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Dear ECU Archivist, Thank you for making this letter from Abner Pleasants Wilde to Eula Waller available for research. I know much about the writer, the recipient, and the named individual whose death prompted the letter. Abner Pleasants Wilde was born 12/25/1859 in Richmond, Virginia, to James Monroe Wilde and Elizabeth Jordan "Lizzie" Waddy Wilde. He was the second and last child born to this couple. Family tradition holds that his brother, Garland Waddy Wilde, Sr., (1855-1890), could not pronounce "Abner" and called him "Tabb" instead. Most family records use "Tabb", although he used "Abner" in his youth. Tabb Wilde is my great-great-uncle. I have a photograph of him and will gladly contribute a copy for your archives, if you so desire. Tabb Wilde is buried in the Wilde Family section of Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA, although he died in the Canal Zone on 8/03/1938. The addressee is Eula Young Spicer Waller (1875-1948) was the wife of Edmund Pinckney Waller (1871-1910). The letter refers to the death of Edmund - Edmund Pinckney Waller (Jr.) (01/05/1905-08/13/1912). He is buried in the Spicer Family Cemetery, Mineral, Louisa County, VA. The Wallers and the Wildes were kin through the their common ancestors of Garland Thompson Waddy and Sophia Ann Pleasants Waddy.. (I can explain that kinship further, if you wish.) They were extremely close. For example, I have a cache of letters, written by Tabb, his brother, and his sister-in-law from 1880-1891, to Eula's sister-in-law, Caroline "Callie" Waddy Waller. These letters are warm and personal. Please let me know what additional information I might provide. Please let me know, too, whether I might be permitted to examine the other Tabb Wilde materials in your archives, if any. I function as the Wilde-Bache Family genealogist and would use these materials for private purposes only. Yours truly, Benjamin C. Garrett, Ph.D.
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I have a signed see adler picture very similar dated 3209/04/2020
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