Mary Hinton Kerr Collection

Manuscript Collection #768
Kerr, Mary Hinton, 1907-1990
Physical description
20.5 Cubic Feet
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Mary Hinton Kerr Collection (#768), East Carolina Manuscript Collection, J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina, USA.
ECU Manuscript Collection
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Professional research files of Warrenton, NC genealogist, including family sheets, pedigree charts, notes published genealogical data, correspondence, and newspaper clippings related primarily to Virginia families who settled in Warren County, NC and the surrounding area.

Administrative information
Custodial History

June 12, 1998 (unprocessed), 20.5 cubic feet; Professional research files of Warrenton, N.C. genealogist, including family sheets, pedigree charts, notes, published genealogical data, correspondence, and newspaper clippings related primarily to Virginia families who settled in Warren County, N.C. and the surrounding area. Donor: Honorable John H. Kerr, III.

Source of acquisition

Gift of Honorable John H. Kerr, III

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Literary rights to specific documents are retained by the authors or their descendants in accordance with U.S. copyright law.

Key terms
Personal Names
Kerr, Mary Hinton
Warren County (N.C.)--Genealogy

Container list
Box 1 Folder a Acree Family
Box 1 Folder b Alexander (Watts & McHarg)
Box 1 Folder c Alford Family
Box 1 Folder d Anderson (Plummer; Willis; Gloster; Crosson; Brehon)
Box 1 Folder e Arendell Family
Box 1 Folder f Allen, William Wallace
Box 1 Folder g Allen Family
Box 1 Folder h Allen (For David Avant)
Box 1 Folder i Alsop Family
Box 1 Folder j Alston Family
Box 1 Folder k Ambler (Jacqueline)
Box 1 Folder l Armistead Family
Box 2 Folder a Arrington (Portis)
Box 2 Folder b Austin
Box 2 Folder c Avant/Avent
Box 2 Folder d Aycock/Acock/ (Adcock?)
Box 2 Folder e Aylett/ (Ellett?)
Box 2 Folder f Bacon (see also Lyddal)
Box 2 Folder g Bagley
Box 2 Folder h Baird
Box 2 Folder i Baker, Blake
Box 2 Folder j Baker, William
Box 2 Folder k Ball
Box 2 Folder l Ballard
Box 2 Folder m Balthrop
Box 3 Folder a Barker, Thomas
Box 3 Folder b Barnett (Graves)
Box 3 Folder c Barnett (Farrow; Croshaw; Graves)
Box 3 Folder d Barrow (Chart)
Box 3 Folder e Basket
Box 3 Folder f Baskerville
Box 3 Folder g Bass
Box 3 Folder h Bassett
Box 3 Folder i Bate
Box 3 Folder j Bates
Box 3 Folder k Baxter
Box 3 Folder l Baylor
Box 3 Folder m Beasley & Baugh
Box 3 Folder n Beckham
Box 4 Folder a Beckwith (Long)
Box 4 Folder b Bell
Box 4 Folder c Bennett
Box 4 Folder d Bennett, Richard Jr
Box 4 Folder e Bennett, William (see also Harrison, Beverley)
Box 4 Folder f Beverley (Bland; Randolph; Armistead; Byrd; Royal)
Box 4 Folder g Bilbro
Box 4 Folder h Bird
Box 4 Folder i Blanch
Box 4 Folder j Blanchard
Box 4 Folder k Bland (Beverley; Byrd)
Box 4 Folder l Bledsoe (see also Goodwin)
Box 4 Folder m Boatman (Waterman; Holcombe)
Box 4 Folder n Bobbitt (Harris)
Box 4 Folder o Bobbitt, John
Box 5 Folder a Bobbitt, William
Box 5 Folder b Bobo
Box 5 Folder c Boddie/Body
Box 5 Folder d Bolling
Box 5 Folder e Borden (Montgomery)
Box 5 Folder f Bostick (Guinn, Dalton)
Box 5 Folder g Bowden
Box 5 Folder h Bowers, Giles
Box 5 Folder i Boyce/Boice
Box 5 Folder j Boyd (Jones; Davis)
Box 5 Folder k Boyd (Swepson; Burwell; Armstrong)
Box 5 Folder l Bradford
Box 5 Folder m Bradley
Box 5 Folder n Brame
Box 5 Folder o Brandon
Box 5 Folder p Branch
Box 6 Folder a Bragg
Box 6 Folder b Brantley
Box 6 Folder c Brickle
Box 6 Folder d Bridgers
Box 6 Folder e Britt
Box 6 Folder f Broadnax
Box 6 Folder g Brodie
Box 6 Folder h Brothers
Box 6 Folder i Broughton
Box 6 Folder j Brown
Box 6 Folder k Browne (Ridley)
Box 6 Folder l Browne (of Four Mile Tree)
Box 6 Folder m Buchannon
Box 6 Folder n Bugg (see also Gardner)
Box 6 Folder o Bullock
Box 6 Folder p Burford
Box 7 Folder a Burgess
Box 7 Folder b Burgwyn
Box 7 Folder c Burroughs
Box 7 Folder d Burrows
Box 7 Folder e Burton (see also Keeling)
Box 7 Folder f Burwell
Box 7 Folder g Butler
Box 7 Folder h Bush
Box 7 Folder i Byrd, William II and III
Box 7 Folder j Cabell
Box 7 Folder k Caller/Collier
Box 8 Folder a Campbell (Hill; Vincent)
Box 8 Folder b Capps (Paschall)
Box 8 Folder c Carpenter
Box 8 Folder d Carr
Box 8 Folder e Carroll
Box 8 Folder f Carter (Giles)
Box 8 Folder g Carter (Robert)
Box 8 Folder h Carver
Box 8 Folder i Cary
Box 8 Folder j Champion
Box 8 Folder k Chamberlayne (Littlepage)
Box 8 Folder l Chappell
Box 8 Folder m Cheatham
Box 8 Folder n Cheek
Box 8 Folder o Childress/Childers
Box 9 Folder a Childs
Box 9 Folder b Christian & Williams
Box 9 Folder c Christmas
Box 9 Folder d Christmas, William
Box 9 Folder e Christmas, Elizabeth (Paulett)
Box 9 Folder f Christmas, Thomas Jr. (son of Thomas of Hanover Co., Virginia)
Box 9 Folder g Christmas, Thomas H
Box 9 Folder h Christmas, Thomas of Hanover Co., Virginia
Box 9 Folder i Christmas, Lewis Yancey
Box 9 Folder j Christmas, John
Box 9 Folder k Christmas, Capt. Thomas (Duke)
Box 9 Folder l Christmas, William & Jane Yancey
Box 9 Folder m Christmas (African American descendants of Lewis Yancey Christmas)
Box 9 Folder n Christmas, Dictoris
Box 10 Folder a Churchill
Box 10 Folder b Clack
Box 10 Folder c Claiborne
Box 10 Folder d Clanton
Box 10 Folder e Clark
Box 10 Folder f Clement/Clements
Box 10 Folder g Cocke
Box 11 Folder a Coggen/Coggin/Scoggin
Box 11 Folder b Colclough (Durham)
Box 11 Folder c Cole
Box 11 Folder d Coleman
Box 11 Folder e Collins
Box 11 Folder f Comer
Box 11 Folder g Connally
Box 11 Folder h Conyears (Arrendell; Wilkes)
Box 11 Folder i Cook (Fountain; Green; Day)
Box 11 Folder j Coppedge
Box 11 Folder k Cotton
Box 11 Folder l Crafford/Crawford
Box 11 Folder m Crain/Crane
Box 12 Folder a Crocker
Box 12 Folder b Croshaw (See also Graves)
Box 12 Folder c Crouch
Box 12 Folder d Crowder
Box 12 Folder e Crutcher
Box 12 Folder f Curl
Box 12 Folder g Crutchfield
Box 12 Folder h Custis (Chamberlayne; Parke)
Box 12 Folder i Daly
Box 12 Folder j Dameron
Box 12 Folder k Dandridge
Box 12 Folder l Daniel (Williams)
Box 12 Folder m Daniel (Yancey)
Box 12 Folder n Darden/Dearden
Box 12 Folder o Davis, Jonathan
Box 12 Folder p Davis, Joshua
Box 12 Folder q Day
Box 13 Folder a DeBerry
Box 13 Folder b DeJarnett
Box 13 Folder c DeJarnett (Pemberton; Mumford; Watkins)
Box 13 Folder d Denton
Box 13 Folder e Despain/Dispain
Box 13 Folder f Devaney
Box 13 Folder g Dinkins
Box 13 Folder h Dixon (Wilson; Gilliam; Wortham; Blackwell) See also Marshall
Box 13 Folder i Dodson (Ramseur/Schenck)
Box 13 Folder j Dorsey/Dossey/Dawsey
Box 14 Folder a Doswell
Box 14 Folder b Doswell-Nutting-Thilman-Farrish
Box 14 Folder c Doswell, Capt. James + Sophia Thilman
Box 14 Folder d Doswell J
Box 14 Folder e Doswell John Jr
Box 14 Folder f Doswell, Thomas
Box 14 Folder g Doswell, Thomas Walker
Box 14 Folder h Dowtin
Box 14 Folder i Dozier (Thorton)
Box 14 Folder j Drake
Box 14 Folder k Drake, (Correspondence)
Box 14 Folder l Mann, (Drake) Arrington
Box 14 Folder m Miles (Drake)
Box 15 Folder a Drummond [Hill, Swann (Lillington)]
Box 15 Folder b Dudley
Box 15 Folder c Dugger
Box 15 Folder d Duke (Marston)
Box 15 Folder e Duke, Col. Henry
Box 15 Folder f Duke, Thomas
Box 15 Folder g Dupree
Box 15 Folder h Durant
Box 15 Folder i Durham
Box 15 Folder j Dye
Box 16 Folder a Earl(s)
Box 16 Folder b Eaton
Box 16 Folder c Edloe/Edlow/Edlowe
Box 16 Folder d Edwards
Box 16 Folder e Egerton
Box 16 Folder f Egerton, John
Box 16 Folder g Egerton, Wilmot
Box 16 Folder h Egerton- Pimmell
Box 16 Folder i Egerton- Simms
Box 17 Folder a Eggleston
Box 17 Folder b Ehringhaus
Box 17 Folder c Elam
Box 17 Folder d Eley
Box 17 Folder e Ellington
Box 17 Folder f Elliott
Box 17 Folder g Ellis
Box 17 Folder h Ellis (Elizabeth)
Box 17 Folder i Ellis-Towns-Collier
Box 17 Folder j Epes/Eppes
Box 17 Folder k Estridge/Estrige/Estredge
Box 17 Folder l Eubank
Box 17 Folder m Evans
Box 17 Folder n Exum
Box 17 Folder o Fain(e)/Fayne (Devaney;Worrell)
Box 17 Folder p Fairfax
Box 17 Folder q Falkner/Fortner/Forkner/Faulkner
Box 17 Folder r Farrar (Bowdoin)
Box 18 Folder a Faulcon
Box 18 Folder b Felts/Phelps
Box 18 Folder c Ferebee (Walker; Burfoot)
Box 18 Folder d Field
Box 18 Folder e Finch
Box 18 Folder f Fitts (Alston; Cocke; Burgess; Harris)
Box 18 Folder g Fitzhugh
Box 18 Folder h Fleming (Watson; Jeffress; Davis)
Box 18 Folder i Flood
Box 18 Folder j Floyd
Box 18 Folder k Foliott
Box 18 Folder l Fonville/Fonvielle
Box 18 Folder m Foote
Box 19 Folder a Foote (Berryman)
Box 19 Folder b Ford
Box 19 Folder c Forrest
Box 19 Folder d Foster (Barker)
Box 19 Folder e Fountain
Box 19 Folder f Fowler
Box 19 Folder g Fox (Towns; Williamson)
Box 19 Folder h Freeman
Box 19 Folder i Fulghum/Fulgham
Box 20 Folder a Gant (Wood)
Box 20 Folder b Gardner
Box 20 Folder c Garland (Overton; Drummond; Waters)
Box 20 Folder d George (Marcus)
Box 20 Folder e Gilbert
Box 20 Folder f Gilliam (See also Mabry/Mayberry)
Box 20 Folder g Gilmore
Box 20 Folder h Gilreath
Box 20 Folder i Gloster
Box 20 Folder j Godwin
Box 20 Folder k Gooch
Box 20 Folder l Goodloe
Box 20 Folder m Goodwin (See also Bledsoe)
Box 20 Folder n Gordon
Box 20 Folder o Graham
Box 20 Folder p Graves
Box 21 Folder a Graves (Correspondence)
Box 21 Folder b Graves (Christmas; Keeling; Williams)
Box 21 Folder c Graves (Hinton)
Box 21 Folder d Graves (Yancey)
Box 21 Folder e Gray
Box 21 Folder f Green
Box 21 Folder g Green, Donald
Box 21 Folder h Green, Edward
Box 21 Folder i Green, James
Box 21 Folder j Green, Capt John
Box 21 Folder k Green, Joseph
Box 21 Folder l Christmas, Martha daughter of Capt. John Green
Box 21 Folder m Green, Mary
Box 21 Folder n Green, Nathaniel Turner
Box 21 Folder o Green, Peter
Box 21 Folder p Green, Sherwood
Box 21 Folder q Green, Solomon
Box 21 Folder r Green Gen. Thomas Jefferson
Box 22 Folder a Green, Thomas Milton
Box 22 Folder b Green, Capt William (Christmas)
Box 22 Folder c Green, William (Clack)
Box 22 Folder d Gregory
Box 22 Folder e Grissom/Gresham
Box 22 Folder f Grymes
Box 22 Folder g Gunn
Box 22 Folder h Gupton
Box 22 Folder i Hackney
Box 22 Folder j Haggerty
Box 22 Folder k Hall (Stuart; Smith; Wetmore)
Box 22 Folder l Hall Dr. Isaac
Box 22 Folder m Hamlin
Box 22 Folder n Hamme
Box 22 Folder o Hamner
Box 22 Folder p Hansford & Folliott
Box 22 Folder q Hardyman
Box 22 Folder r Hargrove
Box 22 Folder s Harper
Box 22 Folder t Harralson
Box 22 Folder u Harris (Isle of Wight, VA, and NC)
Box 22 Folder v Harris (Daniel; Earles)
Box 23 Folder a Harris, Andrew Jackson
Box 23 Folder b Harris, Anthony
Box 23 Folder c Harris, Bedford
Box 23 Folder d Harris, Bennett
Box 23 Folder e Harris, Charles
Box 23 Folder f Harris, Claiborne
Box 23 Folder g Harris, Capt. Daniel
Box 23 Folder h Harris, David H
Box 23 Folder i Harris, Edmond
Box 23 Folder j Harris, Edward
Box 23 Folder k Harris, Joseph
Box 23 Folder l Harris, George
Box 23 Folder m Harris, James
Box 23 Folder n Harris, John (Fulgham)
Box 24 Folder a Harris, Sergt. John (Lymberry)
Box 24 Folder b Harris, Lemuel Robert
Box 24 Folder c Harris, Matthew
Box 24 Folder d Harris, Michael
Box 24 Folder e Harris, Nathan
Box 24 Folder f Harris, Nathaniel
Box 24 Folder g Harris, Raymond Allen
Box 24 Folder h Harris, Robert (Fulgham)
Box 24 Folder i Harris, Robert Egerton
Box 24 Folder j Harris, Simon
Box 24 Folder k Harris, Capt. Thomas
Box 24 Folder l Harris, Thomas (Martin)
Box 24 Folder m Harris, Thomas E
Box 24 Folder n Harris, West (Williams)
Box 24 Folder o Harris, Sir William (English ancestry)
Box 24 Folder p Harris, Sir William (French Ancestors)
Box 24 Folder q Harrison
Box 25 Folder a Harton/Hawthorne
Box 25 Folder b Hartwell
Box 25 Folder c Hathcock/Heathcote
Box 25 Folder d Harvie
Box 25 Folder e Hawkins #1
Box 25 Folder f Hawkins #2
Box 25 Folder g Hawkins, Col. Benjamin
Box 25 Folder h Hawkins, Benjamin Franklin
Box 25 Folder i Hawkins, Col. John (Macon)
Box 25 Folder j Hawkins, Maj. John (Wyatt)
Box 25 Folder k Hawkins, John Davis
Box 25 Folder l Hawkins, Gen. Micajah Thomas
Box 25 Folder m Hawkins, Philemon (Howard)
Box 25 Folder n Hawkins, Philemon Sr. (Martin)
Box 25 Folder o Hawkins, Philemon Jr. and Davis, Lucy
Box 25 Folder p Hawkins, Philemon Jr., Gov. Wm. Hawkins, Benjamin Franklin Hawkins
Box 25 Folder q Hawkins, Philemon (Family Bible)
Box 25 Folder r Hawkins, Penkethman
Box 25 Folder s Hawkins, Timothy Morton
Box 25 Folder t Hawkins, Gov. William
Box 25 Folder u Andrews, William Johnston, & Virginia Hawkins
Box 26 Folder a Hawkins, Wyatt
Box 26 Folder b Haymore/Haymour
Box 26 Folder c Hazard
Box 26 Folder d Hazelwood (Moss; Harper)
Box 26 Folder e Heggie, Davis, Glover & Pomfret
Box 26 Folder f Henderson
Box 26 Folder g Henley
Box 26 Folder h Henry- John Henry & son Patrick
Box 26 Folder i Hicks
Box 26 Folder j Hightower
Box 26 Folder k Hill
Box 26 Folder l Hilliard
Box 26 Folder m Hilliard (Warren Co. NC)
Box 26 Folder o Hilliard, Bartlett
Box 27 Folder a Hilton (Winthrop)
Box 27 Folder b Hines
Box 27 Folder c Hinton (Holmes, Banks, Perry, Lewis)
Box 27 Folder d Hinton, (Willis; Lewis; Warner)
Box 27 Folder e Holcombe
Box 27 Folder f Holt-White
Box 27 Folder g Holt, Randall (Surry Co., Virginia)
Box 27 Folder h Horn
Box 27 Folder i House/Howze ( Huntington & Michelle Yarborough)
Box 27 Folder j Howard (Bennett, Langston)
Box 27 Folder k Huckaby
Box 27 Folder l Hundley
Box 27 Folder m Hunt
Box 27 Folder n Hunt (Ravens, Macon)
Box 28 Folder a Hunter
Box 28 Folder b Hunter (Lang and May)
Box 28 Folder c Hunter, Isaac (Pugh; Hill)
Box 28 Folder d Hunter, Isaac Sr. (Parker)
Box 28 Folder e Hunter, Nicholas
Box 28 Folder f Hunter, Norsworthy
Box 28 Folder g Hunter, Theophilus
Box 28 Folder h Hunter, William
Box 28 Folder i Hurst
Box 28 Folder j Ingram
Box 28 Folder k Irby
Box 28 Folder l Ivey
Box 28 Folder m Jackson
Box 28 Folder n James
Box 28 Folder o Jean
Box 29 Folder a Jeffreys
Box 29 Folder b Jeffreys (Norfleet)
Box 29 Folder c Jefferson (Field-Nichols)
Box 29 Folder d Jenkins
Box 29 Folder e Johnson, John Roche
Box 29 Folder f Johnson, Marmaduke
Box 29 Folder g Johnston
Box 29 Folder h Johnston (Craig; Ratliffe; Strayhorn)
Box 29 Folder i Jones, Albert Gamaliel
Box 29 Folder j Jones, Edward (Harris; Exum)
Box 29 Folder k Jones, Edward (Abigail Sugars)
Box 29 Folder l Jones , Edward (Mary Hill; Duke)
Box 30 Folder a Jones, Edward (Stevens)
Box 30 Folder b Jones, Epps L
Box 30 Folder c Jones, Fanning
Box 30 Folder d Jones, Fred
Box 30 Folder e Jones, Dr. Isaac Newton
Box 30 Folder f Jones, James Kimbrough
Box 30 Folder g Jones, Robert Hill
Box 30 Folder h Jones, Samuel
Box 30 Folder i Jones , William Green (Ransom)
Box 30 Folder j Jordan
Box 30 Folder k Judkins
Box 30 Folder l Kearney, Barnaby (Godwin)
Box 30 Folder m Kearney/Karney (Barnaby & Shemuel)
Box 30 Folder n Kearney/Karney, Thomas
Box 30 Folder o Keel/Kiel
Box 30 Folder p Keeling (Bullock, Henderson & Ridley)
Box 30 Folder q Keeling (Williams, Graves)
Box 30 Folder r Kelly
Box 31 Folder a Kendricks (see Dinkins File)
Box 31 Folder b Kendrick, Joseph T. (Dabney; Byrd)
Box 31 Folder c Kennon
Box 31 Folder d Key
Box 31 Folder e King (Harris)
Box 31 Folder f Kinnamon
Box 31 Folder g Kimbell (various spellings: Kimbrell, Kimbel, Kimball, Kymball and Cimbal)
Box 31 Folder h Kimball, Drury
Box 31 Folder i Kymball, William
Box 31 Folder j Kymball, Charles
Box 31 Folder k Kimball, Benjamin
Box 31 Folder l Kimball, Joseph
Box 31 Folder m Kimball, Joseph (Sarah Adams)
Box 32 Folder a Kimball, Peter
Box 32 Folder b Kimball, Buckner
Box 32 Folder c Kimball, Joseph
Box 32 Folder d Kimball, Joseph
Box 32 Folder e Kimball
Box 32 Folder f Kimball (Spell)
Box 32 Folder g Kinchen/Kitchen (Dawson)
Box 32 Folder h Kittrell
Box 32 Folder i Knowles-Noles
Box 32 Folder j Lamb
Box 32 Folder k Lambkin
Box 32 Folder l Lancaster
Box 32 Folder m Lancaster (Harris, Williams, Pegram, Egerton, Godrey, Hart)
Box 32 Folder n Lancaster, Joel
Box 32 Folder o Lancaster, John
Box 32 Folder p Lancaster, Lawrence
Box 33 Folder a Lancaster, Lawrence Jr
Box 33 Folder b Lancaster, Levi
Box 33 Folder c Lancaster/Lanquisheer, Robert
Box 33 Folder d Lancaster, Robert Jr. (Judith Clary)
Box 33 Folder e Lancaster, Samuel (Ellis)
Box 33 Folder f Lancaster, Samuel (Futrell)
Box 33 Folder g Lane
Box 33 Folder h Langston
Box 33 Folder i Langston
Box 33 Folder j Lanier
Box 33 Folder k Lashly
Box 33 Folder l Laughter/Lawter
Box 34 Folder a Lawrence & Ricks
Box 34 Folder b Lea (Waller, Herndon, Talbott and Tarpley)
Box 34 Folder c Lee (See Mimms chart)
Box 34 Folder d Lewis (Warner)
Box 34 Folder e Lewis, Edward
Box 34 Folder f Ligon
Box 34 Folder g Lillington
Box 34 Folder h Lindsey
Box 34 Folder i Lipscombe/Lypscomb
Box 34 Folder j Little (Gale)
Box 34 Folder k Littlepage
Box 34 Folder l Littlejohn (Mutter)
Box 34 Folder m Long (McKinne, Millikin, Richmond, Seawell, King, Skipwith)
Box 34 Folder n Love
Box 34 Folder o Ludwell
Box 35 Folder a Lundy (Birchett, Bouchier, Graves, Jordan, Brown)
Box 35 Folder b Lyddal (See Bacon)
Box 35 Folder c Lyles (See Ward)
Box 35 Folder d Lyne
Box 35 Folder e Mabry/Mayberry/Maybury)
Box 35 Folder f McAden
Box 35 Folder g McGeehee
Box 35 Folder h McIntyre
Box 35 Folder i McInvale/McIlvail/McLevail/McIngvale
Box 35 Folder j Mckinne/MacQuinney
Box 35 Folder k McLemore
Box 35 Folder l McLemore, Abraham
Box 35 Folder m McLemore, Atkins
Box 35 Folder n McLemore, James
Box 35 Folder o McLemore, Nathaniel (Christmas)
Box 35 Folder p McLemore, Robert
Box 36 Folder a McLemore, Young
Box 36 Folder b Maclin (Macklin)
Box 36 Folder c McNeill (Poteat, Gunter)
Box 36 Folder d McRorie
Box 36 Folder e Macon
Box 36 Folder f Macon (Hunt)
Box 36 Folder g Macon, Gideon
Box 36 Folder h Macon, John
Box 36 Folder i Madison, James (U.S. President)
Box 36 Folder j Mallory (Woodson, Jefferson, Field and Harris)
Box 36 Folder k Malone (Tatum)
Box 36 Folder l Manson (Thweatt; Green)
Box 37 Folder a Marshall (Dixon, William, Gilliam, Wilson, Blackwell, Wortham)
Box 37 Folder b Marshall, Isaac and Ezekial Marshall
Box 37 Folder c Martin
Box 37 Folder d Mason
Box 37 Folder e Massenburg
Box 37 Folder f Massey
Box 37 Folder g Mattox (See Macklin)
Box 37 Folder h Maupin
Box 37 Folder i Maxwell
Box 37 Folder j May (Maye)
Box 37 Folder k Mayfield (Mills and Foote)
Box 37 Folder l Mayo
Box 37 Folder m Meadows
Box 37 Folder n Mealer
Box 37 Folder o Mebane
Box 37 Folder p Medlin
Box 38 Folder a Melton
Box 38 Folder b Meriweather
Box 38 Folder c Milam/Mylam
Box 38 Folder d Miller (Smelly)
Box 38 Folder e Milles (James and his son Edmond)
Box 38 Folder f Milner (Norfleet) See also Jeffreys
Box 38 Folder g Mimms (See also Lee, Perkinson)
Box 38 Folder h Minge/Minge(s)/Mingea
Box 38 Folder i Mitchell (Franklin Co., NC)
Box 39 Folder a Moncure
Box 39 Folder b Monroe (Warren Co., NC)
Box 39 Folder c Montague
Box 39 Folder d Montgomery (Wilson, Mitchell, Pearson)
Box 39 Folder e Moody
Box 39 Folder f Mordecai (Lane, Hinton, and Dortch)
Box 39 Folder g Morgan
Box 39 Folder h Morris
Box 39 Folder i Moseley
Box 39 Folder j Moss
Box 39 Folder k Motley
Box 39 Folder l Murphy (Duke, Majors)
Box 39 Folder m Murrah/Murrey
Box 40 Folder a Myrick
Box 40 Folder b Neal/Neale/Neel
Box 40 Folder c Neale (King William Co., Virginia)
Box 40 Folder d Needham
Box 40 Folder e Nelson
Box 40 Folder f Newell
Box 40 Folder g Newman (Hilliard, Daniel)
Box 40 Folder h Newsom(e)
Box 40 Folder i Newton (Mowbray; Grigsby; Colclough)
Box 40 Folder j Nichols (Wilson, Jefferson, Gilliam, Marshall)
Box 40 Folder k Nicholson (Davis)
Box 40 Folder l Norfleet (See also Jeffreys)
Box 41 Folder a Norsworthy (Hunter)
Box 41 Folder b Norwood (Boyd, Bobbitt, Robert Jenson Jones, Massenberg)
Box 41 Folder c O'Bannon
Box 41 Folder d O'Quin
Box 41 Folder e Oliver
Box 41 Folder f Osborne
Box 41 Folder g Overton (Waters; Harris; Garland)
Box 41 Folder h Page and Wilder
Box 41 Folder i Paine
Box 41 Folder j Palmer
Box 41 Folder k Pardue/Perdue/Pardieu
Box 41 Folder l Parham (Lewis Green and Green)
Box 42 Folder a Park/Parks/Park(e )
Box 42 Folder b Parker (Person; Turner)
Box 42 Folder c Parrish (Hicks)
Box 42 Folder d Paschall
Box 42 Folder e Patillo See also White
Box 42 Folder f Patterson
Box 42 Folder g Pattishall
Box 42 Folder h Paulett
Box 42 Folder i Pearce Pioneers in Kentucky (copyrighted)
Box 42 Folder j Pearson (See also Gilmore)
Box 42 Folder k Peek
Box 43 Folder a Peete (Jones)
Box 43 Folder b Pegram
Box 43 Folder c Pendleton
Box 43 Folder d Penn
Box 43 Folder e Perkinson
Box 43 Folder f Perry
Box 43 Folder g Person/Persons
Box 43 Folder h Peters
Box 43 Folder i Peteway/Pettway/Pettaway/Petteway
Box 44 Folder a Pettipool (Pool)
Box 44 Folder b Pinkethman
Box 44 Folder c Pinnell
Box 44 Folder d Pitchford
Box 44 Folder e Pitt
Box 44 Folder f Pittman (Harris) See also Lancaster.
Box 44 Folder g Pleasants (See also Cocke-Burton file)
Box 44 Folder h Plummer
Box 44 Folder i Plummer
Box 44 Folder j Plummer
Box 44 Folder k Plummer
Box 45 Folder a Poindexter
Box 45 Folder b Polk (Pollock)
Box 45 Folder c Pollard
Box 45 Folder d Pomfret
Box 45 Folder e Porch
Box 45 Folder f Portis/Poythress
Box 45 Folder g Powell (Gwathmey)
Box 45 Folder h Powell (Pridgen)
Box 45 Folder i Powell (Sledge)
Box 45 Folder j Power
Box 45 Folder k Presnall
Box 46 Folder a Presnall (Maupin)
Box 46 Folder b Pretlow/Pricklove
Box 46 Folder c Price (McCraw, Reynolds, Solomon)
Box 46 Folder d Price (Hughes, Moore)
Box 46 Folder e Pryor (Pettus)
Box 46 Folder f Puckett
Box 46 Folder g Pugh (Hill, Hunter, Hinton)
Box 46 Folder h Putnam
Box 46 Folder i Rackley
Box 46 Folder j Ragsdale
Box 47 Folder a Rainey/Raimey/Ramey
Box 47 Folder b Raleigh, Sir Walter (Throckmorton)
Box 47 Folder c Randolph
Box 47 Folder d Randolph (Beverley)
Box 47 Folder e Ransom
Box 47 Folder f Ransom Ancestors (See Ransom file)
Box 47 Folder g Ransom, James Jr
Box 47 Folder h Ransom, Robert and wife Pricilla, Bible Records
Box 47 Folder i Ray (See also: Waller, Gardner, Pryor, Myrick and Rodwell)
Box 47 Folder j Ricks (Horn; Richard Green)
Box 48 Folder a Ridgeway
Box 48 Folder b Ridley
Box 48 Folder c Riggan (Virginia Records)
Box 48 Folder d Riggan (NC Records)
Box 48 Folder e Rives/Reaves/Reeves
Box 48 Folder f Robins, Obedience (Grace O'Neill; Savage)
Box 48 Folder h Rodwell (Ray; Waller)
Box 48 Folder i Rodgers (Eelbeck)
Box 48 Folder j Rolfe/Roffe (Bolling)
Box 49 Folder a Rooker
Box 49 Folder b Rose
Box 49 Folder c Ross (Milan; Shearin)
Box 49 Folder d Royall/Royal (Randolph, Beverley and Isham)
Box 49 Folder e Rucks
Box 49 Folder f Ruffin
Box 49 Folder g Rush
Box 49 Folder h Russell
Box 49 Folder i Salmon
Box 49 Folder j Sanders
Box 49 Folder k Sanders (Sims; Christmas)
Box 49 Folder l Sandiford
Box 49 Folder m Sandland
Box 50 Folder a Sartan/Surtain/Certain/Sertain
Box 50 Folder b Satterwhite
Box 50 Folder c Savage (Robins)
Box 50 Folder d Scarburgh
Box 50 Folder e Seawell
Box 50 Folder f Senter/Center (Marshall; Durham; Colclough)
Box 50 Folder g Shearin
Box 50 Folder h Sheppard
Box 50 Folder i Short
Box 50 Folder j Simmons
Box 50 Folder k Sims
Box 50 Folder l Sims Family (By Preston)
Box 51 Folder a Sims Family Manuscripts (By Edythe Whitley, 1978)
Box 51 Folder b Sims (Martin; Bullock)
Box 51 Folder c Skinner (Blount; Robinson) See also Little, Person, Baker, Hamlin
Box 51 Folder d Skipwith (Prestwould)
Box 51 Folder e Slade (Miles)
Box 51 Folder f Sledge
Box 51 Folder g Sledge, Woodrow
Box 51 Folder h Sledge, Woodrow
Box 52 Folder a Sledge, Woodrow
Box 52 Folder b Smart (Bennett and Lancaster)
Box 52 Folder c Smelly
Box 52 Folder d Smith (Avent)
Box 52 Folder e Smith, Gulielmus
Box 52 Folder f Smith, William Alexander
Box 52 Folder g Snow
Box 52 Folder h Soane
Box 53 Folder a Southall (Rives, Turner)
Box 53 Folder b Speed (Bignall)
Box 53 Folder c Speight
Box 53 Folder d Spencer
Box 53 Folder e Springer
Box 53 Folder f Springfield (Styles)
Box 53 Folder g Spurlock
Box 53 Folder h Stafford, James Spottiswoode
Box 53 Folder i Stallings
Box 53 Folder j Stamper (Jordan)
Box 53 Folder k Stephens
Box 53 Folder l Stith
Box 53 Folder m Stovall
Box 53 Folder n Stuart, James Ewell Brown (Gen. Jeb Stuart)
Box 54 Folder a Sturdivant
Box 54 Folder b Sumner
Box 54 Folder c Swann (See also Lillington, Durmmond)
Box 54 Folder d Swepson/Swepstone
Box 54 Folder e Sydnor (Taylor)
Box 54 Folder f Tabb
Box 54 Folder g Talbert/Tolbert (Lea)
Box 54 Folder h Taliaferro (See also Ellet)
Box 54 Folder i Talley
Box 54 Folder j Tanner (Pickerell)
Box 54 Folder k Tarver
Box 54 Folder l Tatum
Box 54 Folder m Taylor, Seth Jones (Boyd)
Box 54 Folder n Taylor (Roebuck, Wynn, Mobley)
Box 55 Folder a Taylor, Rev. Daniel
Box 55 Folder b Taylor, Dr. William Woodruff (Poindexter)
Box 55 Folder c Taylor, Francis (Thorp)
Box 55 Folder d Terrell
Box 55 Folder e David Terry
Box 55 Folder f Thomas
Box 55 Folder g Thompson
Box 55 Folder h Thorn (Keese)
Box 55 Folder i Thorne (Dr Samuel)
Box 56 Folder a Thornton (VA)
Box 56 Folder b Thornton (NC)
Box 56 Folder c Thornton, Yancey
Box 56 Folder d Thoroughgood (See Yeardley and Custis Files)
Box 56 Folder e Thorp
Box 56 Folder f Threewitts
Box 56 Folder g Thweatt (Poythress, Green, Manson)
Box 56 Folder h Todd
Box 56 Folder i Tom(e)s
Box 56 Folder j Toole/O'Tool (Irvin, Hill)
Box 56 Folder k Townes
Box 56 Folder l Townshend
Box 56 Folder m Traylor
Box 57 Folder a Tucker
Box 57 Folder b Tunstall (Pugh, Savage)
Box 57 Folder c Turner, Gov. James (ancestors and some descendants)
Box 57 Folder d Turner, Terisha
Box 57 Folder e Twitty
Box 57 Folder f Turner (Tomlyn, Tomlin)
Box 57 Folder g Tyler
Box 57 Folder h Tynes/Tines
Box 57 Folder i Uzzell (Boon, Marshall)
Box 57 Folder j Vanlandingham
Box 57 Folder k Vaughan
Box 57 Folder l Verser
Box 57 Folder m Vinson/Vincent
Box 58 Folder a Walker
Box 58 Folder b Walker
Box 58 Folder c Wallace
Box 58 Folder d Ward (See Lyles, Jordan, Wortham)
Box 58 Folder e Waller (See Ray, Pryor, Gardner, Myrick and Rodwell)
Box 58 Folder f Warren
Box 58 Folder g Washington (Ball, Pope)
Box 58 Folder h Watkins/Wadkins
Box 58 Folder i Watson (Purefoy)
Box 59 Folder a Watson (Hinton)
Box 59 Folder b Weathers
Box 59 Folder c Weaver
Box 59 Folder d Webb (Smith, Downey, Cooper)
Box 59 Folder e Weldon
Box 59 Folder f West (Macon, Woodward)
Box 59 Folder g Whatley
Box 59 Folder h Whitaker/Whiteacres
Box 59 Folder i Willaford (See Lancaster File)
Box 59 Folder j White/Whyte
Box 59 Folder k Wickham ("Hickory Hill," Hanover Co., VA)
Box 59 Folder l Wilhite/Wilhide
Box 60 Folder a Williams, Ludwig Claiborne
Box 60 Folder b Williams (By F. Graham Williams)
Box 60 Folder c Williams (Alston, Boddie, Whitmell, Tunstall)
Box 60 Folder d Williams, Alfred Alston
Box 60 Folder e Williams, Burwell
Box 60 Folder f Williams, John
Box 60 Folder g Williams, Robert
Box 60 Folder h Williams, Roger and Wife Jane
Box 61 Folder a Williams, Roger II
Box 61 Folder b Williams, Roger III
Box 61 Folder c Williams, Thomas and Roger IV
Box 61 Folder d Williams, Roger V
Box 61 Folder e Williams, William
Box 61 Folder f Williams, Wyatt
Box 61 Folder g Williamson (Byrd, Chamberlain)
Box 61 Folder h Williamson (Hunter, Alston, Hinton, Lindsey)
Box 61 Folder i Wills/Wells
Box 61 Folder j Wilson
Box 61 Folder k Winston
Box 62 Folder a Womble (Marrow)
Box 62 Folder b Wood (Haynes)
Box 62 Folder c Wood (Jones, Wynne)
Box 62 Folder d Woodliffe/Woodlife
Box 62 Folder e Woodson (Michaux)
Box 62 Folder f Woollard
Box 62 Folder g Wooton
Box 62 Folder h Wormeley
Box 62 Folder i Worrell
Box 62 Folder j Worsham
Box 62 Folder k Wortham
Box 62 Folder l Wright
Box 63 Folder a Wyatt
Box 63 Folder b Wynne
Box 63 Folder c Yancey
Box 63 Folder d Yancey Notes
Box 63 Folder e Yancey, Albert Gallatin
Box 63 Folder f Yancey, Archelaus
Box 63 Folder g Yancey, Bartlett
Box 63 Folder i Yancey, James Sr
Box 63 Folder j Yancey, James Jr
Box 63 Folder k Yancey, James (Charles Yancey Jr.)
Box 63 Folder l Yancey, Jeconias
Box 63 Folder m Yancey, Lewis and Mary Graves
Box 63 Folder n Yancey, Noel Marcus
Box 64 Folder a Yancey, Phillip
Box 64 Folder b Yancey, Richard
Box 64 Folder c Yancey, Col. Robert
Box 64 Folder d Yancey, Stirling
Box 64 Folder e Yancey, Thorton
Box 64 Folder f Yancey, William
Box 64 Folder g Yarborough
Box 64 Folder h Yardley (Yeardley)
Box 64 Folder i Young (Foster)
Box 64 Folder j Young (Foster)
Box 64 Folder k Miscellaneous
Box 64 Folder l Shady Oaks
Box 64 Folder m Miscellaneous
Box 65 Folder a Miscellaneous
Box 65 Folder b PCB
Box 65 Folder c Person Ordinary
Box 65 Folder d Horses--Virginia and North Carolina
Box 65 Folder e House of George Robert Sledge (in Warrenton)
Box 65 Folder f Miscellaneous
Box 65 Folder g Miscellaneous
Box 66 Folder a Miscellaneous
Box 66 Folder b Miscellaneous
Box 66 Folder c Nebraska House-built by Mrs. Daniel Turner (Daughter of Francis Scott Key)
Box 66 Folder d Houses of Hanover Co. Virginia
Box 66 Folder e Royal Family and Wedding
Box 66 Folder f Miscellaneous
Box 66 Folder g Miscellaneous
Box 66 Folder h Miscellaneous