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Mrs. Frank M. Wooten, Sr. Papers, 1833-1986

Manuscript Collection #954

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Title: Mrs. Frank M. Wooten, Sr. Papers
Repository: ECU Manuscript Collection
Languages: English
Extent: 1.45 Cubic feet, 4 containers, 322 items , 3,387 pages.

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Accessions Information

October 13, 2003, (unprocessed) 322 items, 1.45 cubic feet; Papers (1833-1986) compiled by the wife of a noted Greenville, NC Democratic Party political leader including correspondence, clippings, ephemera, financial records, maps, newspapers, photographic prints, printed materials and scrapbook materials related to her education, friends, family, travels, and social interests. See preliminary inventory attached. Donor: Frank M. Wooten, Jr. by William I. Wooten, Executor

Access Restrictions

No restrictions

Copyright Notice

Literary rights to specific documents are retained by the authors or their descendants in accordance with U.S. copyright law.

Preferred Citation

Mrs. Frank M. Wooten, Sr. Papers (#954), East Carolina Manuscript Collection, J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina, USA.

Acquisition Information

  • Gift of Frank M. Wooten, Jr.

Processing Information

  • Encoded by Mark Custer, March 17, 2008

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Below is material taken from a preliminary inventory and represents content from the collection that is unprocessed.

  • Box 3#0954.3
    Printed Materials: Pamphlets, Brochures, Periodicals
    • Folder a#0954.3.a
      Farmville Presbyterian Church Program.(4/27/1975). 1 item. 5 p.
    • Folder b#0954.3.b
      A Service in memory of Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt, Jr: An American Soldier, 1917-1919, 1941-1944. Died in Normandy, July 12, 1944. Christ Church, Oyster Bay, NY July 24, 1944. 1 item. 6 p.
    • Folder c#0954.3.c
      Programme of Conducted Sight-Seeing Tours. (London: Evan Evans' Tours, undated) 1 item. 2 p.
    • Folder d#0954.3.d
      The Life that Wins, an address (revised) . . . by Charles Gallaudet Trumbull efore the National Convention of the Presbyterian Brotherhood of America, 1911. . . . (Philadelphia,PA: The Sunday School Times, Co., 62nd printing, April 1945) 1 item. 19 p.
    • Folder e#0954.3.e
      Guide to the Cathedral of Mexico, B. M. Gomez (Imp. Manuel Leon Sanches. M. R. del T. de Lazarin Num. 7. Meico, D. F., undated) 1 item. 32 p.
    • Folder f#0954.3.f
      Souvenir View Album Thousand Islands, Canada: Exclusive Views along the Majestic St. Lawrence River. Done in genuine photogravure. Etching by Raoul Pellissier (undated) 1 item. 16 p.
    • Folder g#0954.3.g
      Opera Nacional Argumento y Programa Temporada, 1952: Palacia de Bellas Artes (Lucia dde Lammermoor) Spanish language. (Mexico, 1952) 1 item. 44 p.
    • Folder h#0954.3.h
      Meissner & Buch Facsimiles. New Publications. (New York: Rudopf Lesch Fine Arts, Inc., undated) pp. 91-108. 1 item. 17 p.
    • Folder i#0954.3.i
      A Book of Bedtime Stories, by Grace Perkins. Little Blue Book No. 1040, edited by E. Haldeman-Julius. (Girard, KS: Haldeman-Julius Co., (1926) 1 item. 64 p.
    • Folder j#0954.3.j
      What Every Boy Should Know, by William J. Fielding. Little Blue Book No. 653, Vol I. Rational Sex Series, edited by E. Haldeman-Julius.(Girard, KS: Haldeman-Julius Co., (c. 1934) 1 item. 64 p.
    • Folder k#0954.3.k
      Historical Tour of the City of Quebec / Tour Historique de la Cite de Quebec: Album-Souvenir French and English language. (Quebec: Quebec Advertising Agency, 1948) 1 item. 44p.
    • Folder l#0954.3.l
      La Gaspesie, By Tourist Branch, Provincial Publicity Bureau 4th edition.French and English language. (Quebec, c.1950) 1 item. 16 p.
    • Folder m#0954.3.m
      Souvenir View Book of Quebec: A Dominion Series View Book. Colorchorme Views.(Toronto, Canada: The Photogelatine Engraving Co., c. 1950) 1 item. 17 p.
    • Folder n#0954.3.n
      Mexico en Color. Spanish language. (n.p., undated) 1 item. 22 p.
    • Folder o#0954.3.o
      Keep on Thinking and Praying: A recorded transcription of a sermon by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale delivered at Marble Collegiate Church, Fifth Ave. at 29th Street, New York. (Pawling, NY: Foundation fo Christian Living, c. 1966) 1 item. 12 p.
    • Folder p#0954.3.p
      Sans Souci Book Club Year Book 1939-1940 (Greenville, NC, 1939) 1 item. 12 p.
    • Folder q#0954.3.q
      The Tower of London. Ancient Monuments and Historic Buildings: Ministry of Works (London: His Majesty's Stationery Office, 1947) 1 item.19 p.
    • Folder r#0954.3.r
      Fledermaus. The New Orleans Opera House Association. Season 1951-1952. Municipal Auditorium. 1 item. 24 p.
    • Folder s#0954.3.s
      American History Illustrated. Vol 7, no. 3 (June 1972) (Gettysbsurg, PA: The National Historical Society, 1972) 1 item. 52 p.
    • Folder t#0954.3.t
      The American Magazine, Vol 113, no. 5 (May 1932) (New York, NY: Crowell Publishing Co., 1932) 1 item. 154 p.
    • Folder u#0954.3.u
      Carolina Telephone: Greenville, Ayden, Farmville, Fountain, Snow Hill, N.C. Effective August 27, 1969. (Carolina Telephone and Telegraph Co., c 1969) 1 item. 206 p.
  • Box 4#0954.4
    Printed Materials: Books & Scrapbooks
    • Folder a#0954.4.a
      Hymnal According to the us of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, Revised Edition (Oxford: Printed at the University Press for Thomas Nelson and Sons, New York, 1878) 440 p.
    • Folder b#0954.4.b
      My Sunday Missal Explained, Authorized new translation from New Testament, . . . , by Rev. Joseph F Stedman (Brooklyn, NY: Confraternity of the Precious Blood, [1942] 1 item. 352 p.
    • Folder c#0954.4.c
      Points for Emphasis: A Vest Pocket Commentary on the International Sunday School Lessons, Improved Uniform Series, for 1941, by Hight C. Moore. 24th annual volume. (Nashville, TN: The Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Confention, 1941) 1 item 194 p.
    • Folder d#0954.4.d
      Follow On! The story of how in the Church and Early Disciples revealed in Acts their joyful companionship with the Living Christ.. . . . (Cincinnati, OH: Forwar Movement of the Episcopal Church, 1935) 1 item. 88 p.
    • Folder e#0954.4.e
      English - French Francais - Anglais Modern Dictionary with the war terms, by F. Craps. (Brussels: Nossent, undated) 1 item. 160 p.
    • Folder f#0954.4.f
      Cradle of the Colony: The History of Chowan County and Edenton, North Carolina, by Dr. Thomas C. Parramore (Edenton, NC: Edenton Chamber of Commerce, 1967) 1 item. 92 p.
    • Folder g#0954.4.g
      Family Fare Food Management and Recipes. Prepared by Human Nutrition Research Division and Consumer and Food Economics Research Division, Agricultural Research Service. Home and Garden Bulletin No. 1 U. S. Department of Agriculture. (Washington, DC: U. S. Government Printing Office, rev. May 1960) 1 item. 96 p.
    • Folder h#0954.4.h
      Castles on the Rine: The Rhinelander Collection. 39 illustrated plates with an introduction by M. J. Mehs. New edition prepared by Dr. Walther Ottendorf-Simrock (Bonn: Wilhelm Stollfuss, 3rd edition, undated) 1 item. 74 p.
    • Folder i#0954.4.i
      Ricordo di Firenze 32 vedute Ed eStampa Stab. Graffico Cesare Capello (Milano, undated) Italian language. 1 item. 32 p.
    • Folder j#0954.4.j
      How to Visit the Beauties of Rome: Practical Illustrated and Coloured Guide. Bonechi - ed. Il Turismo, Firenze, Italy, undated) Italian language. 1 item 239 p.
    • Folder k#0954.4.k
      Florence: in 110 Kodak-Color Photographs: Practical Guide with a Plan of the City: Bonechi 1970-71 Guide. New Edition Useful Information. (Firenze: Bonechi Editore, c. 1970), 1 item. 128 p.
    • Folder l#0954.4.l
      Travel Scrapbook: Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, ca. 1956. 82 loose photographic print & 4 scrapbook pages. 2 items. 87 p.

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