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Festivities Keep History Live in Murfreesboro

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The Historic Murfreesboro Heritage Festival and the Lafayette Ball are held each spring on alternating years in the town of Murfreesboro. Both events keep the history of the town and surrounding Hertford County alive. The Heritage Festival features a tour of twenty-two historic homes, fifteen of them fully restored, with costumed guides who explain the history of the dwellings. Others structures include the Rea Store, which is the state's oldest brick commercial is building, and Judge B.B. Winbourne's 1790 law offices. The Lafayette Ball, named for the Marquis de Lafayette, is a major fund-raiser for the Murfreesboro Historical Association.
Carolina Country (NoCar HD 9688 N8 C38x), Vol. 14 Issue 1, Jan 1982, p12-13, il