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Wilbur A. Tyndall Collection, 1782-1894

Manuscript Collection #793

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Title: Wilbur A. Tyndall Collection
Creator: Tyndall, Wilbur A.
Repository: ECU Manuscript Collection
Languages: English
Abstract: 714 items (1775-1898) including estate papers, deeds, correspondence, chattel mortgages, tax lists, accounts, distillery tax returns, promissory notes, receipts and ledgers documenting the Tyndall, Kinsey, Sparrow, Williams and Noble families.
Extent: 1.25 Cubic feet, 714 items, estate papers and correspondence

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August 23, 2000, 577 items; Papers (1782-1894) of the Tyndall, Kinsey, Williams, and Noble families of Lenoir, Jones, and Dobbs counties in North Carolina, including estate papers, deeds, correspondence, chattel mortgages, tax lists, accounts, distillery tax returns, promissory notes, receipts, day books, and miscellany. Donor: Mr. Wilbur A. Tyndall.

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No restrictions

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Literary rights to specific documents are retained by the authors or their descendants in accordance with U.S. copyright law.

Preferred Citation

Wilbur A. Tyndall Collection (#793), East Carolina Manuscript Collection, J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina, USA.

Acquisition Information

  • Gift of Mr. Wilbur A. Tyndall

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  • Encoded by Apex Data Services

  • Processed by David Miller 2009

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The majority of the Tyndall Collection is made up of receipts and promissory notes. Many of these notes only have the names of those involved, and the amount of money owed. These notes have been divided among the families involved with this collection. The receipts of Richard Noble, Evan Williams and Stephen Williams are divided among separate folders within the collection. The collection also includes nineteen ledger books (1852-1892). The Noble family papers consist of various land deeds of the Nobles. There is a multiplication table that was made for Joseph Noble. The wills of John Noble and Joshua Barrett both name members of the Nobles family as benefactors. Included in the Noble family papers are court summons that are related to the Noble family owing or being owed money. A letter from the Treasury Department of the Confederate States of America informs Richard Noble that they were still processing his claim that William Baker had died in the Confederate Army (February 6, 1864). Also included in the Nobles family papers are deeds of gift, and distillery tax returns. There are inventories of goods of R.K. Noble that have been listed for L. Harvey, a general insurance agent (1894). Also included is a letter from A. Hooker to Mr. Nobles stating that the deed Mr. Noble had asked for could not be located (May 28, 1851). Richard Noble was a magistrate, and included in his estate papers are subpoenas that he was supposed to carry out. There is also a letter to the Noble family from an unknown source. The purpose of the letter was to find out about the family after the Civil War (1868). Another document gives Richard Noble power of attorney over Jenson Noble. The pension papers of Sarah Harper, whose husband had served in the Revolutionary War, were prepared by Richard Noble, and have been included among his papers (1845).

The Sparrow and Williams family estate papers also include many receipts and promissory notes. Included with the Sparrow family are mortgage deeds (1880-1884). In the Williams family papers there are court summons, land deeds and deeds of gift. Included in the Isaac Sparrow papers are the mortgage papers and lien bonds involving the family property, and an account of Isaac Sparrow’s estate (1884).

Included among the receipts of John Kinsey is an inventory of Philpinah Kinsey’s property. The date is torn off from a letter from John Kinsey to James Kinsey. John wrote to tell James that he was going to New Bern and needed to borrow some money. A second letter is from Erasmus Kinsey to his brother John Kinsey. The letter says that he is in good health, but that business has been down, and he might move soon. He also asks his brother to come and visit soon (November 5, 1838).

The rest of the collection is made up of miscellaneous estate papers. Included are such documents as the title page from a spelling book and an article from The Globe that has a message from the President of the United States, Franklin Pierce, concerning relations with Great Britain in Central America (December 31, 1855). There is a list of people and the amount of land and livestock they own. There are a couple of letters included. One letter is to “Emma” and the signature of the sender is unreadable. It invites her to visit so that they can become reacquainted after the Civil War separated them. Also included are various deeds, subpoenas, receipts and promissory notes.

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  • Box 1#0793.1
    • Folder a#0793.1.a
      Noble family deeds. Multiplication table of Joseph Noble. Various receipts and promissory notes. Wills of John Noble and Joshua Barnett. Various court summons, and a letter from the Treasury Department CSA. Distillery tax returns. Deeds of gift. (1845-1894) 57 items. 57p.
    • Folder b#0793.1.b
      Sparrow family estate papers including mortgage deeds and promissory notes. (1880-1884) 5 items. 5p.
    • Folder c#0793.1.c
      Williams family estate papers including court summons, receipts, deeds of gift, and will of Rachel Nobles. (1832-1850) 20 items. 20p.
    • Folder d#0793.1.d
      Miscellaneous estate papers including deeds, lists of people and their property. Account of sale of Philienah Kinsey’s property. Various court summons and private letters. (1775-1855) 49 items. 52p.
  • Box 2#0793.2
    • Folder a#0793.2.a
      Papers of John Kinsey. Includes receipts, promissory notes, and court summons. Letter from John Kinsey to James Kinsey. Letter from Erasmus Kinsey to John Kinsey. (1838-1895) 58 items. 60p.
    • Folder b#0793.2.b
      Issac Sparrow’s papers. Includes receipts, promissory notes, lien bonds, mortgage papers, subpoena and an account of Isaac Sparrow’s Estate. (1821-1856) 65 items. 66p.
    • Folder c#0793.2.c
      Noble Family papers including receipts, promissory notes, deeds, a subpoena and an inventory of R.K. Nobles’ property. (1777-1892) 67 items. 67p.
    • Folder d#0793.2.d
      Letter to Noble family. Power of attorney for Richard Noble over Jenesen Noble. Various court subpoenas. (1832-1868) 19 items. 25p.
    • Folder e#0793.2.e
      Receipts and promissory notes of Richard Nobles. (1820-1890) 61 items. 61p.
    • Folder f#0793.2.f
      Receipts and promissory notes of Richard Nobles. (1812-1885) 98 items. 98p.
    • Folder g#0793.2.g
      Receipts and promissory notes of Evan Williams. (1840-1880) 79 items. 79p.
    • Folder h#0793.2.h
      Receipts and promissory notes of Stephen Williams. (1860-1890) 67 items. 67p.
    • Folder i#0793.2.i
      Miscellaneous note, home remedies, deeds, receipts, promissory notes, subpoenas, and a Maryland lottery circular. (1855-1880) 48 items. 48p.

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