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The Greenville Book Clubs would meet to not only discuss books, but would encourage each other. The book club gave women a place to discuss the politics of the day and together make a difference in their community, State and country. On April 15, 1910, a group of ladies gathered at the home of Mrs. G. W. Baker on West Fifth Street to form a book club known as “The Ladies of the Round Table.” It was the third book club in Greenville. The Ladies of the Round Table Book Club was limited to 24 members to keep meetings intimate and manageable. They were sometimes referred to as the “high brow club” because most of its members were college graduates, which was unusual for that time. In 1938, the club’s name was shortened to “The Round Table.” The Round Table celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 1960 and celebrated its 75th Anniversary on April 9, 1985 with a luncheon and ceremony at the Greenville Country Club.