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1900 Census for Pitt County, North Carolina

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Surname Given Name Example
returns Marshall, Halls, and Hall
returns Halls, and Hall
returns Hall
Q1. How do you search for a person?

A1. First choose the place you wish to search, such as Greenville or Belvoir, or choose All Available Townships/Towns. Next, in the box beside Search By, select Last Name, type the last name of the person in the dialog box, and click the rectangular button labeled Search.

If you click on the link to the document name, then you will find yourself at the top of the web page and no words will be highlighted.

Q2. What if you aren’t sure how someone’s name was spelled?

A2. In many instances, two or more names in the census sound alike but are spelled differently. Some names are spelled differently now than they were at the turn of the 20th century. If you have trouble searching for a fully spelled name, then try entering the first few letters of the name in the dialog box and clicking the small, round button beside the phrase At the beginning before clicking Search. For instance, by doing such a search on bai, you can see the people named Bailey as well as those with the less common spelling Baily.

Sometimes researchers only have a fragment of a name; this may be due to a broken tombstone, a torn piece of paper, or even an old and faded memory. If you click the small, round button beside the word Anywhere and enter a few letters, such as rel, you will get such diverse names as Harrell, Horrell, Kittrel, Kittrell, Sorrell, Sumerel, and Sumrel. From this assortment, researchers may be able to determine the name for which they are searching.

Q3. How do you search for an occupation?

A3.In the Limit to Occupation drop down box, click the desired occupation.