, 1974-1978
    Miscellaneous: Breakfast- Senior, 1990-1991
    Miscellaneous: Brewster Building Dedication Address and Program, 1974
    Miscellaneous: Brochures and Maps, 1988
    Miscellaneous: Christmas Party, 1983-1989
    Miscellaneous: Computer-Hardware or Software
    Miscellaneous: Environmental Assessments, 1978
    Miscellaneous: Finances, 1984
    Miscellaneous: Invitations- Forms- Posters, Etc., 1983-1988
    Miscellaneous: NC Historical Records Advisory Committee
    Miscellaneous: Security and Traffic, 1990
    Miscellaneous: Senior Ceremonies, 1978-1985
    Miscellaneous: Staff Needs for the Department of History, 1969-1970
    Miscellaneous: Student Life, 1987-1990
    Miscellaneous: Symposium, 1979-1986
    Miscellaneous: Symposium, 1987
    Miscellaneous: Task Force on the Second Major, 1988
    Miscellaneous: Writing Center, 1988
    National Council for Preservation, 1982
    Organization of American Historians, 1981-1982
    Personnel Reccomendation Schedule, 1986-1989
    Public History Brochure Materials, 1982-1984
    Research Service- Washington, DC, 1983
    Secondary School Social Studies Teacher Education Program, 1988
    Selection of Acting Vice Chancellor, 1986-1987
    Sheraton, Greenville (dinners, prices, etc.), 1984
    Shortfall, 1990
    Southern Regional Education Boards Faculty Data Bank Registry, 1988-1989
    Space Inventory Project, 1987
    Speier, Ron- Associate Dean of Students Division of Student Life, 1984
    Strengths and Weaknesses Identification Work Groups, 1989
    Student Fees- Dr. Bland, 1984
    Students: Stopping Students from Class- Policy, 1983
    Student Teaching, 1989
    Surplus Property- Sale of (University Bus Manual Vol. II Sec. II), 1982
    Suspicious Persons, 1983
    Telephone Problems, 1987-1988
    Telephone #2, 1979-1989
    Thank You/ No Thank You Letters, 1970-1981
    Transportation: Motor Pool, 1985
    Travel Allocations, 1987-1988
    UNC- Chapel Hill: Information Pertaining to Contracted Services, 1981
    Vanlandingham Room, 1983
    Vehicle- Use & Purchase Of, 1979
    Video Taping, 1980
  • Publications
    East Carolina Manuscript Collection, 1979-1985
    East Carolina Manuscript Collection: Manuscript News, 1983-1987
    Publications: East Carolina Publications in History Vols. 1-4, 1964-1976
    ECC Publications in History, 1967-1968
    East Carolina University Publications in History, 1981
    Publications in History Vol. IV- As Bismarck Fell... (Campion), 1977-1981
    Publications in History: "Of Tar Heel Towns, Ship-Builders" Pt. 1, 1981-1985
    Publications in History: "Of Tar Heel Towns, Ship-Builders" Pt. 2, 1981-1984
    Publications, 1979-1983
    Publications Board, 1964-1966
    Staff Publications, 1978
    Publication: The North Carolina Farmer's Alliance: A Political History, 1887-1893 By: Lala Carr Steelman, 1985
    Chair Newletters, 1990-1991
    Chesebox Newsletter, 1982-1985
    Department of History Newsletter
    International Vistas Newsletter- ECU Office of International Studies, 1987-1989
    Miscellaneous: Quaddricentennial News (Pamphlet), 1984
    NOAA Reprint Vol. 5 #2, 1975
    Newsletters, 1968-1993
    Newsletter, 1999
    Miscellaneous: SAA Newsletter, 1981
    Stem to Stern Newsletter, 1999-2007
    UNC Newsletter- War and Society, 1984
  • Phi Alpha Theta
    Phi Alpha Theta Correspondences
    Correspondences: Dr. Anthony Papalas, 1982-1986
    Miscellaneous: Phi Alpha Theta Correspondences, 1966-1985
    Phi Alpha Theta Fraternity, 1962-1992
    Phi Alpha Theta Charter and Initiation Oath
    Phi Alpha Theta Convention Forms, 1974-1985
    Petitions for On-Campus Activities, 1986
    Retreat Petitions, 1975-1976
    International Council Bulletins, 1980-1986
    Miscellaneous: Administrative Files
    Phi Alpha Theta Receipts, 1966-1979
    Awards, 1978-1982
    ECU Buisness Manual, 1981
    Phi Alpha Theta Miscellaneous: Announcements,Brochures, and Publications
    Registration Forms for Phi Alpha Theta
    Phi Alpha Theta Member Cards, 1966-1982
    Phi Alpha Theta Member Cards, 1970-1979
    Phi Alpha Theta Member Cards, 1980-1987
    Miscellaneous Members Info
    Membership Petitions for Chapters of Phi Alpha Theta, 1966-1974

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