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These are excerpts from a book to be published in the future entitled “The Forgotten Tales of North Carolina,” by Tom Painter and Roger Kammerer. The first story is about a man named Spence preaching “Sanctification” in Wake County, who secretly set up a series of posts and planks in a local pond to demonstrate his ability to walk on water in April 1898. The night before his stunt, pranksters removed one of the planks, and when Spence attempted his “miracle” the next day in front of a crowd he fell into the pond. For many years a 90-foot whalebone once acted as a bridge across Fishing Creek from the Nash to the Halifax county side. At a Confederate reunion in Durham, N.C. in 1914, General J.S. Carr and Major J.M. Hamilton got into a heated argument and slapped each other. On February 25, 1853, in Tarboro, NC, at the peculiar hour of midnight, Miss Sarah Susan Elizabeth Panza Mills and Senor Don Alonzo Edgar Howard were married, after one hour’s acquaintance. In 1899, a farmer in Halifax County found a tin of gold coins while plowing his field. The coins, a foreign, dated from 1715 to 1775.