Chronology of John Lawson's Life

*27 December 1674born to John Lawson (1632-ca. 1690) and Isabella Love (1643-ca. 1680)
*ca. 1680-ca.1700attends Anglican schools in Yorkshire, England, followed by lectures at Gresham College, London.
*ca. 1700is encouraged to travel to Carolina by either Christopher Gale, an official in the northern part of Carolina, or James Moore, from Charleston.
15 August 1700arrives in Charleston.
28 December 1700-24 February 1701makes a 550 mile trek through the backcountry of Carolina.
1701-1705lives first along the Pamlico River and then along the Neuse River; works as a private surveyor; lives in both places on and off over the next ten years.
1705appointed deputy surveyor for the Lords Proprietors of Carolina.
8 March 1706the town of Bath near the Pamlico River is incorporated from land owned by Lawson and two other men; Lawson lays out the town.
January 1707becomes clerk of the court and public register for Bath County.
15 April 1707Isabella, Lawson’s daughter with Hannah Smith of Bath, is born.
1708appointed official surveyor for the Lords Proprietors of Carolina.
9 February 1709travels to Hampton, Virginia, from where he sails to London.
1709published in London A New Voyage to Carolina and a map of Carolina that served as a frontispiece for the book.
27 April 1710returns to North Carolina with some 300 Palatines (a section of Bavaria, Germany) who are soon followed by Baron Christoph von Graffenried and Swiss settlers all to settle the town of New Bern, which Lawson had laid out.
Late Summer 1711travels with Graffenried up the Neuse River to try to discover its source; taken captive by Tuscarora Indians, who release Graffenried but kill Lawson.

*probable but not definite facts of John Lawson’s life.