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  • 1. Marriage Notices by Kammerer, Roger
    Various marriage notices taken from selected newspapers on microfilm in the NC Collection, J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University. Bryan Kilpatrick to Elizabeth Burney 1828; Germain Bernard to Julia W. Gilliam 1845; Joseph H. Langley to Mrs. Mary Ann Daniel 1849; James H. Pritchett to Mary Elizabeth Jordan 1852; William J. Jones to Ann McCracken 1853; N. B. Potts to Mrs. Royals 1853; George W. Barrett to Margaret H. Williams 1858; Thomas Edward Nelson to Mrs. Mary Ann Whtley 1842; Alfred Moore to Cresy Vann 1833; William Letchworth to Rosina Harris 1861; Benjamin Manning to Mrs. Sally Moore 1861; Dr. Willie White to Mrs. Mary Southerland 1840; Reuben Manning to Sally Ann Ellis 1841; William Dixon, Jr. to Mary A. Brown 1842; Sylvester Brown to Hannah Rountree 1842; William Taft to Louisa Van Norden 1844; Hugh H. Harper to Mary Joyner 1835; John J. Kilpatrick to Sarah Tucker 1826; M. Smithwick to Margaret Ann Adams 1837; William C, Cordan to Nancy Satchwell 1837; Joseph Manning to Mrs. Nancy Gray 1837; Samuel Ralston to Sarah Ann Jordan 1837; Archibald Parker to Mary Easton 1811; James Wilks to Nancy Vines 1829; Beddridden Carraway to Mrs. Susanah D. Tyson 1830; Maj. Oliver Prince to Mrs. Foreman 1811; Joseph R. Hinton to Nancy Boyd 1824; Rev. Thomas C. Puckett to Nancy Bowers 1825; James Evans to Indiana H. Christman 1861; Joseph Barrett to Emeline Dixon 1861; John Whitehurst to Elizabeth Wellard 1860; Robert Davis to Russia Ann Nettles 1841; Reading S. Blount to Louisa Long 1828; John L. Foreman to Martha E. Hoskins 1836; Bennett Briley to Mary Ballard 1838; Jefferson M. Lovejoy to Virginia A. Steptoe 1838; Richard Evans to Harriet Louisa Mooring 1839; James S. Moore to Isabella Barnhill 1839; Dr. S. Cooper Benjamin to Mrs. Godley 1845; W. H. Clarke, Jr. to Emma E. Cherry 1856; William Wadford to C. P. Nobles 1857; David Smith to Miss Smith 1809; Counsel Jefferson to Mrs. Catherine Tugwell 1871; E. A. Williams to Pattie A. Nelson 1868.
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