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Preview of the Atom

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On the night of July 16, 1945, reporter Luther M. Gideon, Jr., was working in the newsroom of the Greensboro Daily News. Despite the recent surrender of Germany, bulletins were still being sent from the Associated Press, United Press, and International News Service concerning the war. Around 2 a.m., a bulletin came across the wires reporting that a major explosion had occurred at a military base in New Mexico. Gideon “killed” a section of page one and put a story about the bulletin on the front page. Over the next few weeks, nothing more regarding the explosion came across the wires. It wasn't until several months later, when President Truman announced that a “powerful bomb” had been dropped on Japan, that North Carolina readers realized the New Mexico explosion was an atom bomb test.
The State (NoCar F 251 S77), Vol. 50 Issue 12, May 1983, p15, 63