Davis Lee McWhorter Papers

Manuscript Collection #230
McWhorter, Davis Lee
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6 Cubic Feet
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Davis Lee McWhorter Papers (#230), East Carolina Manuscript Collection, J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina, USA.
ECU Manuscript Collection
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Genealogical histories, notes, correspondence, etc, for a variety of families. (undated)

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Custodial History

June 21, 1973, (unprocessed), 6 cu. ft.; Genealogical histories, notes, correspondence, etc. for a variety of families. Donor: Mrs. Albert Mcwhorter.

Source of acquisition

Gift of Mrs. Albert Mcwhorter

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Literary rights to specific documents are retained by the authors or their descendants in accordance with U.S. copyright law.

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Container list
Box 1 Folder a Adams Family
Box 1 Folder b Albritton Family
Box 1 Folder c Alexander Family
Box 1 Folder d Alexander, Gillespie, Ramsey Families
Box 1 Folder e Allen Family
Box 1 Folder f Allison Family
Box 1 Folder g Allison, Johnston, Adams, Patrick Families
Box 1 Folder h Andrews Family
Box 1 Folder i Armstrong Family
Box 1 Folder j Balch Family
Box 1 Folder k Barkley Family
Box 1 Folder l Barnett Family
Box 1 Folder m Barnhill Family
Box 2 Folder a Barry Family
Box 2 Folder b Barry Family
Box 2 Folder c Baskins Family
Box 2 Folder d Beard, Baird Families
Box 2 Folder e Bell, Beall Families
Box 2 Folder f Beatty Family
Box 2 Folder g Best Family
Box 2 Folder h Black Family
Box 2 Folder i Black Family
Box 3 Folder a Boggs Family
Box 3 Folder b Bower Family
Box 3 Folder c Brandon, Locke Families
Box 3 Folder d Brevard Family
Box 3 Folder e Brown Family
Box 3 Folder f Cain, Baker Families
Box 3 Folder g Calhoun Family
Box 3 Folder h Carroll Family
Box 3 Folder i Carson Family
Box 3 Folder j Cathey Family
Box 3 Folder k Cherry Family
Box 3 Folder l Clark Family
Box 3 Folder m Cobb Family
Box 3 Folder n Cochran Family
Box 3 Folder o Cosby, Cozby Families
Box 3 Folder p Craig Family
Box 3 Folder q Craighead, Crockett Families
Box 3 Folder r Crawford Family
Box 3 Folder s Crisp Family
Box 3 Folder t Crockett Family
Box 3 Folder u Cummins Family
Box 3 Folder v Cunningham Family
Box 4 Folder a Caldwell Family
Box 4 Folder b Caldwell Family
Box 4 Folder c Caldwell Family
Box 4 Folder d Caldwell Family
Box 4 Folder e Caldwell Family
Box 4 Folder f Caldwell Family
Box 4 Folder g Caldwell Family
Box 5 Folder a Daniel Family
Box 5 Folder b Davidson Family
Box 5 Folder c Davidson Family
Box 5 Folder d Davis Family
Box 5 Folder e Dunn Family
Box 6 Folder a Edmondson Family
Box 6 Folder b Ewart Family
Box 6 Folder c Ewell Family
Box 6 Folder d Elliot Family
Box 6 Folder e Ewing Family
Box 6 Folder f Falls, Somonton Families
Box 6 Folder g Faries, Faires Families
Box 6 Folder h Farrar, Marlin Families
Box 6 Folder i Fleming Family
Box 6 Folder j Flenniken Family
Box 6 Folder k Foster Family
Box 6 Folder l Gillespie Family
Box 6 Folder m Graham Family
Box 6 Folder n Gray Family
Box 7 Folder a Hamilton Family
Box 7 Folder b Hanna Family
Box 7 Folder c Harrell Family
Box 7 Folder d Harris Family
Box 7 Folder e Harris Family
Box 7 Folder f Henderson Family
Box 7 Folder g Henry Family
Box 7 Folder h Highsmith Family
Box 7 Folder i House Family
Box 7 Folder j Houston Family
Box 7 Folder k Huey Family
Box 7 Folder l Irwin, Erwin Families
Box 7 Folder m James Family
Box 7 Folder n Jetton Family
Box 7 Folder o Johnston Family
Box 7 Folder p Jones Family
Box 7 Folder q Kerr Family
Box 8 Folder a Laney, Billeu Families
Box 8 Folder b Lawson Family
Box 8 Folder c Leeper Family
Box 8 Folder d Lesley Family
Box 8 Folder e Lowery Family
Box 8 Folder f McCleary Family
Box 8 Folder g McConnell Family
Box 8 Folder h McCorkle Family
Box 8 Folder i McDowell Family
Box 8 Folder j McEwen Family
Box 8 Folder k Mckee, Mackey Families
Box 8 Folder l McKnight Family
Box 8 Folder m McLean Family
Box 8 Folder n McNeely Family
Box 8 Folder o McRee Family
Box 9 Folder a McWhorter Family
Box 9 Folder b McWhorter Family
Box 9 Folder c McWhorter Family
Box 9 Folder d McWhorter Family
Box 9 Folder e McWhorter Family
Box 9 Folder f McWhorter Family
Box 9 Folder g McWhorter Family
Box 10 Folder a Mabry, Bryant Families
Box 10 Folder b Martin Family
Box 10 Folder c Matthews Family
Box 10 Folder d Mayo Family
Box 10 Folder e Meek Family
Box 10 Folder f Montgomery Family
Box 10 Folder g Moore Family
Box 10 Folder h Mooring Family
Box 10 Folder i Morrison Family
Box 10 Folder j Neel, Neal Families
Box 10 Folder k Nesbit, Nisbit Families
Box 10 Folder l Orr Family
Box 10 Folder m Osborne Family
Box 10 Folder n Parks Family
Box 10 Folder o Perkins Family
Box 10 Folder p Pickins Family
Box 10 Folder q Pickins Family
Box 11 Folder a Polk Family
Box 11 Folder b Porter, Howey Families
Box 11 Folder c Potts Family
Box 11 Folder d Price Family
Box 11 Folder e Puckett Family
Box 11 Folder f Purvis Family
Box 12 Folder a Rankin Family
Box 12 Folder b Reese Family
Box 12 Folder c Reid Family
Box 12 Folder d Renick Family
Box 12 Folder e Richey Family
Box 12 Folder f Rives Family
Box 12 Folder g Robinson Family
Box 12 Folder h Russell Family
Box 12 Folder i Sample Family
Box 12 Folder j Seibert Family
Box 12 Folder k Sharpe, Sharp Families
Box 12 Folder l Shelby Family
Box 12 Folder m Smart Family
Box 12 Folder n Spratt Family
Box 12 Folder o Starr, Williamson Families
Box 12 Folder p Staton Family
Box 12 Folder q Steele Family
Box 12 Folder r Stewart, Stuart Families
Box 12 Folder s Templeton Family
Box 12 Folder t Thigpen Family
Box 12 Folder u Thompson, Thomson Families
Box 12 Folder v Torrence Family
Box 12 Folder w Vance Family
Box 12 Folder x Walker Family
Box 12 Folder y Wallace Family
Box 12 Folder z Ward Family
Box 12 Folder aa Whichard Family
Box 12 Folder bb Watson Family
Box 12 Folder cc White Family
Box 12 Folder dd Wilkinson Family
Box 12 Folder ee Williamson Family
Box 12 Folder ff Wilson Family
Box 12 Folder gg Winslow Family
Box 12 Folder hh Young Family
Box 13 Folder a Adams, Agnew, Alderson, Ashley, Burton Families
Box 13 Folder b Baker, Ball, Barksdale, Barmore, Barns, Barr, Barron, Bates, McCarter, Beaslet, Benson, Bird, Boles, Bowen, Bowie, Bowman, Boyd, Branch, Brightman, Brown, Brownlee, Bryan, Burnett Families
Box 13 Folder c Campbell, Carrige, Chiles, Child, Clayton, Coburn, Connor, Cook, Cowan, Craig, Crowther Families
Box 13 Folder d Davenport, Dennis, Caldwell, Devlin, Dickey, Dinkins, Dixon, Dickson, Dickenson, Dobson, Donelson, Donaldson, Douglas, Downs, Drennan, Dubose, Dunlap, Duvall, Devall Families
Box 13 Folder e Edwards, Elgin, Ellis, English, Evans Families
Box 13 Folder f Files, Flake Families
Box 13 Folder g Gibert, Gill Gilliam, Gingles, Glover, Green, Grier, Greer, Griffin, Grimes, Guthrie, Guttery Families
Box 13 Folder h Hadden, Hall, Harrington, Hatton, Haynie, Helms, Hill, Hodges, Howard, Hunter, Hutton, Hutchinson Families
Box 13 Folder i Jack, Jackson, Johnson Families
Box 13 Folder j Kay, Keith, Kennedy, Kendrick, Kirkpatrick, Kirkwood Families
Box 13 Folder k Lackey, Latimer, Lemaster, Liddell, Lindsay, Lockhart, Loftin, Logan, Long, Love, Miller, Lucas Families
Box 13 Folder l McAdams, McCandliss, McBride, McCarter, McCordy, McGaw, McGill, McKinley, McKittenick, McMullen, McMurtry, Mattison, Maxwell, Mecklin, Miller, Mitchell, Moragne, Moore, Morrow Families
Box 13 Folder m Noble, Norris, Norcott, Norwood Families
Box 13 Folder n Oliver, Ormond, Outterbridge Families
Box 13 Folder o Patterson, Paul, Perkins, Pirtle, Pratt, Pressley, Prince, Pulliam, Purdy Families
Box 13 Folder p Reighley, Richardson, Robinson, Rosamond Families
Box 13 Folder q Sadler, Salter, Saxon, Seawright, Shanklin, Sims, Springs, Stancil, Stephens, Stevenson, Stephenson, Strain, Swann, Swearingen, Swilling Families
Box 13 Folder r Taylor, Teel, Terry, Tribble, Trimble, Turnbull Families
Box 13 Folder s Vernon, Walton, Wardlaw, Webb, Weed, Weems, Wooten, Wright Families
Box 13 Folder t Miscellaneous folder of Tombstone records of the signers of the Mecklenberg Declaration of Independence
Box 14 Folder a Correspondence 1883-1932
Box 14 Folder b Correspondence 1933-1937
Box 14 Folder c Correspondence 1938-1943
Box 14 Folder d Correspondence 1944-1949
Box 14 Folder e Correspondence 1950-1952
Box 14 Folder f Correspondence 1953
Box 14 Folder g Correspondence 1954
Box 14 Folder h Correspondence 1955
Box 15 Folder a Genealogical Notes
Box 15 Folder b Correspondence 1956-1958
Box 15 Folder c Correspondence 1959
Box 15 Folder d Correspondence 1960
Box 15 Folder e Correspondence and Genealogical Notes 1961-1964
Box 15 Folder f Correspondence and Genealogical Notes 1965
Box 15 Folder g Correspondence and Genealogical Notes 1966-1967
Box 15 Folder h Correspondence and Genealogical Notes [undated]
Box 15 Folder i Genealogical Notes and Maps of Counties in NC, SC, and VA 1943, 1955-1956, 1960-1962, [undated]
Box 15 Folder j Newspaper Clippings 1956-1963, 1963 [undated]
Box 16 Folder a Genealogical Notes 1956-1960
Box 16 Folder b Genealogical Publications 1945-46, 1952-54, 1964
Box 16 Folder c Genealogical Notes ca, 1664-1937
Box 16 Folder d Genealogical Notes and Correspondence ca, 1718-1955
Box 17 Genealogical Notebooks ca, 1700-1900
Folder os1 Maps