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Kicked to the Curb

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Raleigh's Greyhound Bus Station is moving from the downtown area to make way for development. It has occupied the Jones Street terminal since 1969 but recently sold it to a local developer for $4.75 million. The new terminal will be located three miles away at the former Hideaway BBQ restaurant which is in front of the \"desolate\" Raleigh Flea Market Mall. To reach the new location a pedestrian \"has to navigate concrete-strewn underpasses, muddy potted back roads and grassy medians, before walking along the snarling shoulder of Capitol Boulevard past porn stores and chop shops. There are no sidewalks for the first mile and a half.\" It is a walk best made by a seasoned hobo.
Indy Week (NoCar Oversize AP 2 .I57), Vol. 31 Issue 8, Feb 2014, p7-8, il, map