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Jean M. Duff Collection, 1906-2008, undated

Manuscript Collection #979

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Title: Jean M. Duff Collection
Creator: Duff, Jean M.
Repository: ECU Manuscript Collection
Languages: English
Abstract: Collection contains newspapers (1945-1978) from New York City, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida related to special events such as the end of World War II, the Vietnam War, the death of U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson, the Apollo astronauts landing on the moon, hurricanes, and the Bicentennial of the U.S. Also included in this collection are postcards (postmarked 1906-2008, with the bulk of them being 1906-1944) of scenes and buildings in North Carolina, several European countries, Morocco, and several Central American and South American countries.
Extent: 1.03 Cubic feet, 2 containers, 265 items .

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Accessions Information

December 1, 2003 (unprocessed) 24 items, 0.91 cubic feet; Collection (1945-1978) of newspapers from New York, NY, Hazelton, PA, Newark, NJ, and Orlando, FL concerning major contemporary issues, including: the end of World War II in Europe and Japan; the coal strike of 1946; the Berlin Crisis of 1961; the 20th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, 1964; the war in Vietnam and Cambodia, Kent State shootings, 1969-1970; the Apollo astronauts' mission to the moon, 1969; Sen. Edward M. Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne, 1969; attempted assassination of Gov. George C. Wallace, 1972; the death of President Johnson, 1973; the Bicentennial of the United States, 1976; and the Florida taxpayers revolt, 1978. Donor: Jean M. Duff

June 11, 2013 (unprocessed addition 1) 241 items, 0.12 cubic feet; Approximately 240 black and white and color postcards, 1906-2008 (bulk 1906-1944), undated, depicting buildings and scenes in North Carolina, European countries, and other countries. Donor: Jean M. Duff

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No restrictions

Copyright Notice

Literary rights to specific documents are retained by the authors or their descendants in accordance with U.S. copyright law.

Preferred Citation

Jean M. Duff Collection (#979), East Carolina Manuscript Collection, J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina, USA.

Acquisition Information

  • Gift of Jean M. Duff

Processing Information

  • Encoded by Mark Custer, January 3, 2008

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Below is material taken from a preliminary inventory and represents content from the collection that is unprocessed.

  • Box 1#0979.1
    • Folder a#0979.1.a
      New York (NY) Daily News, v. 26, n. 272 (8 May 1945) 1 item. 32 p. Note: Victory in Europe.
    • Folder b#0979.1.b
      New York (NY) Daily Mirror, v. 21, n. 273 (9 May 1945) 1 item. 28 p. Victory in Europe.
    • Folder c#0979.1.c
      Easton (PA) Express, v. 90, n. 239 (14 August 1945) 1 item. 10 p. Note: Japanese surrender near.
    • Folder d#0979.1.d
      New York (NY) Daily News, v. 27, n. 44 (15 August 1945) 1 item. 52 p. Note: Japanese surrender.
    • Folder e#0979.1.e
      New York (NY) Journal American, n. 21,045 (2 September 1945) 1 item. 22 p. Note: Japanese surrender.
    • Folder f#0979.1.f
      New York (NY) Sunday Mirror, v. 14, n. 35 (2 September 1945) 1 item. 28 p. Note: Japanese surrender.
    • Folder g#0979.1.g
      Hazelton-Conyngam (PA) Vigilant, v. 43 (5 April 1946) 1 item. 4 p. Note: Coal strike.
    • Folder h#0979.1.h
      Hazelton (PA) Plain Speaker v. 80, n. 23,445 (11 September 1961) 1 item. 18 p. Note: Berlin crisis; Hurricane Carla.
    • Folder i#0979.1.i
      Parade Magazine (Sunday Star-Ledger) (20 December 1964) 1 item. 16 p. Note: General McAuliffe returns to Bastogne.
    • Folder j#0979.1.j
      Newark (NJ) Star Ledger, v. 55, n. 339 (21 January 1969) 1 item. 10 p. Note: Nixon's plan for peace in Vietnam.
    • Folder k#0979.1.k
      Newark (NJ) Star Ledger, v. 56, n. 123 (20 June 1969) 1 item. 12 p. Note: Nixon's plan to withdraw from Vietnam.
    • Folder l#0979.1.l
      Newark (NJ) Star Ledger, v. 56, n. 153 (20 July 1969) 1 item. 28 p. Note: Astronauts on the moon.
    • Folder m#0979.1.m
      Newark (NJ) Star Ledger, v. 56, n. 154 (21 July 1969) 1 item. 28 p. Note: Astronauts on the moon.
    • Folder n#0979.1.n
      Newark (NJ) Star Ledger, v. 56, n. 155 (22 July 1969) 1 item. 20 p. Note: Astronauts on the way to earth from the moon.
    • Folder o#0979.1.o
      Newark (NJ) Star Ledger, v. 56, n. 158 (25 July 1969) 1 item. 20 p. Note: Return of Apollo astronauts from the moon.
    • Folder p#0979.1.p
      Newark (NJ) Star Ledger, v. 56, n. 159 (26 July 1969) 1 item. 10 p. Note: Sen. Edward M. Kennedy & death of Mary Jo Kopechne.
    • Folder q#0979.1.q
      Newark (NJ) Sunday Star Ledger, v. 57, n. 68 (26 April 1970) 1 item. 28 p. Note: Cambodian invasion.
    • Folder r#0979.1.r
      Newark (NJ) Star Ledger, v. 57, n. 77 (5 May 1970) 1 item. 10 p. Note: National Guard kills 4 students at Kent State University.
    • Folder s#0979.1.s
      Newark (NJ) Star Ledger, v. 57, n. 78 (6 May 1970) 1 item. 56 p. Note: US to leave Cambodia in June.
    • Folder t#0979.1.t
      Newark (NJ) Star Ledger, v. 59, n. 89 (16 May 1972) 1 item. 28 p. Note: Gov. George C. Wallace shot.
    • Folder u#0979.1.u
      Newark (NJ) Sunday Star Ledger, v. 59, n. 129 (25 June 1972) 1 item. 24 p. Note: Pres. Nixon sees flood damage (Hurricane Agnes).
    • Folder v#0979.1.v
      Newark (NJ) Star Ledger, v. 59, n. 341 (23 January 1973) 1 item. 16 p. Note: Death of LBJ.
    • Folder w#0979.1.w
      Newark (NJ) Herald News. Bicentennial Edition (3 July 1976) 1 item. 68 p. Note: Bicentennial vignettes.
    • Folder x#0979.1.x
      Orlando (FL) Sentinel Star, v. 102, n. 27 (27 January 1978) 1 item. 13 p. Note: Florida taxpayers revolt.
  • Box 2#0979.2
    • Folder a#0979.2.a
      Postcards of Asheville, North Carolina, 1906, 1979 postmarks, undated.
    • Folder b#0979.2.b
      Postcards of Elkin, North Carolina, 1907-1908 postmarks, undated.
    • Folder c#0979.2.c
      Postcards of Greensboro, North Carolina, 1906-1909 postmarks
    • Folder d#0979.2.d
      Postcards of Wilmington, North Carolina, 1906-1907 postmarks, undated.
    • Folder e#0979.2.e
      Postcards of Windsor, North Carolina, 1906-1908 postmarks, undated
    • Folder f#0979.2.f
      Postcards of various North Carolina locations, 1906-1909, 1940-1999 postmarks, undated.
    • Folder g#0979.2.g
      Postcards of North Carolina background but not of a particular location ("Greetings From North Carolina," etc.), 1909-1910, 1943, 1969-2004 postmarks
    • Folder h#0979.2.h
      Postcards of Alaska, New York, and Virginia, 1906, 1907, 2008 postmarks
    • Folder i#0979.2.i
      Postcards of various topics, 1907, 1943-1944, 1989, 2008 postmarks, undated.
    • Folder j#0979.2.j
      Postcards of Bermuda, Canal Zone, Cuba, El Salvador, Germany, Gibraltor, Guatemala, Honduras, Malta, Mexico, Okinawa, Panama, Puerto Rico, S. Miguel-Azores, Scotland, Venzuela, and Virgin Islands, 1935-1950, 1980 postmarks, undated
    • Folder k#0979.2.k
      Postcards of locations in England (and one of the Royal Family), 1932-1939, 1969-1974 postmarks, undated.
    • Folder l#0979.2.l
      Postcards of locations in France, 1933 postmark, undated
    • Folder m#0979.2.m
      Postcards of locations in Italy, 1911, 1935 postmarks, undated
    • Folder n#0979.2.n
      Postcards of locations in Luxembourg, undated
    • Folder o#0979.2.o
      Postcards of locations in Mallorca, undated
    • Folder p#0979.2.p
      Postcards of locations in Morocco, undated

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