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I Remember the Protracted Meeting

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Bessie Hoyt recalls the two-week revivals she attended as a young girl at Davis, a coastal town on the North Carolina coast. The revivals were called protracted meetings, and they took place during the summer when farm work was light and people could spend time outdoors. Protracted meetings included all-day services that were interrupted only by meals. At the end of each day a hymn of invitation was sung as sinners walked forward and accepted the Lord. Hoyt remembers that the preachers always gave sermons about the wrath of God and his vengeance against sinners. Rarely was the God of love spoken about. At the end of the two-week meeting, all those who had been saved were baptized and accepted into the church. Then, the church members would travel to Core Island for an all-day picnic. Following the picnic, friends would sadly say their goodbyes and the revival was over. The protracted meetings were the forerunner to today's revival services.
The State (NoCar F 251 S77), Vol. 51 Issue 5, Oct 1983, p26-28, il, por