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Spawning Activities of Notropis chlorocephalus, Notropis chiliticus, and Hybopsis hypsinotus, Nest Associates of Nocomis leptocephalus in the Southeastern United States, with Comments on Nest Association (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae)

Notropis chlorocephalus, Notropis chiliticus, and Hybopsis hypsinotus are three species of fish found in the Peedee drainage and the Dan River of North Carolina. During a study of nest association among North American minnows in 1987-1988, these three fish species spawned over the nest of bluehead chubs (Nocomis leptocephalus). The advantage of spawning in nests of other fish species may be increased egg survivorship with no costs of parental care.
Brimleyana (NoCar QL 155 B75), Vol. Issue 17, Dec 1991, p77-88, bibl  (Periodical website)
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