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Sharing the Costs of History: A Cooperative Approach to Historic Preservation

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The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Properties Commission is the historic preservation agency for the City Council of Charlotte and the Board of Commissioners of Mecklenburg County. The commission is empowered to recommend the designation of buildings, structures, sites, and objects as historic property. Such designation, enacted under the police power of the local governing board which exercises zoning control over the subject property, places historic landmarks under land use regulations which protect the property from insensitive alterations and inadvertent demolition. Moreover, the commission has the power to secure the fee simple or lesser interest, and can dispose of the same properties through lease or sale with protective covenants included to ensure their preservation.
Carolina Planning (NoCar HT 393 N8 C29x), Vol. 10 Issue 1, Summer 1984, p10-13, f