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We in the inner circle of the Alaska, Armstrong Family had no knowledge of the Sandidge children.We only knew of little Lloyd and that because of her mother's death the grandparents took her as their responsibility because her father was on active duty and "unable" to care for her. This must have been one of those well kept family secrets that, to this day, plays out around the world every day! It is one of millions of sad story in life; makes me wonder what if the Armstrong's had taken all of the children to care for [as a casual observer] it would have been possible.The General's life was a very busy one, his major obligation to the USAF in Alaska was commanding all of the military forces in Alaska as "top cover" for America. The cold war was very real and the General was very respected for his efforts to conduct a viable defense strategy involving the Alaska/Aleutian Islands/Bering Sea Theater. A major sub-contingent also under his command was the Alaskan Air Command. We had on-going SAC Reflex Forces in and out on six month TDY's from all SAC bases. That also demanded the General's time, not to mention the typical PR and Social demands that came with the job. General Armstrong serve his nation proudly, he was admired and respected by all that served under him with few exceptions! My heart goes out to those "forgotten" Sandidge children! Knowing "Fluffy" as I did, I am sure that she paid an emotional price for whatever caused her to not take in all of the grandchildren that were unknown to most of us in her wide circle! My hindsight tells me yes, they all could have had a good life in Alaska with the General and his wife had that decision been made; why it was not is beyond my comprehension. I for one am very sorry! To the Sandidge children in this piece, please know that you carry the DNA of one Great American, General Frank A. Armstrong. He risked his life for his country so many times most of we Americans cannot even begin to fathom! We owe he and his entire family a debt of gratitude. Though we do not know you, please know we love you and are very saddened by your plight. Richard K. Roedel, USAF 1954-1963. All of the photos I took of the family were designated "Official USAF Photograph" and not within the capacity for me to keep or even duplicate....I'm Sorry.
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