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Durham's EDGE School Has Gang Kids Walking The Walk

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Frances Alexander counts success one young life at a time. In the last 16 months alone, she can count at least 30 of them. During that time, by sheer force of will, the diminutive 69-year-old retired teacher has founded her own nonprofit school for at-risk youth, enrolled over 100 Durham high school drop-outs, urged them out of violent, gang-ridden lives, and given them a second chance at education and a real life. The 30 she has enrolled can be described as unqualified success stories: GEDs earned, college or vocational school attended. Dozens of others are still working hard to yank their lives back on track.
Metro Magazine (NoCar F 264 R1 M48), Vol. 9 Issue 11, Nov 2008, p31-35, f