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Allen Jay Maxwell Papers, 1905, 1929-1942

Manuscript Collection #95

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Title: Allen Jay Maxwell Papers
Creator: Maxwell, A. J. (Allen Jay), b. 1873
Repository: ECU Manuscript Collection
Languages: English
Abstract: Papers (1905-1942) of Allen Jay Maxwell, N.C. Commissioner of Revenue (1929-1942), including a biographical sketch, newspaper clippings, photographs, and speeches relating to state tax issues, his campaigns for N.C. governor, dissatisfaction with public school history textbooks and other aspects of his life.
Extent: 4.45 Cubic feet, 20,000 items , consisting of newspaper clippings, correspondence, photographs, speeches, a sketch, and a program.

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Accessions Information

May 30, 1969, ca. 20,000 items; Clippings (1929-1942) concerning the government activities and political life of N.C. Commissioner of Revenue Allen Jay Maxwell. Transferred from J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, N.C.

September 17, 1969, 3 items and 1 volume; Copy of Life and Works of Allen Jay Maxwell by Raymond C. Maxwell and newspaper clippings. Gift of Mrs. A. J. Maxwell, Jr., Goldsboro, N.C.

November 3, 1969, 33 items; Correspondence, clippings, photographs, speeches, a sketch, and a program. Gift of Mrs. E. D. Cranford, Asheboro, N.C.

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Allen Jay Maxwell Papers (#95), East Carolina Manuscript Collection, J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina, USA.

Acquisition Information

  • Gift of Mrs. A. J. Maxwell, Jr.
  • Gift of Mrs. E. D. Cranford

Processing Information

  • Processed by L. Sterlock, November 1969

  • Encoded by Apex Data Services

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Allen Jay Maxwell was born January 24, 1873 in Duplin County, N.C., the fourth son of Hugh Gillespie Maxwell and Nancy Maready Maxwell. A career in journalism began with a position on the Goldsboro Argus and Maxwell later became editor of the Columbus County News in Whiteville and of the Anglo Saxon in Rockingham. Maxwell was appointed to a clerkship in the Corporation Commission in 1910. From then until his death, Maxwell was a full time public servant concerned mainly with the economic welfare of North Carolina. His most important post was commissioner of revenue, 1929-1942, but he also held positions as chairman of the State Tax Commission 1927-1932, member of the Local Government Commission 1931-1942, member of the Constitutional Commission 1931-1932, president of the National Tax Association, 1940-1941, and director of the North Carolina Department of Research, 1942-1946, among others. He actively campaigned for governor in 1932 and 1940. Maxwell died December 9, 1946. For more biographical information, see Life and Works of Allen Jay Maxwell by Raymond C. Maxwell in this collection.

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The overwhelming bulk of material consists of an extensive clipping file reflecting all facets of state government activities with which Mr. Maxwell was concerned. State problems constitute a major topic of interest throughout the collection.

The following concentrations of specific tax controversies are of particular note: chain store tax (1938-1939), railroad tax (1934-1936), sales tax (1937-1939), inheritance tax (1932-1936) and the intangible tax (1937-1939). Another predominant topic is highway administration with particular concentration on such subjects as highway safety (1935-1940), automobile registration and tags (1936-1940),highway maintenance and improvements (1929-1931, 1938-1940), highway patrol (1935-1937) and licensing of drivers (1934-1935). Other revenue concerns include prohibition (1932-1941), school administration (1931-1933), old age pensions for state employees (1938-1940), incidents of embezzling (1931-1932, 1940-1942), and reorganization of the Department of Revenue (1934, 1941-1942). There are also articles dealing with the workings of the N.C. General Assembly, especially concerning the passage of revenue bills.

Other clippings in the collection concern Maxwell's two campaigns for governor (1931-1932, 1938-1940), although clippings for September 1 - 28, 1931; April, 1932, March, May 7-30, June, July, and August 1-26, 1940 are missing. Also included are clippings concerning Maxwell's desire for N.C. history to be properly taught in the public schools. His dissatisfaction with the textbooks and a disagreement with the textbooks' authors and publisher on what should be included in the fifth grade history course are shown.

Those clippings before 1929 deal with Maxwell's position as editor and business manager of the Anglo Saxon in Rockingham, his election to the N.C. Corporation Commission as chief clerk, and his failure to be appointed to the Interstate Commerce Commission. Those after 1942 include obituaries and the announcement of the presentation of a portrait of Maxwell to the state.

The correspondence in the collection includes a letter from Maxwell to his wife on his reelection to the post of clerk of the Senate (January 5, 1909), an undated letter to his sister, and a letter to his mother (May 10, 1892).

Miscellaneous items include a biographical sketch of A. J. Maxwell; photographs; invitations; a program and a copy of Ex-Governor Hoey's speech at the Maxwell portrait presentation ceremony; a brief diary of a western trip made by Maxwell and his wife; a program of the presentation of a portrait of Governor Thomas W. Bickett, November 11, 1944; and copies of speeches by Maxwell on Bickett and Zebulon Baird Vance.

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Series 1:
Clippings Related to State Government Activities
Box 1#0095.1
Clippings, 1905, October, 1929 - April, 1930
Box 2#0095.2
Clippings, May, 1930 - November, 1930
Box 3#0095.3
Clippings, December, 1930 - March, 1931
Box 4#0095.4
Clippings, April, 1931 - August, 1931
Box 5#0095.5
Clippings, September, 1931 - January, 1932
Box 6#0095.6
Clippings, February, 1932 - September, 1932
Box 7#0095.7
Clippings, October, 1932 - January, 1933
Box 8#0095.8
Clippings, February, 1933 - April, 1933
Box 9#0095.9
Clippings, April, 1933 - May, 1933
Box 10#0095.10
Clippings, June, 1933 - August, 1933
Box 11#0095.11
Clippings, September, 1933 - December, 1933
Box 12#0095.12
Clippings, January, 1934 - April, 1934
Box 13#0095.13
Clippings, May, 1934 - August, 1934
Box 14#0095.14
Clippings, September, 1934 - December, 1934
Box 15#0095.15
Clippings, January, 1935 - February, 1935
Box 16#0095.16
Clippings, February, 1935 - March, 1935
Box 17#0095.17
Clippings, April, 1935
Box 18#0095.18
Clippings, May, 1935 - June, 1935
Box 19#0095.19
Clippings, July, 1935 - September, 1935
Box 20#0095.20
Clippings, October, 1935 - November, 1935
Box 21#0095.21
Clippings, December, 1935 - January, 1936
Box 22#0095.22
Clippings, January, 1936 - March, 1936
Box 23#0095.23
Clippings, April, 1936 - June, 1936
Box 24#0095.24
Clippings, July, 1936 - August, 1936
Box 25#0095.25
Clippings, September, 1936 - October, 1936
Box 26#0095.26
Clippings, November, 1936 - December, 1936
Box 27#0095.27
Clippings, January, 1937 - February, 1937
Box 28#0095.28
Clippings, February, 1937 - April, 1937
Box 29#0095.29
Clippings, May, 1937 - June, 1937
Box 30#0095.30
Clippings, July, 1937 - September, 1937
Box 31#0095.31
Clippings, October, 1937 - January, 1938
Box 32#0095.32
Clippings, February, 1938 - May, 1938
Box 33#0095.33
Clippings, June, 1938 - August, 1938
Box 34#0095.34
Clippings, September, 1938 - November, 1938
Box 35#0095.35
Clippings, November, 1938 - January, 1939
Box 36#0095.36
Clippings, January, 1939 - February, 1939
Box 37#0095.37
Clippings, March, 1939 - May, 1939
Box 38#0095.38
Clippings, May, 1939 - July, 1939
Box 39#0095.39
Clippings, July, 1939 - October, 1939
Box 40#0095.40
Clippings, November, 1939 - February, 1940
Box 41#0095.41
Clippings, March, 1940 - November, 1940
Box 42#0095.42
Clippings, December, 1940 - January, 1941
Box 43#0095.43
Clippings, February, 1941 - June, 1941
Box 44#0095.44
Clippings, July, 1941 - January, 1942
Box 45#0095.45
Clippings, February, 1942 - April, 1942
Series 2:
Personal Material

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