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Bible and Family Records

Record #:
John Kennedy Bible (1728-1808) (includes Speir); John Kennedy Jr. Bible (1765-1882) (includes Easton, Lanier, Delaney, Patrick, Grist, Brinkley); Warren Eason Kennedy Bible (1813-1923) (includes Forbes, Whichard, Costner); Alfred Forbes Bible (1806-1867) (includes Evans); Whichard-Kennedy Bible (1778-1928) (includes Baldwin, Jordan); Judith Deanes Dupree Bible (1835-1898) (includes Boone, May); Boone Bible (1812-1882) (includes Deans, Moore, Vann, Freeman, DeLoach, Dupree); William J. Hardison Bible (1855-1892) (includes Hardison, Andrews); James Smith Bible (1770-1910) (includes Putnell, Gardner, Braxton, Stokes).