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Why Doesn't Durham Buy Art?

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Vitiello examines the art gallery scene in Durham. Using Outsiders Art Gallery, owned by Pam Gutlon, as an example, Vitiello explains the difficulty galleries face financially. Outsiders grossed over $70,000 in art sales in 2012. With two-thirds going to the artists, rent and expenses took some of the remainder, leaving a profit of $334.00. In four years it was the first and only time Outsiders turned a profit. The owner is closing in 2013 and moving to Vermont. Vitiello examines other galleries, like Carrack Modern Art Gallery, Pleiades Gallery, and Craven Allen. All galleries have a different financial model, and he states that \"wisely, none is solely dependent on art sales for survival.\"
Indy Week (NoCar Oversize AP 2 .I57), Vol. 30 Issue 44, Oct 2013, p26-27, por