Records of Richard R. Eakin's Term as Chancellor of East Carolina University

University Archives #UA02-09

  • Descriptive Summary
    Title: Records of Richard R. Eakin's Term as Chancellor of East Carolina University
    Repository: East Carolina University Archives
    Language: English
    Extent: 7.5 Linear feet,
  • Description

    Collection contains material related to the tenure of Richard R. Eakin as chancellor of East Carolina University. Material types include correspondence, reports, publications, and memorabilia.

  • Biographical / Historical Note

    Richard R. Eakin served as East Carolina's chancellor from 1988-2001. Upon his retirement, he remained in Greenville, NC and continued to serve East Carolina in both the Honors College and the Alumni Association.

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    The collection is open to the public without restrictions.

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    [item description and date.] Records of the School of Richard R. Eakin. UA02-09. University Archives, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC.

Container List

  • Chancellor's Search Committee, Inauguration, and Retirement
    Chancellor's Search Committee, information about committee members, 1986
    Chancellor's Search Committee, Advertisements for position and request for nominatons, 1986
    Chancellor's Search Committee, Board of Trustees criteria for Chancellor position, 1985-1986
    Chancellor's Search Commitee, Description of search process, 1986
    Chancellor's Search Committee, Campus visits and suggestions for procedures, 1986
    Chancellor's Search Committee, Campus mailing list, 1984-1985
    Chancellor's Search Committee, Correspondence with Chariman Ralph Kinsey, 1986
    Chancellor's Search Committee, Correspondence with Chairman Ralph Kinsey, 1985-1987
    Chancellor's Search Committee, Correspondence with Chairman Ralph Kinsey, suggestions about qualifications, 1985
    Chancellor's Search Committee, General Correspondence, 1985-1986
    Chancellor's Search Committee, Interview Questions, 1986
    Chancellor's Search Committee, invitations for Dr. Eakin and Dr. O'Brien to visit campus, 1986
    Chancellor's Search Committee, Speeches, 1985-1986
    Chancellor's Search Committee, Reports to Board of Trustees, 1986
    Chancellor's Search Committee Minutes, 1986
    Chancellor's Search Committee Memorandums, 1986
    Inaugural Committee for Chancellor Eakin, 1988
    Inaugural Ceremony for Chancellor Eakin, April 1988
    Inaugural Concert for Chancellor Eakin, 1988
    Inaugural Luncheon for Chancellor Eakin, 1988
    Inauguration Congratulations Letters to Chancellor Eakin, 1988
    Inauguration Congratulations Certificate for Chancellor Eakin from Tennessee Technical University, 1988
    Eakin Retirement, Schedule of Events in a binder, 2001
  • Administrative Files and Correspondence
    Academic Affairs, January-June 1987
    Academic Affairs, July-December 1987
    Academic Affairs, January-May 1988
    Academic Affairs, June-December 1988
    Academic Affairs, January-May 1989
    Academic Affairs, June-December 1989
    Admissions Office Correspondence and Reports, 1988
    Admissions Office Correspondence and Reports, January-June 1989
    Admissions Office Correspondence and Reports, July-December 1989
    Announcements, Brochures, and Publications, 1982-1988
    Announcements, Brochures, and Publications, 1989-1990
    Announcements, Brochures, and Publications, 1991-1992
    Announcements, Brochures, and Publications, 1993-1994
    Announcements, Brochures, and Publications, 1995-1996
    Announcements, Brochures, and Publications, 1997-1998
    School of Art, 1987 - May 1988
    School of Art, June-November 1988
    School of Art, 1989
    Board of Trustees Luncheon, 1987
    Chancellor's Forum, speeches and schedules, 1989
    Chancellor's Forum programs, 1989
    Chancellor's Forum 1990, 1989-1990
    Chancellor's Forum 1991, 1990-1991
    Chancellor's Forum 1992, 1991-April 1992
    Chancellor's Forum 1992, July-September 1992
    Chancellor's Report to the Board of Trustees, 1992, 1996, 1998
    Chancellor Sponsored Events, January-June 1987
    Chancellor Sponsored Events, August-December 1987
    Chancellor Sponsored Events, January-August 1988
    Chancellor Sponsored Events, September-December 1988
    Chancellor Sponsored Events, January-June 1989
    Chancellor Sponsored Events, August-December 1989
    Chancellor Sponsored Events, January-May 1990
    Chancellor Sponsored Events, June-December 1990
    Chancellor Sponsored Events, Pre-game Football luncheons, 1987-1988
    Chancellor Sponsored Events, Pre-game Football luncheons, 1989-1990
    Committee Member Lists, 1998
    Continuing Education, 1987
    Continuing Education, 1988-1989
    Commencement Spring 1987, 1987
    Commencement Fall 1987, 1987
    Commencement Spring 1988, 1988
    Commencement Fall 1988, 1988
    Commencement Spring 1989, Kay Yow speaker, 1989
    Commencement 1990, 1990
    School of Education Correspondence, July-December 1988
    School of Education Correspondence, 1989
    Financial Aid, January-July 1988
    Financial Aid, August-December 1988
    Financial Aid, January-April 1989
    Financial Aid, May-December 1989
    Institute for Coastal Marine Resources, 1987, 1989
    Institute for Coastal Marine Resources, "Water Quality in the Pamlico River Estuary", September 1986
    Institute for Coastal Marine Resources, "Phytoplankton in the Pamlico Riber Estuary 1985", October 1986
    Mission Statements and Long-Range Plans, 1990-1997
    School of Nursing, 1987-January 1988
    School of Nursing, February-December 1988
    School of Nursing, January-April 1988
    School of Nursing, May-November 1989
    Organization Charts for ECU Administration, 1988
    Report from the Divisions, 1997-1998
    Shared Visions Campaign, 1993-1995, 1997
    Student Life Correspondence, January-June 1988
    Student Life Correspondence, July 1988-January 1989
    Student Life, 1987-1988 Annual Report, July 1988
    University Scholars Luncheon, March 1989
    University Seals
    Visitor's Guides and Maps, 1992, 1997
  • Building Dedications
    Cliff Moore Practice Facility, ECU Athletic Complex, 1989
    Johnnie L. Harrell Gazebo, Portrait Dedication, 1989
    Leo W. Jenkins Cancer Center Dedication, 1989
    Ficklen Stadium Repairs, 1989, 1991-1993
    Ficklen Stadium Expansion, 1994-1996
    Inglis Fletcher Library Dedication, General Classroom Building, 1991
    Howell Science Complex Dedication, 1991
    L. Vincent Lowe, Jr. Seminar Room, BB&T Center for Leadership Development, General Classroom Building, 1991
    Ward Sports Medicine Building Dedication, 1991
    Charles S. Edwards Media Lab Dedication, 1992
    Francis Speight Auditorium Dedication, Jenkins Fine Arts Center, 1992
    W. Howard Rooks Lecture Hall Dedication, School of Business, 1992
    James W. Batten Conference Room Dedication, School fo Education, 1993
    Clock in front of Graham Building, Class of 1993 gift, 1993
    Todd Dining Hall Dedication, 1994
    Bertie Edwards Fearing Memorial Graden Dedication, 1995
    Williams Arena Dedication, Minges Coliseum, 1995
    Minges Coliseum Murals Dedication, 'The Early Years' and 'The Birth of a University', 1996
    Ledonia Wright African-American Cultural Center Dedication, Bloxton House, 1996
    Bagwell Field Dedication, turf in Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium, 1997
    Cupola Replica Dedication, 1997
    Thomas W. Rivers Building Dedication, 1997
    Student Recreation Center Dedication, 1997
    Wright Place and Student Plaza Dedication, 1997
    Archie R. Burnette, Jr. Lobby Dedication, McGinnis Auditorium, 1998
    Multi-Media Rooms Dedication, Joyner Library, 1998
  • Athletics
    Athletic Department, March-May 1987
    Athletic Department, June-July 1987
    Athletic Department, September-October 1987
    Atheltic Department, November-December 1987
    Athletic Department, Football Program, 1987
    Athletic Department, ECU-NC State Rivalry Football Game, 1987
    Athletic Department, ECU-NC State Rivalry Football Game, 1987
    Athletic Department, Pirate Club, 1987
    Athletic Department, Second Annual Report on Intercollegiate Athletics, 1987
    Athletics, 1994
    Athletics, January-July 1995
    Athletics, August-December 1995
    Athletics, 1996
    Athletics, January-April 1997
    Athletics, May-December 1997
    Athletics, 1998
    College Football Association, 1994-1995
    Colonial Athletic Association, 1994
    Colonial Athletic Association, 1995-1996
    Colonial Athletic Association, January-May 1999
    Colonial Athletic Association, June-October 1999
    Colonial Athletic Association, November-December 1999
    Intercollegiate Athletics, 1991-1995
    Intercollegiate Athletics, 1996-1997
    University Athletic Committee, 1992-1997
    National Collegiate Athletic Association, April-July 1995
    NCAA, August-November 1995
    NCAA, January-March 1996
    NCAA, April-July 1996
    NCAA, January-June 1997
    NCAA, August-December 1997
    NCAA, 1998
    NCAA, 1999
    NCAA President's Commission, 1995
    NCAA President's Commission, Telephone Survey, 1995
    NCAA Certification Peer Review, Kansas State University, 1996
    NCAA Certification Peer Review, University of Texas, 1997-1998

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