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The First Birth—The First Minister

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A list of firsts in America, like Virginia Dare, was the first white child; the first minister was Robert Hunt of Jamestown, VA in 1607; the first female in Virginia was in 1608; the first marriage in Virginia was in 1608; the first intermarriage between whites and Indians (John Rolfe to Pocahontas) in 1613; the first legislative assembly in Virginia was in 1619; the first periodical in North America was the Boston News Letter in 1705; the first periodical in Virginia was the Virginia Gazette in 1736; the first crossing of the Blue Ridge by whites was in 1714 and the first Iron furnace in North America was in Spottsylvania Co., VA in 1730.
Carolina Trees & Branches (NoCar F 262 A33 C37), Vol. 4 Issue No. 6, , p57