Murfreesboro Historical Association Collection: Benjamin B. Winborne Papers, 1717-1957

Manuscript Collection #691-005

  • Descriptive Summary
    Title: Murfreesboro Historical Association Collection: Benjamin B. Winborne Papers
    Creator: Murfreesboro Historical Association
    Winborne, Benjamin B.
    Repository: ECU Manuscript Collection
    Language: English
    Abstract: Files (1717-1957) of Murfreesboro, N.C. lawyers and Hertford County, N.C. officals, including correspondence, legal files, reports, financial records, etc. of B.B. Winborne, Attorney at Law, Winborne & Lawrence, Winborne and Winborne, Lemuel R. Jernigan and James L. Anderson.
    Extent: 88.0 Cubic feet, 161 archival boxes and 9 oversize folders,
  • Description

    The papers are divided into seven series: Correspondence, Business, Political and Legal Materials, Financial Records, Personal and Family Materials, Printed Materials, Other Hertford County Officials and Oversize Materials. The Winborne Papers as a whole encompass all facets of social, political, business and civic life in and around Murfreesboro, North Carolina, including surrounding counties in both northeastern North Carolina and southeastern Virginia. As a result, similar subjects are reflected across all series. For example, many topics and individuals in the Correspondence series are also represented in the Business, Political and Legal Materials series. This cohesiveness is mainly due to the fact that the bulk of the material was left in the same order as it was originally received. Furthermore, this order is believed to generally reflect Winborne’s personal organization scheme, one in which he tended to file his materials together because they were so interrelated in scope.

    More specifically, major topics documented in the papers include local and regional business relations, the history and culture of northeastern North Carolina, promotion for development of roads in North Carolina, involvement in railroad interests, water navigation and other transportation, educational affairs of Hertford County and surrounding counties, the economic dominance of agriculture in northeastern North Carolina, opinions of prohibition laws and the issue of race.

    Series Descriptions

    Series 1: The Correspondence series. Just like the Winborne Papers as a whole, the correspondence encompasses all facets of social, political, business and civic life in and around Murfreesboro, North Carolina, including surrounding counties in both northeastern North Carolina and southeastern Virginia. Also present is correspondence on a personal level, including letters to and from family members. The Correspondence series is divided into two subseries - Legal and Business Correspondence, and Personal and Family Correspondence - but there is some unavoidable overlapping between the subseries.

    Correspondence in the collection reflects Winborne's intense involvement and interest in politics and documents the bulk of his political career. North Carolina modeled its amended Reconstruction-era constitution after Louisiana, resulting in the disfranchisement of most African Americans in the state. The 1900 election proved to be the most intense political affair in which Winborne was involved. Letters (March through November, 1900) deal with campaign strategy, restrictions on African Americans registering to vote, and justifications for extreme approaches to election management.

    Although the Winbornes handled many legal cases that helped shape North Carolina legal theory, they also served merchants, mail order houses, and clearing houses in collections of unpaid accounts. Hundreds of letters spanning the entire correspondence reflect the strategies, difficulties, and expectations of debt collections, compromises, and suits related to debt. Debt collection and routine legal discussions, primarily involving agriculture, lumber, and real property comprise the vast majority of the legal correspondence, but many letters offer insight on legal and forensic strategy applied by Winborne and other associated lawyers who handled cases with him.

    During much of its existence, the Winborne firm served as counsel for the Albemarle Steam Navigation Company, a steamship line based in Franklin, Virginia that operated at points on the Meherrin and Chowan Rivers. Many letters describe proposed wharf sites and the difficulties with buying, renting, or otherwise controlling the property needed for their wharves. Letters throughout the collection discuss with Winborne the procurement of wharf property or rental of wharves at points in Hertford, Gates and Chowan Counties.

    Winborne also served as counsel for the Camp Manufacturing Company, a lumber company based in Franklin, Virginia that had tremendous land and timber holdings in Northeastern North Carolina. Voluminous correspondence between Winborne and Camp Manufacturing is present and pertains to property purchases, timber purchases, advice on dealing with the North Carolina Corporation Commission.

    Winborne also paid careful attention to the affairs of local businesses. Letters throughout the collection, usually from wholesalers or mail order houses, inquire whether to extend credit to certain individuals in Hertford County. In 1887, the Winborne brothers, Uriah Vaughan, and other Murfreesboro businessmen obtained a charter from the General Assembly for the Murfreesboro Railroad. According to its original charter, it was to link with the Roanoke and Tar River Railroad, part of the Seaboard Air Line system. It was decided that this linkage would occur at Pendleton.

    The economic dominance of agriculture in northeastern North Carolina is obvious in the collection. Many letters discuss the condition of crops, predominantly cotton and peanuts, for each year. The correspondence also contains letters concerning problems with tenants, debt collections, liens on crops, shipment of crops, storage of crops and sale of crops, usually in Norfolk.

    In regards to prospects for real estate investment and development, the correspondence contains many descriptions of cities, predominantly in North Carolina and Virginia. Virginia cities include Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Buena Vista. North Carolina cities consist of Mount Airy, Morehead City, Dunn and Hendersonville. Denver, Colorado and Muskogee, Oklahoma are also mentioned.

    Community affairs and improvements are also well represented in the correspondence. For example, both B. B. and his son, Stanley, took great interest in good roads for North Carolina. Letters (11 March 1918 to 13 December 1920) discuss the need for North Carolina to become part of the Bankhead National Highway system. Letters pertaining to the Bankhead highway include proposed routes through North Carolina.

    Besides his immersion in politics, law and business, Winborne avidly researched the history of northeastern North Carolina, and this is covered in the correspondence as well as other series. In addition, correspondence is present discussing a medical operation had by Winborne after developing physical complications in 1902. These letters also document Winborne’s health difficulties and encouragement from friends for recovery.

    An extensive in-depth narrative (on which this Correspondence series description is based) by Keith Rouse focusing on the Correspondence series can be found at the following link: WinborneNarrativebyRouse.doc

    This narrative offers great detail and further context of individual letters, including much more information on other Winborne family members, among them death dates and other facts.

    Series 2: The Business, Political and Legal Materials series consists of fairly extensive legal notes (circa late 1800s-early 1900s) presumed to be compiled mainly by B. B. Winborne. Also included are documents and notes regarding North Carolina legislation from roughly the same time period. The majority of this is handwritten and unofficial, appearing to reflect Winborne’s personal thoughts on these issues. In addition, several of Winborne’s speeches (mostly handwritten) can be found. From their titles, one can see that most of these were given to religious groups, social clubs and educational institutions, and again from about the same time period as the above mentioned items. Winton Academy in North Carolina is one such institution where Winborne delivered at least one speech. Court case summaries can also be found in this series. These involve primarily cases tried in Herford County by Winborne and his colleagues. These date from the late 1800s to the early 1900s, as do several Hertford County registration and polling books that are present. Also present are court calendars (1913-1928, undated) for superior courts in the counties of Herford, Gates, Northampton and Bertie. Delegate rosters for the 1908 North Carolina Democratic Convention can also be found. The legal case files, ranging from the mid-1800s to the early 1900s, are filed alphabetical by plaintiff or by person concerned. Subjects of cases include breaches of contract, nonpayment of funds, insurance fraud, divorces and estate settlements. The bulk of the cases originated in the North Carolina counties of Bertie, Hertford, and Northampton.

    Series 3: The Financial Records series include a substantial amount of receipts (1883-1923, undated), mostly for payment for transportation of goods from The New Supply Company. Also present are a large amount of handwritten “other company” receipts (1873-1909, undated). These consist primarily of “unofficial” receipts with handwritten figures, along with some “official” receipts, both of which appear to be related to Winborne’s legal and banking activities. There are also sixteen small account books (1876-1939), many of which are bank account books belonging to Thomas B. Wynn, Stanley Winborne, Winborne and Lawrence and unidentified individuals. An extensive amount of ledger books (1871-1957, undated) can also be found in this series. Many of these are by unknown creators, and several document sales activities of businesses. These businesses include Day’s Department Store, Murfreesboro, N.C.; Spencer House, C. W. Spencer, proprietor, Murfreesboro, N.C.; Wynn Brothers, Murfreesboro, N.C.; Favorite Grocery, Rocky Mount, N.C.; New Supply Company, Murfreesboro, N.C. (stock certificate book); The Roanoke Albemarle Agricultural Fair of Murfreesboro, N.C. (stock certificate book); Murfreesboro Knitting Mills, W.H. Sanders, President and Treasurer; Dixie Land and Investment Company, Mr. D. R. McGlohon, Winton, N.C.; (also includes drawn plan of drain cabinet and several receipts) and several ledgers for Robert Holloman, owner of Holloman Hotel, Ahoskie, N.C. Included in a few of Holloman’s ledgers are materials (moved to archival folders inside the ledgers). These items include a copy of extracts from a speech entitled “The Tariff” given to the President by Senator Lee S. Overton in 1909. Holloman was also mayor of Ahoskie and in one of the ledgers are letters from local and state government regarding quarantining of the city until certain areas are cleaned up. This issue focused on fears of the spread of hookworm disease and typhoid fever to the town’s citizens due to unsanitary conditions. A few advertising brochures of Virginia-Carolina Peanut Picker Company, Inc., Suffolk, Va. can be found, as well as documents related to the estate of W. E. Brett. Ledgers created by individuals include those by L. L. Moore (believed to be based in Murfreesboro, N.C.), Judge David Alexander Barnes of Murfreesboro, N.C., Miss Essie Edwards of Menola, N.C., and Winborne family members, mostly with documentation legal in nature. Also included is an unused account book with the inscription “To Stanley from his devoted father, B. B. Winborne,” Stanley Winborne’s legal cases court case docket books (some containing correspondence) and an unnamed church’s missions account book, with the associated name of T. H. Overton, Ahoskie, N.C. There are also several ledgers documenting the settling of estates of several people. Most of these were handled by B. B. Winborne. Estates include those for Alice Stancill (wife of Dr. J. H. Stancill), Judge David Alexander Barnes of Murfreesboro, the Gatling Family, Sarah A. Vaughan, L. L. Moore, J. T. Lewton, and Uriah Vaughan.

    Series 4: The Personal and Family Materials series contains several notebooks, many in shorthand and unintelligible (1927-1928, undated). Also present are two personal wallets and one undated notebook of poetry, all believed to have belonged to B. B. Winborne. Winborne’s extensive genealogy notes are included as well. It is assumed that this made up the bulk of his research that led to his several publications on the history and early families of Hertford County. Among the Hertford and Bertie Counties, N.C. families mentioned in the notes include: Garrett, Outlaw, Outland, Valentine, Holley, Etheridge, Harrell Shaw, Sumner, Scott, Jernigan, Sharp, Pruden, Baker, Jenkins, Walton, Bridgers, and Wynns.

    Related to this are several photographic images of members of the Winborne Family. Most are prints from photographs, and it is assumed were used in at least one or more of his historical publications on the family. Images present are of S. D. Winborne (drawing, 1849); Ambrotype of unknown person (circa 1850s-mid 1860s); B. B. Winborne (print, undated); B. B. Winborne (print, 1895); Richard Winborne (print, undated); B. B. Jr. and Stanley Winborne as children (print, undated); Mrs. Mary H. Winborne (nee Pretlow) (print, undated); John Wallace Winborne (print, undated); Miss Mary Elizabeth Winborne (print, undated); William H. Winborne (print, undated); Mr. Elisha Winborne (print, undated); Dr. R. H. Winborne (print, undated); Robert Warren, Esq. of Hertford County (drawing, undated); Ella M. Savage (nee Winborne) (print, undated); Mrs. Nellie V. Winborne (print, undated); Miss Mary Elizabeth Winborne (print, undated); Micajah T. Winborne (print, undated); Maj. S. D. Winborne (photograph, undated); a group photo of men in suits; and possibly a class photo (photograph, undated). Also included in this series is Stanley Winborne’s senior thesis (1907) entitled “Organization in Agriculture in the United States” and his undated report card from the University of North Carolina. Clippings (1895-1985, undated) in this series cover local politics, religion, sales of local land and financial news.

    Series 5: The Printed Materials series features several excellent examples of early printed advertising from companies in both northeastern North Carolina and southeastern Virginia. In particular, there are many examples of “nostrum” (a medicine sold with false or exaggerated claims and with no demonstrable value; quack medicine; a scheme, theory, device, etc., especially one to remedy social or political ills; panacea) advertising. (Definition source: Many of the nostrum examples are for homemade or “legal” forms of alcohol. Much of the presence of this material was the result of the current Virginia prohibition laws at that time, as well as the fact that Winborne’s doctor assisted him in receiving alcohol to help with his ailing health shortly before his death in 1919. Some examples of these companies include the Universal Import Company, promoting alcoholic products such as Zanol and Ambrew. Also included, continuing the theme of health improvements, is an in-depth brochure (undated) describing The Battle Creek Sanitarium in Michigan and an advertisement (undated) for Kellogg’s Sanitone Wafers, advertised as a “nerve vitalizer.” Also included in the advertising are several representations of fashions of the day and popular topics, such as prohibition. Of particular interest is an undated leaflet published by The Hearst Publishing Company entitled “The Inside story of Henry Ford’s Jew-Mania.” In addition, advertising for many regional businesses can be found, including a pricelist (1877) for portable circular saw mills produced by Poole and Hunt, Baltimore, Md., two newsletters (1929) entitled “The Bel-Tel News” published by the Carolina Telephone and Telegraph Company, brochures (1927) for the North Carolina camps of Camp Sequoyah in Asheville and Alloh-Wes-Tee Camp in Blowing Rock, a menu (1905) from the upscale Willoughby Beach Hotel in Willoughby, Va., several small agricultural company sponsored pocket notebooks featuring many images of local agricultural activities and the most recent example, a brochure (1955) featuring a full line of Christmas supplies. Also present are several representations of products from transportation related companies. These include the Batavia Rubber Tire Company in New York state, Automotive Supply Company in Atlanta, buggy companies in North Carolina and Virginia, elaborate and colorful brochures for upscale automobiles such as the Oldsmobile Sixes, Essex, Pullman, as well as several publications for the everyday man’s Ford Model T. Also present are items of ephemera related to local persons and events. Among these (all undated) is a card promoting “Stanley Winborne for Solicitor,” passes for the Carolina and Northeastern Railroad Company (owned by Albemarle Steam Navigation Company), tickets for “Chowan Bridge Celebration,” and several railroad passes for Stanley and B. B. Winborne. (Note: For more advertising, see also the Oversized series described below.)

    The North Carolina tracts in this series mostly consist of political and social issues. Examples include tracts discussing white supremacy made permanent in regards to the upcoming vote in August 1900, “an act to regulate the sale and use of propriety medicines should not pass” (undated), and “State School for the Blind and Deaf, Facts and Figures” (undated). Of particular interest is an original handbill (circa 1868) promoting the election of William W. Holden for Governor and Tod R. Caldwell for the first ever position of Lieutenant Governor in North Carolina. They were both elected to office. Among the Non-North Carolina tracts (1858-1929, undated) in this series include speeches and other tracts which focus on topics of finance, race, agriculture, politics, prohibition, education, university statistics, law, United States Congress, United States Supreme Court, and various organizations, including the Masons.

    North Carolina publications (1881-1937, undated) in this series consist of various titles including “Democracy As made Good, Material Unanimously Adopted by the North Carolina Democratic State Convention at Raleigh, April 10, 1918,” a report published by the State Education Committee entitled “The Eight Months Term Support of Public Education” (1927), an incomplete article (undated) by the North Carolina Medical Society, mostly single issues of North Carolina Library Bulletin, Advance Sheets of the North Carolina Supreme Court, Journal of the Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society, Tarheel Banker, North Carolina Law Review, Southeastern Reporter, North Carolina Laws Hand Book, North Carolina Law Journal, “A Story of Cape Fear” (1909), “Republican Misrule and Negro Domination”, “Public Taxation and Negro Schools” (1909), “Proceedings of the North Carolina Masonic Gran Lodge” (1922), “Views of North Wilkesboro” (1906), “A Talk About the Amendment” (1900), a scathing attack on the Republican Party regarding a possible amendment to allow the black vote, and various speeches on similar topics. (Note: For more North Carolina publications, see also the Oversized series described below.) Non-North Carolina publications include mostly single issues of The New York Novelist, The Office Economist and Harper’s Bazar. Also present are several other publications and speeches on the subjects of divorce law, voting, agriculture, finance, prohibition, education, Knights of Columbus, federal reports, New York Governor Al Smith, the Masons, law, religion, politics, agriculture, and the state of Virginia.

    Series 6: Other Hertford County Officials. This series consists mainly of correspondence, legal files and financial records of Lemuel R. Jernigan, James L. Anderson, W. L Daniel, and Dr. S. S. Daniel. Jernigan’s records document financial and legal matters, Civil War-era activities, and political activities. Financial documentation includes purchases of cotton by Jernigan, a list (1829) of promised donors for Elder George Williams' (Ahoskie Church) ministry, a certificate of debt (1866) issued to Starkey S. Harrell by the county court of Hertford, and a description of price differences of head stones for a grave (undated). Jernigan also held interest in a ferry company. Documents related to this venture include correspondence regarding resistance to his interests, a document (1831) entitled “Wynn’s & Jernigan Agreement,” in which Jernigan and William B. Wynns agree that Jernigan furnish free space, take care of all financial business, and oversee a store and tavern at site of their company entitled Wynn’s Ferry. Other ferry-related material includes correspondence (1860) discussing a petition against Jernigan’s interests, a document (1865) authorizing the examination of a ferry fleet in Hertford County, and a petition (undated) marked "petition 2" containing 103 names from residents of Hertford, Bertie, and Chowan Counties requesting that the Winton Ferry not be re-opened for the shipment of goods. Legal documents (many administered by Jernigan) in Jernigan’s papers include several letters requesting him to settle disputes; several arrest warrants for individuals; various bills of sale and land deeds for Gates and Hertford counties (1820s); a document (1850) detailing the hiring of “negro Silas” and listing of clothing supplied and other information; Miles H. Jernigan’s will (1842 ) leaving much of his belongings to several family members, including the “lending” of several “negroes” (with several names listed); a related bond (1842) for Thomas W. Hays, also mentioning some of the “negroes” mentioned in the 1842 will; Jernigan’s home insurance policy (1856); a bill of sale (1857) for “slave Ben;” and an indenture (undated) involving the sale of the estate of Henry Pearce, which includes the mention of both land and “negroes.” Political-related materials consist of a letter (1834) to Jernigan from G. W. Montgomery(?) describing the author’s ailing health and local politics, a letter (1835) to Jernigan from Roscius Cicero “R.C.” Borland (county attorney) discussing politics, a list (1844) of people voting for Jernigan for County Trustee, and a typescript booklet (missing lower quarter section) entitled “Remarks of Jernigan, Esq. before the Electoral College senate chamber Raleigh, Dec 1, 1880.” Civil War-related documents include notices regarding property in Tarboro; a letter to Jernigan from “C. A. Haste, NC CO. C 3 Battalion at Forte [sic] Caswell, NC;” Confederate government forms (1864) indicating value of goods (including number of hogs slaughtered and assessment of taxes); receipt (1864) from S. S. Harrell with poem on back; letter from Confederate Captain E. P. George requesting the need of supplies (including pork and corn for the armies of North Carolina and Virginia, 1865); document (1865) detailing the trading of horses in Tarboro (signed by military personnel); and a notice (undated) by Confederate Captain E. P. George regarding the robbing of orphans and property. Also included are a typescript document entitled “A Proclamation by William Holden, Provisional Governor to the People of North Carolina” detailing a planned election on 21 September 1865 for Convention Delegates resulting from President Andrew Johnson's 29 May 1865 proclamation to restore pro-union governments (signed by Jernigan); and Jernigan’s tax bill (1866), upon which is written “charged under the Act of Congress, entitled ‘an act for the collection of direct taxes in insurrectionary districts within the United States, and for other purposes.’”

    The James L. Anderson portion of this series includes political-related material, financial and legal records and personal correspondence. Much of the financial records relate to Anderson’s commercial interests in cotton and lumber. These include cotton invoices (1884), inventory receipts (1888) for goods, a receipt (1884) for Anderson from T.R. Jernigan (as cotton factor), letters (1881) from a bank in Norfolk, Virginia regarding the sale of land, letters (late 1890s) related to lumber holdings (many to be used for railroad ties), several account books documenting cotton transactions, numerous updates on cotton market prices from various cotton factors (most located in Norfolk and Baltimore.) Among the correspondence can also be found a few letters (1882) to Anderson from his sister and nephew seeking financial help for Anderson's nephew, Hugh, correspondence and receipts related to S. S. Daniel (1890s) and to W. L. Daniel (1933) of Winton, N.C., Louisiana State Lottery tickets (1882) sent to Anderson from New Orleans from the office of M. A. Dauphin, a letter (1882) from Jernigan to Anderson discussing changes in the cotton market, as well as local elections and mention of Winborne (assumed to be B. B. Winborne), an invitation (1883) from Anderson’s brother to attend a Masonic lodge, an advertisement (1893) from Shackelford’s Detective Agency of Atlanta, Georgia stating they shut down “Blind Tigers” (slang for an establishment where alcoholic beverages are sold illegally), an announcement (1896) of prices for all types of foodstuffs and other goods from H. A. Brady & CO. in Baltimore, letters to Mr. W. S. Shaw W. D. Shaw of Winton, NC and letters to Anderson requesting employment or financial assistance. Also of particular interest is a letter (1888) from Samuel A'Court Ashe, Confederate infantry captain, historian, North Carolina legislator and editor and owner of the News and Observer, asking Anderson to allow the newspaper exclusive reports from the Democratic Caucus regarding elections and other news. Also included are several letters (1888-89) from candidates seeking support from Anderson for various political offices. Among the financial and legal records are several of Anderson’s account books (1870-1895), a typescript copy of a will (1777) for Day Ridley of Hertford County, various insurance policies and a North Carolina senate bill (1933) related to the amount of time served in prison camps.

    Series 7: The Oversize Materials series consist of several formats. Certificates (1863-1919) consist of documents listing several Beaufort County Bar Association members, several certificates presented by the state to B.B. Winborne, Stanley Winborne and Robert W. Winborne, insurance policies for the Winborne Family, cancelled State of Virginia Real Estate Trust deeds, a certificate (1909) presented to William Spurgeon Askew by The Grand Fountain of the United Order of True Reformers, a foundation to assist ex-slaves and their families, a certificate presented to Stanley Winborne by the Masonic Lodge and a commission (1863) for Lieutenant Colonel given to James M. Lynn and signed by Governor Zebulon Vance.

    Also present in this series is more advertising (1911-1924). Among these items is a sales catalog (1913) for The Eastern Dealer Implements and Vehicles, a liquor store sales ad (1916) and a campaign poster (undated) with the inscription “Vote for J. Elmer Long for Lieutenant Governor at Primary, June 7, 1924”. Also included are several other advertisements by local and national businesses for such services and products as medicine, land and telephone service.

    More North Carolina publications (1900-1929) can also be found in this series. Among these are The State Journal (07-02-1915), State School Facts (1929), McDonald’s Specials stocks and bonds, North Carolina court calendars (1925-1927), The University of North Carolina News Letter, North Carolina Agricultural and News, Extension Farm News, The Pinehurst Outlook (1924) welcoming the North Carolina Bar Association’s convention to their town on the front cover, an article discussing Wilkes County Commissioners versus Coler and Company (1900), a North Carolina hunting season chart organized by county and type of game (1906), a passenger earnings chart for North Carolina railroads (1905), three original Confederate States of America bond sheets (1863) which also includes a letter (1911) from B.R. Lacy, State Treasurer to B.B. Winborne indicating these are a gift to him. Also present are several loose, regional newspaper pages.

    Also in this series are maps, drawings and land deeds (1839-1940). These include a plan for an unnamed college (undated), a drawing of existing and projected buildings on the University of North Carolina campus (1922), a relief map of Low Moor, Virginia, by Alleghany Mining and Development Company, a plat map of Norfolk and Lambert’s Point Land Company, Smith and Pannill, Sole Agents (also features an inset map of the town of Lambert’s Point, Virginia (1891), a sketch map of the Chuecbland (?) Manufacturing Company Railroad Line (undated), “Map Showing Land Conveyed by Eula A. Horton to Herbert Jenkins, Recorded in Book, No. 59, Page 185, register Deeds Office, Hertford Co., NC” (1922), a sketch map proposing Emporia and Ahoskie Railroad near Murfreesboro (1910), a drawing of Old Aaron Askew Mill Pond Lands, owned by R.J. Dunning, Mitchell’s Township, Bertie County, North Carolina (1921), “Map Showing Land with Wharfs and Warehouses at Mt. Gould, North Carolina, Bertie County, Owned by Albemarle Steam Navigation Company” (1923), “Map and Survey of Property of Mr. Thomas B. Wynn in Murfreesboro, known as “Wynn’s Old Store Lot” (1940), a street map (undated), a map of the J.E. Carter land involved in the case of Mrs. Ida P. Carter and Others vs. T.E. Vann and others near Como Wharf, Maneys Neck Township, Hertford County, North Carolina (undated), a map produced by order of the court involved in the case of Mrs. Ida P. Carter and Others vs. T.E. Vann and others near Como Wharf, Maneys Neck Township, Hertford County, North Carolina (1923), nine deeds (1839-1924) concerning land in the North Carolina Counties of Hertford, McDowell and Northampton owned by local families, including Jenkins and Dudley and a deed (1839) granting land, in relation to an act passed due to the burning of records in Hertford County in 1811, to Henry D. Jenkins. This deed is signed by the first popularly elected governor of North Carolina, Edward B. Dudley. Additional items found in this series include an advertisement (1896) for a book, published by Royal Publishing Co. of Richmond, VA, by James P. Boyd regarding national questions of the day and the candidates for president and vice-president, and insurance policy (1881) for the Harrelsville parsonage property of the Harrelsville Circuit, M.E E. Church South, Harrelsville, Hertford County and several Hertford and Gates County land deeds (1717-1839). Some of the names mentioned in the transactions include Thomas Briscoe, Bridger(?) Montgomery, George Harrell, Richard Pierce, Cullen Askew, Samuel Jarvis, J. D. Askew, David Harrell, Thomas Wynns, Demsy Harrell, Nathan Harrell, Willis Herrell, Sepa(?) Deany(?), John Miller, William Wynns, James Cherry, Johnson L. Pierce, Daniel Morris(?), Miles H. Jernigan and Merina Taylor.

    Also found in this series are several local and regional newspapers (1888-1929), including the following titles (see container list for specific dates). Murfreesboro Index, North-China Daily, News Edenton Daily News, News and Observer, Virginia Pilot (Norfolk), Sunday School Visitor (Nashville, TN), a Russian publication, Woman’s Journal and Suffrage News, The Patron and Gleaner (Lasker), Roanoke-Chowan Times, Hertford County Herald (Ahoskie), The Hertford Herald, Elizabeth City Tar Heel, The Tidewater News (Southampton), The Warren Record, Windsor Ledger, Ledger Advance (Windsor) and Beuna Vista Times (VA).

  • Biographical / Historical Note

    Benjamin Brodie Winborne (April 14, 1854-1919) practiced law in Hertford County, North Carolina. He was the son of Major Samuel Darden Winborne and Mary H. Pretlow Winborne (d. August 24, 1900) and the grandson of Martha Warren Winborne, possibly the daughter of Robert Warren. In his youth, he attended Buckhorn Academy near Como under the tutelage of J.H. Picot, a school teacher of recent French ancestry. In 1871 he entered Wake Forest College and stayed until 1872. He graduated from Columbia University's law school in June, 1874. Winborne then entered employment as a law clerk in the firm of Smith and Strong in Raleigh, North Carolina until he came of age on April 14, 1875 to be admitted to the North Carolina bar. Two months after his admission to the bar, Winborne moved to Winton, North Carolina. He was elected solicitor in 1877. In January 1880, he moved to Murfreesboro, North Carolina and practiced law there until his death in 1919. From 1891 to 1897 excluding the brief period that he served in the 1895 legislature, he served as judge of the Hertford County Criminal Court. Winborne served in the North Carolina House of Representatives in 1895, 1905, 1907, and 1908 (special session), ran for Speakership of the House in 1905, and ran for North Carolina Attorney General in 1908. During the years of Winborne's law practice, his firm was known successively as B.B. Winborne (1875 to c.1879), Winborne Brothers (c. 1879 to 1892), Winborne and Lawrence (1892 to 1909), Winborne and Winborne (1908 to 1919), and eventually Stanley Winborne.

    On December 23, 1879, Winborne married Cornelia (Nellie) Vaughan (b. 1853 or 1854), the daughter of Uriah Vaughan, a wealthy Hertford County landowner. To this marriage were born Stanley Winborne who became an attorney, member of both the North Carolina House of Representatives and North Carolina Senate, and North Carolina Corporation Commissioner; Benjamin Brodie Winborne, Jr. who became a farmer and merchant, and Uriah Vaughan Winborne and Micajah Winborne who died in childhood. Stanley Winborne married Frances Sharp Jernigan, (daughter of Thomas Roberts Jernigan) in April, 1912, and to this marriage were born Stanley Winborne, Jr., Mollie J. Winborne, Thomas P. Winborne, Frances J. Winborne, Rosa Vaughan Winborne, Vaughan Sharp Winborne, and Samuel Pretlow Winborne. Winborne's brother, Robert Warren Winborne, who practiced law with him in Murfreesboro until 1891, married Dora Merrifield (daughter of an Indiana judge), and moved to Virginia. Their sons were Roger Merrifield Winborne and Robert Warren Winborne, Jr. Dora Merrifield Winborne died in 1900, and Robert Warren Winborne married Rosa Vaughan, sister of Nellie Vaughan Winborne and daughter of Uriah Vaughan. No children were born to this marriage.

    Other Hertford County Officials

    Lemuel R. Jernigan (father, Mills Jernigan) was a prosperous planter and influential citizen, and many years a presiding justice in the court of common pleas and quarter sessions. He was related to Spencer Jarnigan, at one time a United States senator from Tennessee, and was also a close relative of the late W. N. H. Smith, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of North Carolina. Among other positions, Jernigan served as Public Register for Hertford County from1831-1843, as well as County Trustee from 1844 until 1854. Jernigan was married to Mary Harrell. Lemuel and Mary had a number of children, many of them dying in infancy. The couple had three children live to adulthood; John H., Thomas R., and Mary H. “Mollie” Jernigan.

    James L. Anderson (22 Aug 1839 - 4 July 1896) was educated before the Civil War at the University at Chapel Hill, to which institution he was devoted throughout life. Anderson was a deformed man, caused by a fall when an infant, but had a strong and clear intellect. He served for many years in Hertford County as Public Registor, and was also a member of the Board of County Commissioners. Anderson was also elected twice to the legislature. After his re-elected in 1890, his health began to fail, and he died in 1891. Anderson never married and left an estate worth approximately $40,000 to his two sisters, Mrs. Faison, of Winton, and Mrs. Knox, of Tennessee.

    Watson L. “W. L.” Daniel (circa 1816-1899) married Priscilla A Gregory in Chowan Co 13 Oct 1856. Daniel represented Hertford County in the House in 1852 and 1854 as a Whig in politics. Captain Perry was his opponent in 1852. In 1852 he voted for Matthew W Ransom, a Democrat, for Attorney-General of the State, who was then a brilliant young lawyer in Warren County. This vote soon ended Mr. Daniel's career as a legislator, and young attorney Joseph Blount Slaughter defeated him in 1856 for the Whig nomination and was elected. Daniel later served his county as major in the militia, justice of peace, chairman of the County Court and Register of Deeds. He was the son of Capt. Belcher Daniel and his wife Julia Flower. Daniel died in December 1899 or January 1890 while holding the office of Register of Deeds in the County.

    Dr. Starkey S. “S. S.” Daniel was born December 28th, 1862. and was the son of W. L. Daniel. He graduated from the University of Maryland in the year 1887, and began active medical practice at Winton, N. C. in 1889. Daniel married Miss Willie Garriss, of Winton, on January the 16th, 1889, and they had one child. He represented his county society in the House of Delegates at Raleigh, was eventually named Councillor of the Second District and also served as President of the Hertford County Medical Society. Daniel was also part owner of Daniel & Shaw Drug Co. with W. D. Shaw. He continued to practice medicine throughout his life until approximately two years before his death, at which time his health began to fail. Daniel died of complications from diabetes on June 19, 1904.


    Cyclopedia of eminent and representative men of the Carolinas of ..., Volume 2, by Samuel A'Court Ashe

    Transactions By Medical Society of the State of North Carolina

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    April 21, 1997 (partially processed), 65 cubic feet; Files (1872-1930) of Murfreesboro, N.C. lawyer, including correspondence, legal files, reports, financial records, etc., of B. B. Winborne, Attorney at Law; Winborne & Lawrence; and Winborne & Winborne. Donor: Murfreesboro Historical Association.

    July 1, 2011, Files (1717-1933, undated) of Hertford County officials, including correspondence, financial records and legal documents of B. B. Winborne, Lemuel R. Jernigan and James L. Anderson. Donor: Barbara M. Parramore.

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  • Legal and Business Correspondence

    • Legal and Business Correspondence

      • Box 1
        January-May, 1884
        June-December, 1884
      • Box 2
        January-April, 1885
        May-December, 1885
        January, 1886
        February, 1886
        March, 1886
        April, 1886
      • Box 3
        May, 1886
        June, 1886
        July-December, 1886
        January-June, 1887
        July, 1887
        August-September, 1887
        October, 1887
        November, 1887
      • Box 4
        December, 1887
        January-July, 1888
        August-October, 1888
        November, 1888
        December, 1888
      • Box 6
        August, 1889
        September-October, 1889
        November, 1889
        December, 1889
      • Box 7
        January, 1890
        February, 1890
        March, 1890
        April, 1890
        May, 1890
        June, 1890
        July, 1890
      • Box 8
        September-November, 1890
        December, 1890
        January, 1891
        February, 1891
        March, 1891
      • Box 9
        April, 1891
        May, 1891
        June-July, 1891
        August-December, 1891
      • Box 10
        January, 1892
        February, 1892
        March-May, 1892
        June, 1892
        July, 1892
        August, 1892
      • Box 11
        September, 1892
        October, 1892
        November, 1892
        December, 1892
        January, 1893
      • Box 12
        February-March, 1893
        April, 1893
        May, 1893
        June, 1893
        July, 1893
        August, 1893
      • Box 13
        September-October, 1893
        November, 1893
        December, 1893
        January-February, 1894
      • Box 14
        March, 1894
        April, 1894
        May, 1894
        June, 1894
        July, 1894
      • Box 15
        August, 1894
        September, 1894
        October, 1894
        November, 1894
        December, 1894
      • Box 16
        January-February, 1895
        April, 1895
        May, 1895
      • Box 17
        June, 1895
        July, 1895
        August, 1895
        September, 1895
        October, 1895
      • Box 18
        November, 1895
        December, 1895
        January, 1896
        February, 1896
      • Box 19
        March, 1896
        April, 1896
        May, 1896
        June, 1896
        July-August, 1896
      • Box 20
        September-October, 1896
        November-December, 1896
        January-March, 1897
      • Box 21
        April, 1897
        May, 1897
        June, 1897
        July, 1897
      • Box 22
        August, 1897
        September-October, 1897
        November, 1897
        December, 1897
      • Box 23
        January, 1898
        February, 1898
        March-June, 1898
        August-December, 1898
      • Box 24
        January-February, 1899
        March-April, 1899
        May, 1899
        June, 1899
        July, 1899
      • Box 25
        August-September, 1899
        October-December, 1899
        January-March, 1900
      • Box 26
        April, 1900
        May, 1900
        June, 1900
        July, 1900
      • Box 27
        August, 1900
        September, 1900
        October, 1900
        November, 1900
        December, 1900
      • Box 28
        January-March, 1901
        April-May, 1901
        June, 1901
        July, 1901
        August-September, 1901
      • Box 29
        October-November, 1901
        December, 1901
        January, 1902
        February, 1902
        March, 1902
      • Box 30
        April, 1902
        May, 1902
        June, 1902
        July, 1902
        August, 1902
        September, 1902
        October, 1902
      • Box 31
        November, 1902
        December, 1902
        January, 1903
        February, 1903
        March, 1903
        April, 1903
        May, 1903
      • Box 32
        June, 1903
        July, 1903
        August, 1903
        September, 1903
        October, 1903
        November, 1903
      • Box 33
        December, 1903
        January, 1904
        February, 1904
        March, 1904
        April, 1904
        May, 1904
      • Box 34
        June, 1904
        July, 1904
        August, 1904
        September, 1904
        October, 1904
      • Box 35
        November, 1904
        December, 1904
        January, 1905
        February, 1905
      • Box 36
        March, 1905
        April, 1905
        May, 1905
        June, 1905
        July, 1905
        August, 1905
      • Box 37
        September, 1905
        October, 1905
        November, 1905
        December, 1905
        January, 1906
      • Box 38
        February, 1906
        March, 1906
        April, 1906
        May, 1906
        June, 1906
        July, 1906
      • Box 39
        August, 1906
        September, 1906
        October, 1906
        November, 1906
        December, 1906
      • Box 40
        January 1-15, 1907
        January 16-31, 1907
        February 1-14, 1907
        February 15-28, 1907
        March, 1907
      • Box 41
        April, 1907
        May, 1907
        June, 1907
        July, 1907
      • Box 42
        August, 1907
        September, 1907
        October, 1907
        November, 1907
        December, 1907
      • Box 43
        January, 1908
        February, 1908
        March 1-15, 1908
        March 16-31, 1908
      • Box 44
        April 1-15, 1908
        April 16-30, 1908
        May 1-15, 1908
        May 16-31, 1908
      • Box 45
        June 1-15, 1908
        June 15-30, 1908
        July-August, 1908
        September-October, 1908
        November-December, 1908
      • Box 46
        January-February, 1909
        March-April, 1909
        May-June, 1909
        July-August, 1909
        September-October, 1909
        November-December, 1909
      • Box 47
        January, 1910
        February, 1910
        March, 1910
        April, 1910
        May, 1910
      • Box 48
        June, 1910
        July, 1910
        August, 1910
        September-October, 1910
        November, 1910
        December, 1910
      • Box 49
        January, 1911
        February, 1911
        March, 1911
        April, 1911
        May-June, 1911
      • Box 50
        July-August, 1911
        September-October, 1911
        November-December, 1911
        January-February, 1912
        March-April, 1912
        May, 1912
        June, 1912
      • Box 51
        July, 1912
        August, 1912
        September, 1912
        October, 1912
        November, 1912
        December, 1912
      • Box 52
        January, 1913
        February, 1913
        March, 1913
        April, 1913
        May, 1913
        June, 1913
      • Box 53
        July-August, 1913
        September-November, 1913
        December, 1913
        January-March, 1914
      • Box 54
        April, 1914
        May-June, 1914
        July-August, 1914
        September-October, 1914
      • Box 55
        November-December, 1914
        January, 1915
        February-March, 1915
        April-May, 1915
        June-July, 1915
        August-September, 1915
      • Box 56
        October-December, 1915
        January, 1916
        February, 1916
        March, 1916
        April, 1916
      • Box 57
        May-June, 1916
        July-August, 1916
        September, 1916
        October-November, 1916
        December, 1916
      • Box 58
        January, 1917
        February, 1917
        March, 1917
        April, 1917
        May, 1917
        June, 1917
      • Box 59
        July-August, 1917
        September-October, 1917
        November-December, 1917
        January, 1918
        February, 1918
        March, 1918
      • Box 60
        April, 1918
        May, 1918
        June, 1918
        July, 1918
        August, 1918
        September, 1918
        October, 1918
      • Box 61
        January-March, 1919
        April, 1919
        May-July, 1919
        August-September, 1919
        October, 1919
        November, 1919
        December, 1919
      • Box 62
        January-February, 1920
        March-April, 1920
        May-June, 1920
        July-August, 1920
        September-October, 1920
        November-December, 1920
      • Box 63
        January-February, 1921
        March-April, 1921
        May-June, 1921
        July-August, 1921
        September-October, 1921
      • Box 64
        November-December, 1921
        January-February, 1922
        March-April, 1922
        May-June, 1922
        July-August, 1922
        September-October, 1922
        November-December, 1922
      • Box 65
        January, 1923
        February, 1923
        March-April, 1923
        May-June, 1923
        July-August, 1923
        September-November, 1923
        December, 1923
      • Box 66
        January, 1924
        February-April, 1924
        May-July, 1924
        August-September, 1924
        October-December, 1924
      • Box 67
        January-March, 1925
        April-May, 1925
        June-July, 1925
        August-September, 1925
        October-December, 1925
      • Box 68
        January-April, 1926
        May-September, 1926
        October-December, 1926
        January-May, 1927
        June-September, 1927
      • Box 69
        October-December, 1927
        January-March, 1928
        April-August, 1928
        September-October, 1928
      • Box 70
        January-April, 1929
        May-September, 1929
        October-December, 1929
    • Personal and Family Correspondence

      • Box 71
        1893-August, 1894
        September, 1894-December, 1896
        January, 1897-October, 1897
        November, 1897-December, 1897
      • Box 72
        1898-June, 1899
        July, 1899-December, 1901
        January, 1902-June, 1903
        July, 1903-April, 1904
        May, 1904-December, 1904
      • Box 73
        January, 1905-March, 1905
        April, 1905-August, 1905
        September, 1905-November, 1905
        December, 1905
        January, 1906-February, 1906
      • Box 74
        March-May, 1906
        June-September, 1906
        October-November, 1906
        December, 1906-January, 1907
        February, 1907-May, 1907
      • Box 75
        June, 1907-October, 1907
        November, 1907-December, 1907
        January, 1908-April, 1908
        May, 1908-August, 1908
      • Box 76
        September, 1908-December, 1908
        January, 1909-April, 1909
        May, 1909-October, 1909
        November, 1909-February, 1910
      • Box 77
        March, 1910-May, 1910
        June, 1910-November, 1910
        December, 1910-February, 1911
        March, 1911-September, 1911
        October, 1911-December, 1911
      • Box 78
        January, 1912-May, 1912
        June, 1912-September, 1912
        October, 1912-December, 1912
        January, 1913-March, 1913
        April, 1913-August, 1913
      • Box 79
        September, 1913-May, 1914
        June, 1914-December, 1914
        January, 1915-June, 1915
        July, 1915-November, 1915
        December, 1915-Apil, 1916
      • Box 80
        May, 1916-October, 1916
        November, 1916-April, 1917
        April, 1917-September, 1917
        October, 1917-March, 1918
        April, 1918-October, 1918
      • Box 81
        November, 1918-June, 1919
        July, 1919-December, 1922
      • Box 82
  • Business, Political and Legal Materials

    • Legal Notes

      • Box 83
        Legal Notes, 1929-1930
        Legal Notes, 1931
        Legal Notes, undated
        Legal Notes, undated
        Legal Notes, undated
        Legal Notes, undated
      • Box 84
        Legal Notes, undated
        Legal Notes, undated
        Legal Notes, undated
        Legal Notes, undated
      • Box 85
        Legal Notes, undated
        Legal Notes, undated
        Legal Notes, undated
      • Box 86
        Legal Notes, undated
        Legal Notes, undated
        Legal Notes, undated
    • Legislation

      • Box 87
        Legislation, 1885-1905
        Legislation, 1905-1910
        Legislation, 1910-1925
        Legislation, 1885-1905
        Legislation, undated
        Legislation, undated
    • Other Political Materials

      • Box 88
        Court Case Summaries, 1880-1912
        Registration and Polling Books, 1892-1924
        Court Calendars, 1913-1928, undated (see also Oversized series)
        Speeches, undated
        Delegate Rosters, North Carolina Democratic Convention, 1908
    • Legal Case Files

      • Box 89
        • Folder a
          Abbitt v. Chitty 1912 - 1923 (item )
          Adams, St. Clair and Adams, Elizabeth & Gill, Henry M. and Gill, Olive Deed undated (item )
          Adkins, A.M. and Surry Lumber Company Deed undated (item )
        • Folder b
          Adkins, A.B. indebted to Allison and Addison Chattel Mortgage undated (item )
          Ahoskie Graded School Cases undated (item )
        • Folder c
          Ahoskie Sch. Dist. V. Hertford Bd. undated (item )
          Aiken and Co. v. Lassiter 1885 - 1886 (item )
        • Folder d
          Akin v. Jefferson 1885 (item )
          Albermarle Steam Navigation v. Hinton undated (item )
          Albermarle Steam Navigation v. Worrell undated (item )
          Albermarle Steam Navigation and Newbern, J.T. and wife title undated (item )
          Alexander v. Vann 1917 (item )
        • Folder e
          Alexander, M. M. & Wordly, T. indebted to Page, H. H. undated (item )
          Allen v. Baker undated (item )
        • Folder f
          Allen & Bonum(?) v. Wilson undated (item )
          American Eagle v. Vaughan 1927 - 1929 (item )
          American Peanut v. Hassell undated (item )
        • Folder g
          Anderson, Charles indebted to Winborne undated (item )
          Armstrong Color & Co. v. Barber 1901 (item )
        Arps, Geo. L. Contract 1888
        Ashe County v. Smith 1905 -1906
        • Folder j
          Askew v. Belch 1920 (item )
          Askew v. Camp Mfg. 1927 (item )
          Askew, Andrew J. 1878 (item )
          Askew, Daniel Receipt of Taxes 1866 (item )
          Askew, G.H. and Bess, Loney Deed of Trust to Winbourne, B.B. (item )
          Askew, J. and Henrietta undated (item )
          Askew, Z. Agreement 1883 (item )
          Askew, Lawrence Indenture 1882 (item )
          Askew, Lawrence Will undated (item )
        • Folder k
          Askew, William and wife Deed 1890 (item )
          Atkinson v. Ricks 1877 - 1905 (item )
          Atkinson, J. H. 1889 (item )
        Atkinson, Thomas O. 1886
        Aulander Livestock v. Castello 1915
        Aulander Realty v. Mitchell 1909
        Babb v. ASN 1903
        Babb, J. D. and wife Deed 1911
        • Folder r
          Baggett v. Mitchell 1923 (item )
          Baggett v. Traylor 1913 (item )
          Baker v. Bazemore 1913 (item )
        • Folder s
          Baker v. Brown 1899 - 1909 (item )
          Baker v. Carter undated (item )
          Baker v. Powell undated (item )
        Baker v. Ward and Hobbs 1918
        Baker & Brown v. Roanoke/Tar RR Co. 1899 - 1903
        • Folder v
          Baker & Smith v. Herndon & White 1899 - 1904 (item )
          Baker Thompson Lumber v. Taylor 1925 - 1927 (item )
          Baker, Maylam and Ethel Sale of Land 1910 (item )
          Baker, H. undated (item )
          Baker, William 1803 (item )
          Ballin, J. B. 1892 (item )
        Bankhead Highway Association undated
        Banks v. ASN 1915 - 1917
        • Folder z
          Banks, W. J. v. Hunter, Thos. 1897 (item )
          Barber v. Lippincott 1882 (item )
          Barham, etc. v. Spiers, Matthews, Doyle, etc 1898 (item )
        Barham, Willis Will 1895
      • Box 90
        Barker v. ASN 1919
        Barnes v. Ahoskie 1911 - 1912
        Barnes v. Baker 1920 - 1921
        Barnes v. Barnes 1914 - 1915
        Barnes v. Barnes 1916 - 1917
        Barnes v. Barnes 1915 - 1917
        Barnes; Winborne v. Jordan 1927
        Barnes v. Peed 1921
        Barnes v. Wiggins 1891 - 1893
        • Folder j
          Barnes v. Wynn Bros. 1909 - 1910 (item )
          Barnes, Davis A. Estate 1894 (item )
          Barnes, D. C. & Ferguson, W. C. etc. Land Deed 1923 (item )
          Barnes, James Will 1867 (item )
          Barnes, J. B. 1915 (item )
          Barnes, T. L. Abstract for property 1899 (item )
          Barnes, Wilbert 1888 (item )
        Barnes, Wilmer Agricultural Lien to Sessoms 1913
        Barrett v. Barnes 1916 - 1921
        Barrett, Scarboro Foreclosure 1920
        Barton v. RR Co. 1899
        Baugham v. White 1907 - 1910
        Baugham v. Camp Correspondence 1901 - 1908
        Bayless v. Jernigan 1915 - 1916
        Bazemore v. Mountain 1897
        Beal v. Beal 1913
        Beale v. Griffin 1925
        Beaton, Edgar B. and Kindred, D.H. undated
        Bell v. ASN Co. 1904
        Benthall v. Britton 1917
        Benthall v. Jenkins 1885 - 1886
        Bethall v. Raby 1921 - 1922
        Benthall v. Riddick 1920 - 1922
        • Folder dd
          Benthall v. Snipes 1921 - 1922 (item )
          Benthall v. Vaughan 1902 - 1905 (item )
          Benthall, Samuel 1918 (item )
        Benthall docs undated
        • Folder ff
          Benthouse v. Mutual Life 1919 - 1923 (item )
          Bertie Academy v. Mitchell 1885 (item )
          Bertie Cotton Oil Co. v. J.C. Vinson 1916 (item )
        Bess, L. 1883
        • Folder hh
          Best v. Chavis undated (item )
          Best v. Knight undated (item )
          Beverly, A. B. Undated (item )
          Beverly v. Barnes(?) undated (item )
          Beverly, G. W. and Freeman, J. Contracts undated (item )
          Billups, C. 1885 (item )
        Bishop, E. L. Deed 1900
        Bizzell v. Jenkins 1925
        • Folder kk
          Blachard v. Camp Mfg. 1893 (item )
          Blanchard v. Jenkins 1893 (item )
          Blanchard, J. E. 1891 (item )
        Bland, Ira & Wallace Mfg. Co Agreement 1905
      • Box 91
        Block v. ASN 1915 - 1918
        Blow Indenture 1899
        Boone v. Boone 1914
        Boone v. Boone 1923
        • Folder i
          Boone, Bessie note against Carter, A. A. 1898 (item )
          Boone, H. T. 1898 - 1900 (item )
          Boone, Randall 1894 (item )
        Boone, W.D. v. Merchants & Farmers Bank, Inc. and W.P. Shaw 1921
        Bottons v. Piland 1902 - 1911
        • Folder l
          Bowden v. Wellington & Powellsville RR (item )
          Boyette v. Chitty 1888 - 1892 (item )
        Boyette v. Godwin undated
        Boyette to Parker Mortgage 1892
        Brady v. Brady 1911 - 1914
        Brady v. Camp 1902 - 1905
        Brett v. Brett 1908 - 1910
        Brett v. Garris 1917
        Brett v. Jenkins 1886
        • Folder u
          Brett v. Saunders 1897 - 1904 (item )
          Brett, G. A. Estate 1888 (item )
          Brett, H. C. Undated (item )
        Brett, T. A. Indenture 1887
        • Folder w
          Brett, Ned Mortgage to Matthews 1902 - 1906 (item )
          Brett, William Estate 1918 (item )
          Brett(sp?), Fannie D. 1882 (item )
        • Folder x
          Brewer, J. Deed 1900 (item )
          Brickle v. Brickle undated (item )
          Brickle v. Camp Mfg. 1904 - 1915 (item )
          Brickle Mortgage Deed undated (item )
        Brickley v. Warren undated