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Washington, NC, Newspaper Abstracts

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These include business advertisements, land sales, election returns, religious notices, port entries, political notices, etc. Marriage Notices: Gen. William Augustus Blount-Ann B. Little, dau. of John, 1834; Baily Bateman-Miss Allen, dau. of Jesse, 1834; John Windley-Elizabeth Green, 1834; John Frizzel-Marthan Nelson, Pitt Co., 1839; Lafayette Dupree-Disha Newton, Pitt Co., 1839. Death notices: Died Mrs. Hassell, widow, age 56, 1834; Died Uel Able, age 46, 1834.
Pamteco Tracings (NoCar F262.B37 P35), Vol. 4 Issue No. 2, December 1988, p19-22