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  • 3. Marriage Notices by Kammerer, Roger
    Various marriage notices taken from NC newspapers on microfilm located in the North Carolina Collection, J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC. E. B. Hickman to Rowena Ralston 1856; Daniel S. Brooks to Adeline S. Cherry 1871; William Norville to Mary Eagles 1868; Harman Matthews to Margaret Webb 1869; Howell Whitehead to Mary J. Bynum 1869; J. J. Rollins to Bettie Havens 1869; John Randolph to Lucy B. Eborn 1869; John E. Tyer to Eliza Anderson 1869; Henry Dupree to Fannie Ricks 1869; B. J. Forbes to Bettie Gay 1870; Calvin Cox to Emily E. Smith 1869; John F. Crawford to A. E. Bullock 1869; Joseph Walston to Adelaide Brown 1870; Elbert Mayo to Martha Clark 1870; Warren Kennedy to Martha Dortch 1870; Major John Peebles to Josephine Broaddus 1870; Haywood H. Jones to Henrietta Newman 1870; James Joyner to Nancy Alllen 1870; Robert Randolph to Mrs. A. E. Randolph 1870; R. H. Matthews to Susan Clark 1870; W. B. Harper to Mary S. Newton 1870; Edward A. Smith to Eva B. Taylor 1870; James E. Clark to Ella T. Hawkins 1870; Isaac J. Anderson to Emma L. McGowan 1870; William F. Moseley to Vesta A. Corbett 1870; Henry Gardner to Martha J. Gardner 1870; William H. Winstead to Adeline Smith 1870; Drew Dixon to Mary Gracie 1870; Benjamin J. Cobb to Lelia Ruse 1871; Dr. Joshua Taylor to Lucy E. Johnston 1871; George Davenport to Mary Ann Taylor 1845; Charles J. O’Hagan to Eliza Forrest 1846; Reuben Manning to Elizabeth Howell 1831; Dr. David C. Freeman to Emily W. Telfair 1822; Dr. John G. Myers to Susan Grimes 1853; Alfred J. Brown to Fannie Stith 1859; Henry R. Bryan to Mary Biddle 1859; Dr. Peyton H. Mayo to Susan E. Savage 1860; I. F. Batts to Fannie O. Little 1864; Maj. Lewis Latham to Olivia Monteiro 1876; William B. Easton to Emma E. Morrill 1876; George Higgs to Alice Moore 1876; John Proctor to Sarah Meekins 1876; George W. Edmundson to Mary L. Nelson 1877; Reuben Mayo to Delia Stancill 1877; Sheriff Cox to Sallie Cox 1878; W. A. James to Mrs. Lydia Whichard 1883; Zeno Moore to Elouise Draughan 1896; W. T. Hunter to Delda Gay 1896; Dr. Charles O. Laughinghouse to Carrie Dail 1896; N. B. Dawson to Miss Roland Jenkins 1878; W. L. Perkins to Marina L. Langley 1879; Mr. Reddick to Miss W. A. Clark 1879; D. D. Haskett to Adah C. Smith 1879; Dr. R. J. Grimes to Fannie Whichard 1879; E. A. Cherry to Sallie L. Mayo 1879; Orlando Briley to Della Bryan 1880; Allen Forbes to Mamie Tyson 1880; Grandison C. Edwards to Sallie F. Brown 1887; Brock Bruton to Lula Pittman 1887; Grigg L. Tyson to Clara L. Frizzelle 1888; James Ward to Pattie Briley 1889; Thomas Whitehurst to Virginia Thomas 1889; Ashe Hyman to Mrs. Caroline Teel 1879; Alonzo Mooring to Sue Perkins 1879; James Barrow to Della Corbett 1879; John Edmondson to Florence Manning 1879; William G. Carson to Fannie Briley 1879 E. A. Dillard to Sallie Hearne 1880; Rufus Carson to Mamie Ward 1889; Wiley Brown to Mollie A. Moore 1889; Herbert W. Rountree to Juanita Parker 1889; Dr. Zeno Brown to Nina E. Cherry 1889; E. C. Carman to Melissa Harris 1889; L. A. Cobb to Sudie Patrick 1889.
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