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  • 1. Abstracts of Supreme Court Cases by Kammerer, Roger
    The following are abstracts from the NC Supreme Court Cases, located in the search room at the NC Archives. case #245 State vs. Abraham Hardee, 1819 Pitt County #1028 John G. Blount vs. William Haddock, (date?) Pitt County [Information on William Taylor (d. 1794) family; Daniel Neale] #944 Harris vs. Mills, (date?) Pitt County [Information on William Harris (d. 1783) family] #1072 William Tison vs. Joseph Rasberry, 1820 [Mentions Stephen Tison] #3155 Carroll vs. Hancock, 1856 Pitt County [Information on William Haddock (d. 1821) family; Roderick Carroll; Zilpha Harrington] #9638 Cooper vs. Cannon, 1867 Pitt County [Information on Theophilus Slaughter family; Sarah Turner; Martha Cooper; Celia Evans; Ada Slaughter; Jehu Sermons] #386 Harris vs. Mills, 1813 Pitt County [Information on William Harris (d. 1783) family; John Moye] #2106 Rebecca Carson vs. John B. Baker, 1832 Pitt County [Information on Thomas Carson family] #1460 Abraham Cox, Sr. vs. Thomas Mills, 1826 Pitt County [Information on Abraham Cox, Sr. family and the Thomas Mills (d. pre 1817) family] #6920 Rives vs. Frizzle, 1852 Pitt County [Information on Jonathan Frizzle family] #1844 Cannon vs. Jenkins, 1830 Pitt County [Information on Willie Cannon (d. 1815) family; Joel Wingate] Depositions with ages of: Shadrick Jackson, James Stokes, Palmer Cannon, John Gardner, Joab Herrington, Cannon Smith, Zachariah Gardner. #2142 Warren Andrews vs. Alexander Shaw, 1833 Pitt County [Information on William Butler/Simon Butler family; Elizabeth Calland] #2652 ½ Jordan Nelson vs. Williams, 1838 Pitt County {information on Annis Moore, Alexander Brinkley, Sparkman Britt, Lewis S. Britt] #1372 Allen Tyson & Sugg vs. Tyson, 1823 Pitt County [Information on Moab Rountree, Richard Williams family]
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