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Community Organizations and Celebrations

After suffering through economic depression and world war, Pitt County residents, like other Americans, exhibited their patriotism and community pride in the 1950s through numerous public celebrations and festivals (both religious and secular). During a period of social and political homogeneity, many also joined a variety of local and national organizations, such as the Kiwanis and the Elks.


By Year

China Becomes Communist; First Non-Stop Flight Around the World; NATO Established; Soviet Union Has Atomic Bomb
First Modern Credit Card; Introduced First Organ Transplant; Korean War Begins


These five maps of Greenville, North Carolina, covering each decade from the 1930s to the 1970s, are intended to give the viewer an overall idea of the layout of the town, and how it changed and grew throughout the decades. The maps are not necessarily uniform, or to scale. Some of the maps contain points of interest and street directories.



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